Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday! Time for some tunes that I’m loving lately.

I go through phases of genres of music that I am loving at a particular time:

When I see my college friends I tend to lean back in to the rap/hip-hop trend because it reminds me of all our nights in college dancing all night. When I’m on road trips, I tend to go to any type of sing-a-long music – generally oldies but goodies. Then there’s summer time. Summer brings out the country in me so much and I love it. There is nothing like driving with the windows down with a good country song blasting. So today, I’m giving you two of my favorite country songs that I’ve been loving.

First – a newbie to the music industry and quite the looker if I do say so myself… Sam Hunt.

And next, one of my favorite artists Luke Bryan. This isn’t a new song, but I’ve been loving it lately because it’s just a summer time jam.


Have a great Tuesday :)

Monday Thoughts

It is what it is.

Every situation happens for a reason. Everything in our lives occurs because there is meaning behind it. Whether we know the significance as soon as it occurs, or we continue to search for the rationale to explain it; know that there is a reason behind every obstacle, behind every triumph, and behind every curve ball thrown at us along the way.


Make yourself vulnerable.

In order to make gains in life, you need to be able to put yourself out there. You need to take those chances that you are scared to take. You need to put yourself a position to get hurt in order to figure things out.

Tackling fear, working through vulnerability, conquering uncertainty. The hardest won achievements are the sweetest.

 Stop waiting.

Stop waiting for something to happen in your life. Stop pretending like you are happy with things in your life if you aren’t. Go out there and work for what you want. In your job, in your relationships, for your dreams. Go get it. Stand up for what you believe in and stop waiting for other people to do things for you.

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Respect yourself.

Know what you deserve. And know when you are receiving less than what you deserve. And lastly, know when to walk away when you aren’t getting that. It isn’t fair to maintain uneven relationships, to stay in a job where you are unhappy, or to sacrifice your own self-worth for anything. Always protect number one: you.


Don’t forget to breathe.

Take time to yourself every once in awhile. Life doesn’t always have to be go-go-go. Take a step back, go for a walk outdoors, enjoy your surroundings, and just breathe. Remember that in order to succeed in life, you have to be able to do things for yourself. And you can’t do that if you are constantly under stress, constantly worried or anxious, constantly thinking about others above yourself. Every once in awhile, you need that ‘you’ time to recover and rebalance your priorities.

We think we need so many useless things, when all we really need is time to breathe. (Amen!)


Don’t forget to live.

Take on experiences that you may never have the chance to again. When given an opportunity to try something new, do it. Spend money on experiences, on road trips with friends, on vacations to places you have never been. Live this life with no regrets and just act on how you’re feeling in the moment. Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone, because that’s where life truly begins.

The doing of something different, not necessarily for the sake of being different, but because we thought the best way to express our individuality, and the only way we could really enjoy life, was to refuse to be satisfied with the commonplace.


Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday y’all. You know what today means – Thinking Out Loud with Amanda over at Running With Spoons. If you’re not familiar, it’s an awesome link up where bloggers around the world can just open up and chat about whatever is on their mind. Head over there and see what other bloggers are thinking about! Today’s post is all over the place so prepare yourself for lots of random thoughts…


1. I started a Netflix binge. I know, I ‘m late to the party. But it was the best decision ever. Well, the best worst decision ever. Because now I’m done with Season 1 of Orange is the New Black and I can’t stop watching. The other shows on my list to start: House of Cards, Scandal, Mad Men, and a few other randoms.

Orange is the New Black-Addicted

2. This past weekend I went to a showing of the Disney movie Fantasia with the National Symphony Orchestra playing all of the music to it. It was amazing. The theater has a lawn area as well as a stage where the orchestra was playing and we were allowed to bring in coolers with food and booze. It was honestly one of my favorite nights in awhile with some great friends.

3. Everyday I am reminded of the great friends I have and I love that I have had the opportunity lately to meet new people and build such strong friendships. There is nothing I love more than just hanging out and chatting with friends, catching up, getting some advice, and just getting to know people a little bit more on a deeper level.

great things

4. Vulnerability. It’s a bitch. But sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there in order to grow. You need to put yourself in a position to get hurt in order to figure things out. The hard part is actually doing it. And figuring out how to begin.

5. I am seriously slacking on the workout front. I have no motivation to work out. But I need to just start making it my daily routine. It’s always so hot when I get home from work and I don’t want to go to the free gym at school because then I have to sit in more traffic. It needs to happen though.

6. I feel this way ALOT

7. I am in desperate need of new running shoes. I have been getting some ridiculous calf pain lately and I am attributing it to my running shoes. The sad thing is – I haven’t run nearly as many miles in them as I had in my previous shoes. You are supposed to change running shoes anywhere from 300-500 miles depending on how often you are running and your running style. I don’t know if I’ve hit 300 yet in these and they are killing me. A little disappointing, but now I know to go back to the brand I was wearing previously.

8. In regards to the previous thought, today (Wednesday) I had my clinic instructor dry needle my calves hoping it would help with the pain. She noticed my achilles was pretty swollen. Then when I took my sock off, we realized my entire ankle/foot was all bruised. Um, what?! No idea where this came from but needless to say, I’m not allowed to run for a bit :(.

Run and Be Happy White Typographic by StephLawsonDesign on Etsy

9. Well my next thought has to do with racing, and I’m going to pretend I’m not currently in pain and can start training reasonably soon… A few classmates have signed up for a sprint tri in September and I’m seriously considering it. My things holding me back: my shoulder with the swimming, and my ability to bike. Oh, and I don’t have a bike – small issue. Also, my friend Chelsea mentioned potentially signing up for the Baltimore Half in October, which I have been considering for quite some time. Andddd, a classmate’s clinic is putting on a 10K in August and I wanted to run it, but that is a little soon and I’m not sure my legs will be ready.

Abby Wambach scored her 142nd international goal today in Olympic quarterfinals vs. New Zealand

10. There are approximately 325 days until the start of the Women’s World Cup!!! As much as I love the men’s WC, there is just something so special and so exhilarating about watching these women play. I grew up looking up to the Women’s National Team so much. The last World Cup was so exciting to watch and I’m pretty sure Abby’s goal against Brazil in stoppage time of overtime in the semifinal game was the most exciting thing ever. I sort of, kind of, really, actually might, go take a road trip to Canada to experience it for myself.

Okay. I think that’s enough for today. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday Tunes

Yes I know, it’s been awhile again. I just haven’t been in the posting mood lately. I had a great weekend in Austin for the Fourth, but literally took no pictures because I was just enjoying my time and focusing on the company I was with – not snapping photographs of every little thing. (They may have thought I was a weirdo because not many friends know about my blog, haha.) So that’s that.

Let’s get in to today’s post – Tuesday Tunes. I haven’t done one of these in awhile so why not jump back in to it?! Especially since I am seriously loving so much music right now. To start: the incredibly talented Sam Smith…

I can’t get over his voice. It gives me the chills. And he is just so freaking talented, I love it. I’ve been listening to him on Spotify non-stop!

Next up… my current running jam. Clean Bandit – Rather Be.

I love the lyrics and I love the beat. Another great one to add to a workout playlist!

That’s all I have for you all today. Sorry I’m so lame with no posts. But I know you don’t want to hear the same thing over and over so I’m just waiting for inspiration. See y’all.

Still Kicking…

So I just realized that it’s been two whole weeks since I’ve posted.

What a horrible blogger I am in the summer time! I’m really just enjoying my time that I have free of studying and taking full advantage of these long summer days. So sorry, I’m not sorry, I’m just living my life.

So what have I been up to, you ask?

Well, mostly clinic. Still enjoying it and we are moving right along in to mid-terms this week! Time is flying and I’m not sure if I like that or not. I love it because I know I’m having a great experience and am enjoying my time there. But I hate it because that means summer is flying by and I have a full load of classes in the Fall – ugh. Time flies. Or Timeflies. Whichever you prefer.

I’ve been running. Sometimes with one of my best buddies, Griff. But it’s pretty hot out there and he can’t last too long on runs. I’ve decided to start increasing my miles again. Just for fun. I want to get back to running 3-4 times a week with a solid 5-7 mile run every weekend. Because why not.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

I’ve been hitting the gym and getting back in to lifting. I even swam for the first time since I subluxed my shoulder for the third time last summer. It felt okay, still not strong and definitely not where I wish it was but it didn’t dislocate and I made it 500 meters. Success.

I’ve been reading lots of books. Just finished My Husband’s Secret. Currently reading Still Alice. And in the queue I have The Girl You Left Behind. Don’t mind me. I like to binge read in the summer. And yes, I did finish My Husband’s Secret in about 24 hours.

Still Alice

I’ve been eating crabs. Because I live in Maryland. And that’s what we do in these parts when summer hits. Crabcakes and football, that’s what Maryland does. Name that movie – GO!

Displaying photo 1.JPG

I’ve been going to the pool. I’ve only swam laps once. But I’ve gone to lay out and read and hang with the two best little men I know. Little man on the right is a diving board PRO! Last year, he would say he wanted to go off but would get too scared. I guess now that he’s all big and 3 years old now he has no fear. He jumped off the diving board for 45 minutes straight. While I was in the deep end the whole time. Treading water. And pushing him to the side. Over. And over. And over again. He’s lucky he’s so cute. (P.S. baby boy number 3 has a name, but I won’t be sharing that with you until he makes his arrival :))

Displaying photo 2.JPG

I’ve been watching the World Cup. Oh my goodness, have I been watching. I’m a huge soccer fan. Ever since I laced up my first cleats at the wee little age of five. All I have to say is… I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN. #USMNT

Displaying photo 4.JPG

I’ve been hanging out with classmates. Definitely need to see them more this summer but I’ve gotten my fair share of great nights in with my classmates so far this summer. And the summer is young!

I’ve been getting really excited for the 4th of July. Because I love America. And I’m traveling somewhere pretty awesome. That has a few pretty awesome people that live there. Yep, I’m gonna be vague like that. Sorry, not sorry. 

SO. There you have it. Literally, this is all I have been up to the past few weeks. You haven’t missed out on much, but I promise I’ll try to be better about posting. Once a week is my new goal for the summer. Let’s see if I keep that up! 

Reunion For The Books

Hey friends! I have so much to chat about after this amazing weekend so I don’t want to waste any time -sorry in advance cause it’s a long one! A few friends who moved down to Texas after graduation planned a reunion weekend for a group of our closest friends from college. They planned it, literally, in December, so that we all knew about it and knew we would be free.. it all worked out so perfectly!

Friday, my clinic instructor that I am with this semester decided she wanted to sneak out early, so she did some arranging of the schedule and we were going to be done around 1. Then to our surprise, we walked in Friday and our last patient was at 9:30 AM – so I was walking out of there around 10:45 and headed to the beach!

I arrived at my friend’s beach house just as the other girls were heading to the beach so it was perfect timing. We grabbed some sandwiches from a local deli, a case of beer, and headed to the beach – it was time to get the weekend started.

We chatted and caught each other up with our lives while we basked in the beautiful weather and enjoyed some brews. Most of us hadn’t seen each other since graduation – three years ago! It was so awesome because it was literally like we never were apart. I love having a group of friends like this, nothing has changed and we can go this long without talking and pick up like we saw each other yesterday.

Eventually we got hungry again and the Texan ladies were craving crabs – what else would you get when you’re in MD?! So we headed to a restaurant that my friend Whitney’s little sister works at. Whit was my roommate freshman year and one of my best friends throughout college, it was so great to see her again! We ordered our food and a bunch of pitchers; you know, to keep the buzz going.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

After dinner, we were ready to head back to the house to shower and get ready for the night! By that time, we had 2 more friends join us who had to work later so didn’t hit the road til later.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

This is by far my fave picture of the weekend. We pregamed at the house, then Whitney’s fiance and her sister packed us all in to their cars and took us to the bar. We had a great night of dancing and drinking and dancing some more. Just like old times :).

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Saturday morning, I woke up early like I usually do after a night of drinking. So I headed downstairs to search for some coffee. Soon enough, one of my friends wandered out of one of the rooms and was headed to the grocery store. I tagged along and we got things for breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast. and OJ for some mimosas ;). Oh and coffee, lots of coffee. We made a feast for the crew and the smell of bacon and the sound of bottles popping got them right to the kitchen.

Eventually, we all got ourselves together and headed to Seacrets – one of the biggest bars on the East Coast (if not the biggest, I don’t know the details..) I worked there for two years, so I don’t get that excited to go there like some people do, but it was a great day regardless. Especially because me and Whitney knew a good amount of the bartenders working and we barely paid for 2 drinks the whole day.

Displaying photo 4.JPG

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Displaying photo 3.JPG

It’s basically a large “bar” with about 17 actual bars in the place, with 3 stages, a beach area, and seating in the bay where servers come out in bathing suits to serve you drinks. It’s always a great time – from what I can remember. We were there from about noon until 6:30-7 o’clock. By the time we made it back to the house, we were all exhausted. It didn’t take long for us to be knocked out. Literally by 8:30 I think we were all sleeping. Obviously, we can’t hang like we used to after a full day of day drinking. A few girls woke up around midnight and decided to head out to a bar. I opted to just move upstairs to my bed instead of the couch – great life decision because waking up refreshed and not hung over on Sunday was glorious.

Sunday was a chill day. I woke up and made some coffee and took it out on the covered porch to read my book while everyone else was still sleeping. It was such a gorgeous house and it was so nice of our friend’s parents to allow us to use it for the weekend. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up the house, doing laundry and eventually heading to the beach for an hour or two before hitting the road. I took the Texans with me back home because one of them has family near me. We made a pit stop at Wawa (completely necessary) and sat in some traffic but got home in no time.

Overall, it was such a perfect weekend. It made me so, so happy to be around all these girls again and just reminisce about college. It’s seriously an amazing feeling to be able to have a group of friends that you can pick up right where you left off, even if it’s been years. It’s hard to keep in touch, life happens, and we all know that. But knowing that we can always go back to each other is a great feeling.  We are already planning next year’s reunion and are hoping for it to be at a different place every year!

I Run…

Happy National Running Day!

i run link up

Cori over at Olive To Run has challenged her readers to come up with a post about why we run. I thought this was awesome and such a great way to celebrate National Running Day! So head on over to her blog and check out some other bloggers talking about why they run.

Let’s get right in to it… Here are the reasons that I run:


When I finished my competitive sports career, I lost motivation to work out. I would still do it, but it was lazy workouts and only did it because I thought I needed to. Then I started running more. And faster. And starting challenging myself with every run. I wanted something to work towards. With sports, you train to get better, to win, to be able to battle in every game. With running, you race against the clock, you challenge yourself, you train to beat your personal best. Enter half marathon number one.

My goal was to finish, and finish I did – without stopping once. Now that I’ve done 3 half marathons, I am looking towards my next goal – like a tri or something – I doubt you’ll ever see me completing a full. I feel accomplished after a great race or a great long run.


Running is my escape. From life. From stress . From anxiety. From drama. From everything. There is nothing better than lacing up and hitting the trails after a tough day or when I’m super stressed. Long runs are my time to myself, my time to think about things going on in my life, my time to forget my worries and focus on moving one foot in front of the other. I can’t go too long without a run or else I may lose my mind.


Running is something that you can always get better at. When I first started, I always considered myself a slow runner. My pace was always between 10-11 minutes per mile. Then this last half marathon, I trained a bit differently, I ate differently, I figured it out. And I PR’ed 12 minutes. I was amazed; my pace decreased by nearly a full minute per mile. And now I know that my body is up for the challenge to get that time under 2 hours!


There is nothing better than the running community. As a physical therapist (student), I see a lot of runners and it’s always the first topic of conversation that we discuss. Races that we’ve run, injuries we’ve had, goals for the future. The running community is seriously awesome and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Because I can.

I don’t mean this in a rude way. But there are so many people who can’t run – for whatever reason… chronic injury, traumatic injury, what have you. And I run for them. I run for those who need a little inspiration and I hope to inspire at least one person. I’ve never considered myself a crazy runner – but to some I guess I am. I run for those who are unable to do what has become a huge part of my life.


I have always been in pretty decent shape growing up – playing soccer year-round plus multiple other sports on top of that will tend to do that. When I stopped playing so much, I knew I needed to get in to a routine of working out for my own benefit. For my health, for my confidence, and just in general, for me. As with any woman, I occasionally struggle with body image issues. I can tell when I’m not working out or running – my clothes fit differently, I feel more “jiggly” and I just overall don’t feel good about myself. Running helps keep me in shape, keep me fit, and motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle.

So there’s that! I could come up with so many more reasons as to why I run but this sums most of that up. So tell me, why do you run?