Weekend Recap

How was y’all’s weekend? Mine was extremely relaxing and I didn’t do much of anything, but sometimes that’s just what you need! We also got a little sneak peek of some fall-like temperatures and I must say, I was loving it! There’s just something about that crispness in the air that makes me love just being outside – sweatshirts and jeans, let’s bring ‘em out!


After class Friday, I decided to just head home and have a relaxing night. I posted up in my room – rotating from my bed and desk – and got some studying done.

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Oh yeah, and my studying definitely included this huge glass of wine. Because studying Neuro Rehab on a Friday night without wine just seemed silly. I got a good amount done – until that glass was gone. Then I was useless and just went to sleep.


I had huge plans to get up and get things done early on Saturday. I set my alarm for 7:22. Next thing I know, I roll over and look at my phone to find my alarm on snooze and it was 8:15! I unknowingly kept snoozing my alarm for nearly an hour. I guess I needed some sleep! I hopped right up, made some coffee and breakfast and hit the books. I was actually incredibly productive and was kind of bummed when I had to leave to head to the gym.

I think I mentioned before that I was debating trying out Crossfit. My brother in law goes and has been wanting me to come out to the free intro class for quite some time. I finally made it out on Saturday and I loved it. I think I’m going to try it out and join! It is pricey, but I think it’ll be fun and something different. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as I embark on this new journey!

After the class, I headed home to shower and throw things together then drove out to school to study for the rest of the day. That evening was relaxing – I watched some movies with a classmate and went to visit a friend at their new apartment and watched football.


I didn’t want to do anything crazy Saturday because me and Barb were up bright and early Sunday to head out to National’s Park. We, along with a few other classmates, were participating in a fundraiser walk for Parkinson’s Disease. It was such an awesome event and I’m so glad we got to be apart of it. As future physical therapists, we are an integral part of these people’s lives and it was awesome to see the community come together to raise awareness and funds for helping these people suffering from PD.

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We got to walk around the outside of the National’s field to finish the walk which was awesome. We snapped some pictures in the dugout (above) and as we walked around.

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The rest of Sunday consisted of football, food, and studying. And naps. (That’s what Sundays are for anyways, am I right?)

So there ya have it! Sometimes you just need a relaxing weekend to prepare you for the week and that’s just what I did this weekend.


Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I am very happy that Friday is finally here. Maybe it was because of the holiday last week, but this week just seemed to drag on. So, I welcome today and my one class and my being done by noon. :) Let’s jump right in to some things that I am loving this week…

Favorite Craft

I don’t know why I didn’t show you all this sooner. This summer I wanted to craft because that’s what I do when I’m bored. So I painted. And then I used my sisters fancy machine to cut out a vinyl crab, and voila!

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I am absolutely obsessed with out how it turned out! It did take forever because I hand painted the Maryland flag but I am just so happy with it.

Favorite Purchase

I went looking for a dress for a wedding at TJ Maxx the other day. Even though I didn’t want to spend money on one, I just don’t fit in my friends clothes because I’m a giant. I did find one for the wedding – it was $15 and super cute. Then I also found this one.. which was also $15 and I just couldn’t NOT get. I have a problem, it’s fine. Sorry for the blurry picture, I mean, I was in the dressing room.


Favorite Workout

Now that I’m back it and working out on most days of the week, I wanted to find some different things to do to vary up my workouts. I’m still not running like I was – I want to take running easy for a bit until I know my calf is 110%; I’m focusing more on strength and functional workouts. So on to Pinterest I went, naturally. I came across one of Julie’s functional workouts and since I love her blog I thought I would give it a shot! It was a killer!!

unnamedMy legs were definitely feeling it after three rounds of this. It felt so good and even the jumping exercises felt fine on my calf – score!! When I was about half way through the first round, I thought it would be good to time myself so I could do this workout again and see how I improve. So for the last two rounds I timed myself and now I can see how I progress with it! It was definitely slow and I took a lot of breaks, but that’s what happens when you are getting back in to things after an injury break and I’m taking it one step at a time.

Favorite Meal

I’ve been doing really well with watching what I am eating and trying to get in lots of veggies. So this past weekend I whipped up a batch of my version of Cowboy Caviar. There are tons of different variations out there of this but mine I keep simple and it’s so good. (Doesn’t photograph the best though..)

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It’s basically this: avocado, bell peppers, white corn, black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, cumin and chili powder. Chop everything up and mix it together and there ya have it! I made it on Sunday and I had it for lunch on Monday and Tuesday; delicious.

Favorite Accessory

If you know anything about me, you know that I love America. I love American teams (USMNT, USWNT, Olympics etc.), I love American pride, I love everything about America. Given yesterday’s date, I knew I had to pull out my favorite accessory to wear…

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I got lots of compliments and I loved walking through Arlington, VA rocking this around my neck. The Pentagon is in Arlington. So walking around that area was awesome. There were flags everywhere and I just felt so much love for this country and how we all come together rather than fall apart when tragedy strikes.

Well, that’s all I have for y’all today! Have a great weekend!


We Will Never Forget

Thirteen years ago, thousands of lives were forever changed. Heroes were created as they ran towards burning buildings. Families were torn apart by acts of terror on our country. A day that will live on in history and that will forever bring Americans together.

We will always remember.

Tuesday Tunes – Spotify Edition

So now that school is back in full swing, I was on the hunt for some new studying music. I don’t like to study to music that has lyrics because, let’s be honest, I’ll start singing along and not paying attention to anything I’m doing.

I used to resort to Pandora classical music playlists which worked our just fine – but then this summer I finally gave in to Spotify to figure out what all the hype was about. The verdict…


Now, I don’t pay for it. (Broke grad student over here!) But I do just fine with the free version. Don’t quote me on this, but I think the only difference between paying and not paying is that you can listen to playlists off WiFi, share playlists/listen to your friend’s playlists, and probably something else that I don’t know about. The whole listening off WiFi is pretty sweet because I would love to listen to some of these playlists while I run, but it’s not something that I need in my life right now. (Kind of like how I didn’t need the new pair of Toms I bought yesterday, but oops. - don’t let that price fool you, Toms are featured on Zulily right now at some awesome prices; I almost got another pair of classics too but they didn’t have my size (probably a good thing…))

So, back to why I’m loving Spotify. First, I loved it because I learned about new music from some of my favorite artists. Also, you can listen to whole albums once they are released on Spotify. So now I resort to searching playlists when I am in need of some new music.

If you haven’t checked out Spotify yet, I definitely recommend it. There’s music for pretty much any mood that you are in. So I’m sharing with you my two favorite playlists. Which is hard to do on here since I don’t pay for it (ironic, right?); so I’m just telling you the names of the playlists and you’ll just have to go check them out for yourself!

For studying: I’ve become obsessed with the “Deep Focus” playlist. It has a great mixture of soothing music with some random quicker beat but still focus-inducing (is that a thing?) instrumentals.

For life: “Songs to sing to in the shower”. Guys. Let me tell you. If you’re anything like me and my group of friends, you will love this playlist. It has everything from Hanson, to classic 80’s and 90’s jams, to BSB, to B*Witched. Literally, songs that you would jam out to in the shower. Or on a road trip. Or pre-gaming. You get the idea.

So there’s that. I’m listening to “deep focus” right now and need to return to reading research articles. Happy Tuesday y’all!

Busy Day Off

Happy Hump Day! I love short “work” weeks and this week is super short. The holiday Monday plus no-class-Wednesdays = three days of classes. I will take it.

Unfortunately, I have so much to do today. So much that I really shouldn’t even be typing this right now. But sometimes typing things out makes me organize my brain a bit so I can be more efficient for the day. So… Let’s get down to business:

Sorry, had to..

What do I have to do today? Here goes:

  • Get a flu shot. We have to get them every year for school. It sucks. I’ve never gotten one in my life before school but we are forced to because of how many patients we are in contact with. (Makes sense, but still annoying.)
  • Get my passport picture taken. In February I am heading to Costa Rica on a medical mission trip with my class. I have a passport card (from a cruise in college), but I was too cheap at the time to buy the book. So now I need a passport book.
  • Send said passport picture and application to the passport people. I know it takes a few weeks for processing and I’ve already down step one of my application for the trip so I really need to get on receiving my new passport ASAP.
  • Update my immunization details on the new fancy website. Our school started a new website to keep track of immunizations and make things easier for clinics. But now I have to find all my records and manually put them in to the computer.
  • Make a few doctors appointments. We also need a TB test annually which is dumb, but we can’t get it until the first few weeks in October due to timing of our clinics. Then just eye doctor annual exam and that kind of stuff.
  • Do tutorial. This semester we only have one full day (Wednesdays) in between part one and part two of tutorial. That means a ton of research and work needs to be done on tutorial on Wednesdays.
  • Begin re-reading neuro rehab notes. Our first exam is in just a few short weeks and the last thing I want to do is fall behind. So I’m really going to try to stay on top of things!
  • Research for my case report. My group is doing a mock case report on little leaguer’s elbow.
  • Work-out. I need to stick with my plan and continue to get 5 work outs in a week. Today will be tough since I don’t have gym access at home and I still am unable to run (and its 95% humidity outside). But I’m thinking Pinterest will have some great ideas for me to whip something up for my living room :).
  • Grocery shop. I want to start buying my own groceries and relying less on my parents for food. It’s tough because I have so little time to myself due to constant work at school – but I really want to make healthier meal choices and that’s only going to happen if I shop for myself. Today I’m hitting Wegman’s and getting tons of produce and frozen fruit for smoothies. I’m also on the lookout for dairy-free protein powder. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Phew. That’s a lot of stuff to do today. And here I am procrastinating it all. Time to get off my butt and get started! I’ll leave you with this, because we all need a little compliment from time to time…

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Monday – I hope everyone is enjoying a day off and soaking in this last day of “summer” like I am. I hate that Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of the school year. Although I’ve already started classes, I used this weekend as a final send off to summer and a final “binge” weekend before me and a few classmates go alcohol free and work with each other to make better food and exercise choices.

Let’s chat about this weekend before I get in to all of that!

Yesterday was two of my friend’s birthdays and so we decided to take a weekend trip down to Ocean City, Maryland to stay at a classmate’s condo on the beach. Friday after class, the 6 of us departed and made our way out to the Eastern Shore. We luckily missed most of the traffic because we left before 2. Once we arrived at the condo, we wasted no time making some drinks and heading down to the beach!

Displaying photo 5.JPGDisplaying image.jpeg

Soon after we finished our first round of drinks, we headed back up to keep the party going while we got ready to go out. Friday night led us to Fishtales for some more drinks, some dinner and lots of dancing. We were all exhausted but rallied. The best part of heading out to the bar early – no cover! Also we  didn’t feel the need to stay out until closing time which means getting to bed early in preparation for Saturday’s festivities.

Saturday we woke up to a huge breakfast prepared by our friend’s mom – she was awesome all weekend. And then before you know it, we were in our bathing suits and ready to head to Seacrets! All of my classmates are from all over the country, so 4/6 of us had never experienced Seacrets before. I  have to say that it was fun living the experience through their eyes. Working there for a few summers, you get pretty annoyed with the place and I’ve honestly only ever day drank there twice, but it was so much fun.

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If you’re familiar with Seacrets, you know that any holiday weekend will look like this on the bay. It slowly got more crowded as the day went on but it never got as packed as I was expecting.

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We spent a solid 7 hours there drinking our fair share of beers, pains and J’s. I also ran in to a bunch of people that I went to college with that I hadn’t seen since graduation which was awesome. And of course I know many of the bartenders and managers from working there so it was great to see them too! Once we made it back to the condo, we were all exhausted and napped (after devouring pulled pork sandwiches our friend’s mom had cooking for us in the crockpot). We had huge plans to make it out to another bar later that night, but it did not happen. We ordered pizza and ordered The Other Woman on-demand and just sobered up and relaxed. It would have been great to go out to the bars for another night of dancing, but I was more than happy to be asleep by 11:30 and to wake up Sunday not hung over!

Sunday we woke up to the smell of bacon again and then headed out to the beach after filling up on breakfast. We lounged in the sand for a few hours before we decided to head down to the boardwalk. I have to say, showing people Ocean City for the first time can be pretty cool when it’s like a second home to you. You see things differently and want to show them everything that reminds you of good times.

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We rode some rides My friends rode rides while I watched. (I’m not a big carnival ride person). We got some typical boardwalk food – Dumser’s ice cream, Thrasher’s fries, and wrappers. And we made fun of the random YOLO and stupid saying t-shirts in all of the shops. After a few hours walking around, we headed back to the condo to get ready for a big birthday dinner! My friend’s mom cooked a huge dinner and all of her family joined us at the condo. It was a great time with great food celebrating one of my best friends.

We wanted to miss traffic so I offered to not drink Sunday at the dinner and we drove back to DC after dinner. We left around 9 (after I drank coffee) and made it back to DC around 11:45. Not too shabby considering we drove straight through a torrential downpour/lightning storm while driving over the Bay Bridge.. Talk about terrifying. Overall it was a great weekend and a great summer send off!

Now it’s back to reality and time to get serious about this school work. Our professors have already started talking about our comp exams and preparing for the board exam which is majorly freaking out us type-A people. On that note, a few classmates have decided to go alcohol free until Fall break (October 11th). I’m joining in with the exception of one weekend in September when I am attending a wedding. I’m still nursing this calf injury and am still unable to run so I really just want to be making healthier choices and binge drinking on the weekends just isn’t really high on my priorities to do anymore. School is on the top of my priority list as we get down to this last semester of classes and prepare for the next step – starting our careers.

Sorry this post is crazy long. I’m done now. Enjoy your Labor Day!


Thinking Out Loud – Back To School

Thursday already? I guess I slacked on posting this week, but with it being the first week of classes, I am still trying to work on getting a schedule down. Thursday around here means one of my favorite link ups from Amanda over at Running with Spoons. Let’s get right in to it – and since we’re back to school, it’ll mostly be about school and plans for a routine!


1. I got another reminder of why I love this profession this week. I might have mentioned before an older patient who I treated this summer who was always a ball of sunshine and never failed to put a smile on my face when I was treating him. He had decided to call my department and express how he felt about my PT skills – this is the email I get from my professor who returned his call…

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Yes, it’s quite hilarious due to the last sentence – but the fact that he took the time out of his day to say these kind words about me just made my day. Things like this remind me why I chose physical therapy as a career.

2. This semester we are in a brand-spanking-new building. It’s definitely taking some getting used to, but is it wrong that I’m bitter I’m only getting the new digs for a year?! At least my tuition money is going towards some great progression at our school. The rooms are super high-tech with tons of outlets (our old building had about 2-4 in each room), drop down screens, touch screen controls on the wall, swipe in access to our lounge and to a new parking garage we have access to. It’s pretty awesome.

3. Monday they didn’t hesitate to throw us back in to things. I was in class from 8-4 with just a 40 minute break for lunch. Luckily, this semester seems like it’s going to be fun and interesting – all neuro rehab and pediatric rehab. (Sorry, I get excited easily about nerd things)

4. Displaying photo 2.JPG

5. In Neuro lab on Tuesday we learned how to juggle and how to pop wheelies in a wheelchair. Sounds awesome right? It was so hard and so frustrating. The whole point was to discuss motor learning and how people learn new tasks, etc. But also it was functional since we may need to be able to teach patients how to get up curbs in wheelchairs – so it wasn’t total play time ;).

6. It’s fun being a third year. It’s kind of crazy. And scary. But fun at the same time. We now have two classes looking up to us and asking us questions. We have the professors full trust and they treat us more like their peers than their students. But seriously, in a year from now I’m going to be on my own treating my own patients – SCARY.

7. Wednesdays are clinic days this semester, so right now it’s just a day off. It’s like a mini weekend and I love it. Yesterday I woke up after 11 hours of sleep, made some coffee and a fantastic breakfast and watched the Today Show. It was great.

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8. With not being able to work out like I want to due to my calf still not being 100%, I am struggling with a little bit of insecurity. I just don’t feel like myself and I don’t feel comfortable. So I’m doing something about it. I’m taking out the crap from my diet and am getting focused on myself and becoming more comfortable in my body. Now that I’m back at school, I have at least 4 days during the week that I can get to the gym and work out. Since I’m not able to run yet, weights have become my best friend and I’m slowly remembering how much I loved lifting in college.

9. Displaying photo 3.JPG

10. Yesterday I spent the day writing out my calendar of exams, project due dates, deadlines, and just planned out my whole semester. It makes me feel so much better when I’m organized and have things on paper. When I know deadlines and exams, then I can easily plan for the fun activities!

That’s all I have for you guys today. I’m doing my first free intro class to Crossfit on Saturday with my brother-in-law and I’ll let you all know how it goes! I’m leaving you with this cover of my jam right now Bang, Bang. I love how these two harmonize and I think I like this version better than the original!