If there’s one holiday that I love more than all the rest, it’s the Fourth of July. I love America. I love our flag. I love wearing our flag. I love red, white and blue. I love everything that has to do with this country.

That being said, I only have one thing to chat about today. And that is…




FINALLY, the ladies have brought the World Cup back where it belongs – here in the U.S. of A.!!! All thanks to that lady right up there. Carli Lloyd stepped it up BIG time. She had a hat trick in the first 15 minutes of the game. Yes. A HAT TRICK in 15 minutes. Insane. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire first 20 minutes of the game because I couldn’t believe what was happening.


I grew up watching this team play. I remember the ’99 World Cup vividly. I was actually hiking Pike’s Peak in Colorado (aka, driving up, I was 10.), and I taped the game. I wouldn’t let anyone tell me what happened and I went to my Aunt’s room and watched the entire 120 minutes and PKs and went crazy when Brandi Chastain scored that epic final PK. This team today has something special. They are incredibly talented, they are young, and they have the potential to continue to do great things.

I love that this team and the following behind them are continuing to grow. I love that when I have kids of my own, my girls will have idols to look up to, just like I did. I love this team, I love this country, and HELL YEAH WORLD CUP CHAMPS!


Thinking Out Loud

My life is back to being boring. Work, eat, run, study, sleep, repeat. So I thought it would be fun to throw a little survey into the mix. I love filling these things out and love reading them on others blogs, cause you learn more about a person that you may not have known! I saw this post on Tina’s and Julie’s pages not too long ago, so I thought I would use this one!

Making: Memories! I can’t stop thinking about last weekend celebrating Sarah’s Bachelorette weekend. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for the wedding!


Cooking: Lol. Once Whole30 stopped, I let my mom return to the cooking. I make breakfast – omelettes, oatmeal or pancakes recently. Monday morning I didn’t start work until 10:30, so I enjoyed the time in my bed with my pancakes, coffee and Today Show.

Drinking: H20. Ever since I did the Whole30, I really haven’t strayed too far from my water bottle. It’s always close by and except for significant amount of alcohol that I drank last weekend, water is my go-to for sure!

Reading: I wish this one was more exciting! I miss reading for fun. Believe me, once this test is over, the library will be my first stop! Current reads are my O’Sullivan NPTE Board book and my Scorebuilders exam workbook…


Wanting: More hours in a day. To study, to have a few minutes to myself, to sleep an extra hour, to run errands I’ve been meaning to run for weeks, to clean my tornado of a room, to do the never-ending pile of smelly-running-clothes laundry.

Looking: For a J.O.B. I’m a little bit lost when it comes to job searching, but since I want to start working in September I know that I really need to get on it. I’ve applied to a few different places, submitted my resume and cover letter, and am just keeping my fingers crossed for a call for an interview.

Playing: With my nephews! Okay well, tomorrow I will. My sister and her family are leaving on Saturday for over a month. :( They will be going to OBX for a week, then flying out to Arizona until early August to stay with the in-laws and visit with friends. My sister and her husband lived in AZ for 10 years, my first 2 nephews were born there, but they moved back out here when S was 1 month old. So anyways, I plan on spending all day tomorrow with this guy, who is now 9 months old, is pulling himself up on furniture, clapping, crawling all over the place, and smiling non-stop. Gosh I just love him…


Wasting: Time not studying. Now that we are under 3 weeks from my test date, I know I need to seriously buckle down and start spending all my extra time studying. This weekend will be a not so fun 4th of July weekend – it will spent studying.

Wishing: I had more motivation to work out lately. I think I’m going to cancel my gym membership because I just haven’t been going lately and it’s a waste money to keep paying if I’m going once a week. I run, but other than that I’m just so busy that I haven’t been able to get solid workouts in on the lifting side of things.

Enjoying: My time at clinic. I’m getting more comfortable with the patients, and I feel that I am doing better now that my CIs are giving me more space to let myself flounder a bit. I need to learn how to figure things out on my own when they don’t go as well, without turning to look at my CI. And I think I’m doing well!

Waiting: To hear back from all these jobs I applied for. I mainly applied in one region, which I’ll share at some point where that area is, but I don’t want to jinx anything so you’ll have to wait. I’m scared that I am doing something wrong, because everyone says that it’s so easy to get a job in my field. But I also know that I haven’t even passed my boards yet, or “technically” graduated.

Liking: Cherry tomatoes. Okay, so random, I know. But I don’t know why I am loving them so much right now to snack on. That, fresh blueberries, and freshly cut bell peppers. All of my g0-to snacks right now.

Wondering: How in the world it’s already July?! I feel like this summer has flown by and I don’t know how to feel about it! Bring on the real world, y’all!

Loving: Timeflies new song. DUH. I can’t get enough of it. Seriously, doesn’t it just make you wanna DANCE?

Needing: New running shoes! I’ll start training for my fourth Half Marathon at the end of July and I am need of some new shoes. I have my eye on the Brooks Glycerin right now! I have had the Defyance for the past few pairs and I’ve heard great things about the Glycerin.

Hoping: That I can stay injury free while training for this next Half. My neck has been acting up lately and my calves have always been in issue. So I’m hoping that I can stay injury free and just get it done!


Wearing: All the red, white and blue. With the Women’s World Cup happening and it being 4th of July week, I’ve honestly worn red white and blue all week. Sorry, not sorry. #merica


Following: The Women’s World Cup – DUH. The U.S. won on Tuesday, beating the number one ranked team in the world, Germany. We will play Japan on Sunday in the World Cup Final, a rematch of the last World Cup – and I see some revenge happening.


Noticing: How little people care about the Women’s World Cup this year compared to the Men’s World Cup last year. I was hoping the hype would be similar – it’s not. Maybe people aren’t aware that the women actually have a chance of winning will win, where as the men, sorry peeps, will not.

Knowing: That the end is near.. of this extremely long survey. But, seriously. I know that the end of my clinical will be creeping up sooner than I think and before I know it, I will be an official DPT with a real job! (Hopefully..)

Thinking: That I’m chubby and can’t stop eating. I can’t wait to start training for this half because I know that I will get my workouts back in order. It’s been too long since I’ve trained for something.

Feeling: Nervous, Anxious, Scared. For my board exam that’s happening in 20 days.

Bookmarking: Bridesmaid hair styles. I’ve been searching Pinterest for different hair styles to do for Sarah’s wedding and think I have an idea of what I want to do. Our dresses are one shoulder and the bride-to-be is thinking that a side up-do would be cute with the dress. I definitely agree and I’ve been growing my hair out so that I can do a side ponytail or bun. Here is one that I am really liking…


Opening: New doors and closing old ones. (Okay that was a little lame, I know). But seriously. With things changing so much in the next few months, I have new adventures starting and new doors that I’m opening. I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring me!

So there is that! Phew that was long. Way to go for keeping up with it all! I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend celebrating this beautiful country of ours!

Virginia Beach Bachelorette Weekend!

I’m currently laying in bed recovering from an awesome bachelorette weekend celebrating the bride-to-be. Totally worth it. Let’s get right in to the recap of the weekend!


I got out of work a little before noon on Friday and immediately hit the road. Getting from DC to VA Beach can be hit or miss when it comes to traffic because 95 is the worst. It ended up taking about 4 and a half hours and I was the first to arrive, so I went ahead and checked in to one of the rooms while I waited for the rest of the group.


Once everyone arrived, we (obviously) had to get the drinks flowing. So while we watched the France vs Germany World Cup game, we made ourselves beverages and figured out the plan for the night. Step one: Find a place to watch the USA game and eat dinner. Step two: Find a bar where we can dance all night.



We ended up at CP Shuckers to watch the game and get some more drinks flowing before sitting down to dinner. The U.S.  women pulled out the W – a great start to the night! After dinner we headed back to the hotel to change and continue drinking before making our way to the bars. We had music blasting and just were enjoying spending the time together with the bride before the night got crazy.



Favorite pic of the weekend :)

We ended up heading over to LunaSea which turned out to be a great decision. The bar had a lot of variety in where we could hang out – there was a large area in the middle of the outdoor area with about 10 corn hole games set up, sitting areas and a bar surrounding that, an upstairs deck that overlooked the corn hole area and had more bars, and then inside was a DJ and a lot of dancing happening. It was the perfect mix of chill and craziness. We ended up spending about 90% of the night on the dance floor which was just what we wanted. We were drenched and sore by the end of the night.




We woke up to cloudy skies and muggy air; and surprisingly few hangovers. The bride-to-be was up at 6:45am (I know, seriously) and was ready for the day… Except no one else was ready for the day to start, haha. Once I’m up, I’m up so I ended up just hanging out and chatting with her and actually ended up getting some studying done too (nerd alert.) We trekked to Starbucks for caffeine and breakfast and kept our fingers crossed that the rain would stay away the whole day and let us get beach time in. We lucked out and got about 3 hours of solid beach time before the storms started rolling in.


We took the downtime after the beach to relax, nap, eat, and do whatever it took to get us ready to go for round two. Around 7, we were all dressed for the night and started walking down to Catch31, a beautiful restaurant with amazing seafood!


We had to wait about an hour for our table and were more than ready to eat when we got seated. Let me just talk about the bread and butter for a second – oh my gosh. I don’t know if it was because I could have eaten a shoe at this point and been happy, or if the butter was really that good. It was a garlicky butter but it was amazinggggg. As far as ordering goes, you can’t go here without looking at the Fresh Catch(es) of the Day. Naturally, I went with a tilapia from Costa Rica, blackened. It was served with fingerling potatoes and vegetables (which, I think I had one piece of zucchini and one carrot on the plate.) Overall, it was delicious and I ate every single bite.




After we were all sufficiently stuffed with yummy food, we headed back to the hotel to continue drinking and get ready for another night out! This night was a bit rougher to get amped up for because we went so hard on Friday (ha!), but we managed to rally!



We ended up at LunaSea again since we didn’t manage to make it out until 12:15. It was another great night of dancing, hanging out, and jumping in the ocean at 3am.


I was roomed with the girls who came from Jersey, and they wanted to get on the road ASAP so I ended up leaving when they left around 9:30. I like getting home early from a weekend away so that I can decompress a bit before having to go to sleep and be ready to go to work. I stopped at Wawa for gas, coffee and a hoagie (the road trip essentials), and made the 3.5 hour trek back up to DC.

Overall it was such a great weekend celebrating an amazing person. Sarah has become such a close friend over the past few years and I’m so thrilled that I get to be a part of her big day. We all couldn’t stop talking about how quickly it’s coming up, the fact that she’s going to be a wife, and we reminisced about the beginnings of her and Sean’s relationship. All of the bridesmaids are a great group of girls and are an absolute blast – I know that this weekend was only a teaser of how amazing the wedding weekend will be!

And so that brings me here, to my bed, where I’m debating taking a nap, studying, or unpacking. I have a feeling I know which one is going to win…


Post Whole 30 Thoughts

So here I am a little more than a week after ending my first Whole 30 experience. You saw my thoughts about it the last post. But how have I felt the first week back?? Here’s my thoughts, linking up with Thinking Out Loud today! And some unrelated thoughts to end out the post. Be sure to head over to Amanda’s page and check out what other bloggers are thinking about!


1. Day one post Whole 30 I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I woke up and made an omelette and while half asleep I remembered I could eat real food again! So I threw one piece of whole wheat toast into the toaster to enjoy with my omelette. I wanted to ease back in to things. What did I notice? I felt fine, maybe a little more full (aka bloated) but felt good.

2. I had packed my lunch the night before so it was actually completely Whole 30, but I tossed some plaintain chips that were iffy on the Whole 30 so I held on to them for after (skeptical oils).  Again, felt okay, nothing crazy.

3. I went to the store and accidentally purchased coconut milk ice cream. That didn’t settle in my stomach and I was crawling to bed shortly after. (Although I think it was more a combo of everything)

4. The next day I woke up with a massive headache that didn’t go away for two days. News flash: reintroducing sugar is just as hard as taking it away. My stomach didn’t like food, I craved veggies, and it made me think: Hmm maybe I did feel fantastic on Whole 30, I just didn’t realize it?

5. Then I started to work out. I had had a bagel, and was slowly working more carbs into my diet. I even had a few beers Friday night. Saturday morning I woke up to run. I did four of my best (as in, I felt amazing the whole way, not speed wise) in a long time. I didn’t fatigue like I had been, my head and legs didn’t feel like a thousand pounds, I could breathe the whole time. Thoughts? I run on bagels. Literally. 

6. I would say days 5-6 were the hardest on my stomach. I tried not to over do it on the carbs; I ate a burger without having the bun, more veggies than I would have pre-Whole30. But my stomach was not having it. TMI alert: I mentioned that my, erhm, schedule, was off on Whole30. Well my stomach made up for that days 5-6. I told you it was TMI. 

7. So here we are a whole week and 2 days after Whole 30. I definitely can tell I am more bloated than I was. But my workouts are great, the coffee is keeping me moving more than it was, I’m still getting tired at work but not as knocked out fatigued as I would feel before. I figure my bloat is just meant to be there and I may as well just rock it. Sometimes you need to choose participating in life (aka social events) rather than sitting out cause you don’t want to eat carbs.

8. So basically… The Whole30 was great. I felt good for the most part minus my workouts, i learned a lot about my body and my willpower, and I did something I set my mind to. But now that I’m back to my normal self, I feel great too. So maybe that life isn’t for me. Everyone reacts differently to different things. I run on carbs. You may run on veggies. Someone else may run on meat. You just have to find what works for you. 

9. Unrelated Whole30: Today is my mid-term evaluation at my clinical. It’s hard to believe that I am halfway through my final placement already! Time is flying by and I’m getting more and more nervous as time creeps on. I have one month until my board exam, 6 weeks left of clinic, which adds up to about 6 weeks until I need to find a job and move out! (More on that as it becomes more solidified, obvi.)



10. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, emotionally and mentally. I know that I’m moving in the right direction and have SO many great things headed my way – but in some way, I feel like my life is at a stand still. I feel like people around me are moving on to bigger and better things, and I’m still here, living at home at 26, working for free, finishing up my degree. I know, that’s silly, considering I literally just graduated with my doctorate, I worked my ass off for 3 years and it’s about to all pay off, but I can’t help but think about it sometimes. That’s my venting.  I know I’ll get over it. And before I know it, I’ll be the one moving on to bigger and better things. For now, I just have to trust the process and have faith that He knows where I will end up and that He has my path all figured out…



11. Final thought: I’m so glad that my Whole30 is over for this weekend: It’s bachelorette party weekend!!!! Tomorrow I will be off to Virginia Beach with the bride-to-be and the rest of the bridesmaids! It should be an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to have a break from the real world and just relax. And yes, I will be bringing my studying supplies with me. I’ll just feel better if they are there, regardless of if I look at them or not, haha. Full bach weekend recap when I return!

Have a great weekend y’all! And GO USA Friday night against China!!

Oh Oh Oh! Bonus: LISTEN to this jam. Timeflies (my obsession for the past 4-5 years.) just came out with a new song, tour dates, and word of a new album release soon. Obsessed with this song – so I needed to share. You are welcome.

Weekend Recap

Hey, guess what? I actually did things this weekend! Besides study! Look at me, being social and whatnot! So let’s do a weekend recap, the first one of these in awhile:


Friday after work, I headed straight down to Arlington to Olivia’s apartment. We had plans to head over to Wolf Trap to watch the National Symphony Orchestra play the scores to the movie Back to the Future! We went last year when they did this to the movie Fantasia and it was fantastic so we knew we had to go again.



This venue is awesome, because they allow you to bring in your own food and drinks (including alcohol!). So we had grabbed some BBQ from a local store and packed up the coolers with beers and waters and snacks. It was perfect! We did get rained on a bit but that didn’t deter the Orchestra from sounding amazing with the movie. Half the time, we forgot the Orchestra was there because we were so into the movie. It was also Freddy’s birthday weekend, so Olivia surprised him with a cookie and a candle!


Overall it was the perfect night out with some amazing friends. Here is a side by side picture of last year and this year, both of which Olivia took and we were sitting in the same order:


Some things never change! :) Love these people. To my left is Olivia’s fiancé, Jimmy. They’re getting married in just under a year from now and I can’t wait for that wedding!


Saturday started out perfectly. I woke up and immediately hit the road for a slow, easy, four miler. I want to start increasing my mileage since I have my half training coming up at the end of July. I was a little nervous because of how crappy my workouts had been during Whole30.


But OMG, you guys. I felt so good! The entire run felt awesome, my lungs were doing great, my legs weren’t giving out on me, my glutes were kicking in more than my quads and my legs didn’t feel like J-E-L-L-O after a mile and a half. It is incredible what simple carbs do for you! I guess that just proves my point that I run on bagels. Literally. My energy levels with carbs versus my energy levels on Whole30 are dramatically different. Everyone’s body is different, and I learned a lot about myself and my body through the Whole 30 challenge, but oh my goodness I am so thankful for carbs.

The rest of Saturday was spent studying and doing busy work school work. Then I headed out to Annapolis for a Father’s Day BBQ at my uncle’s house. He lives right near an awesome marina, which we took full advantage of taking a few walks down to.


Never go anywhere without your America coozie

IMG_6845 IMG_6846


Saturday night ended with more busy work and mid-term evaluation stuff for clinic while watching Gone Girl on HBO.


I woke up feeling the need to run again, and with the 8 brownies (I wish I was kidding…) that I consumed the previous night at the BBQ, a few miles sounded fabulous… Then I stepped outside and HOLY humidity. I still toughed out 2.4 miles which was cut short by a stiff neck. I must run real stiff in my upper body because I’m currently sitting here with heat on my neck to hopefully calm it down..


I felt like Christmas.

I followed that up with a shower and breakfast. Then sat down to take another practice test. Which I did well on! I improved by a few points again which I was thrilled with. But I’m still so nervous about the test. And let’s not even talk about applying to jobs. It’s so nerve racking!! Especially because I don’t want to look like an idiot for filling something out wrong!

Anyways. The rest of Sunday was relaxing. I met up with a college roommate for lunch to catch up which was perfect. Then came home and studied while I laid out and baked in the sun. Then had a freak out at all of the things that I had to do so I skipped Father’s Day dinner with the fam and stayed in my room to finish it up! We had celebrated Father’s Day Saturday night, so I didn’t feel terrible and my dad enjoyed his gift too! My brother and his fiancé took my parents out for dinner, I didn’t wanna fifth wheel it. Haha.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! A mix of productivity and fun this weekend! I can’t wait for next weekend – Bachelorette festivities down in Virginia Beach!!

Whole 30: Week 4 + 2


So it’s come to an end! I did it! How did I finish up? Let’s take a look… (I must have really not wanted to snap pics this week. Can you tell I’m over it?.. I tried to pick up the slack in the end…)

Day 22.

B: 2 eggs and a sweet potato with almond butter.

L: Spaghetti squash with chili. Cherry tomatoes, celery and peppers.

D: Spaghetti squash with spinach and shrimp.

S: Banana around 10. Apple with almond butter during the US game.

W: 11 hour day (I hate Mondays.) and USA played soooo no workout!

Day 23.

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, chicken with potatoes, and blueberries.

L: Spaghetti squash with shrimp and spinach with some guac on the side with mixed veggies.

D: Big ol’ salad! Mixed greens with chopped up carrots, broccoli, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. With a burger on top and guac as my dressing. On the side, grilled zucchini that was so perfect and delicious. I like my grilled veggies still a little firm and not soggy – perfection!

S: I was hungry today. Banana and cashews/hazelnuts throughout the work day. Coconut Cream Pie LaraBar before my run on the way home.

W: 2.5 miler. Not as humid out so it felt okay.

Day 24.

B: Finished up that chicken and potatoes from last week, 2 hard boiled eggs and a peach.

L: A salad similar to last nights, mixed greens with chopped veggies, and a burger and grilled zucchini on top. Wednesdays are rough… this wasn’t consumed until nearly 4 o’clock.

D: With a late lunch, I wasn’t too hungry after the gym. Sweet potato with a little almond butter. Carrots with guac.

S: Banana and cashews/hazelnuts to tide me over until I could eat lunch… See above. Ugh.

W: 25 minutes cardio and a full body lift session.

Day 25.

B: 2.5 eggs with spinach. Nectarine. Handful of blueberries.

L: Zoodles with organic yummy tomato sauce with a burger on top. Carrots and guac.

D: Cilantro Lime chicken with purple and sweet potatoes, and some broccoli cauliflower carrot mix from the steam fresh freezer bag.

S: Stressful day. Lots of almond butter. Some cashews. An apple. Maybe two.

W: Walked two miles while listening to podcasts to relax. Stress levels are high.

Day 26.

B: Two eggs with zoodles and spinach. Blueberries on the side.

L: Leftovers from last night. Chicken potatoes veggies.

D: Same as lunch. Out to watch the U.S. Play Sweden so I packed a large double meal to eat before we went to the bar.

S: Watched the game at a bar. Pulled out my LaraBar at one point. Got home and was hungry. Hard boiled egg and a scoop of almond butter.

W: No official workout but I was on my feet all day in Toms and man were my calves feeling it when I got home. Also my back was very welcoming to my bed.

Day 27.

B: Banana. Two hard boiled eggs. Last bit of Potatoes and chicken. Black coffee.

L: An avocado mashed up with leftover chicken and some fresh lime squeezed on top. A few cucumbers and a mango.

D: Taco boats! Ground turkey, sautéed onions and peppers, tomatoes and avocado in romaine lettuce wraps!


S: I’m just hungry all the time. I had a nectarine after my errands and before my workout. And a LaraBar during my 3 hour long practice exam. Monkey salad while I watched Still Alice with my mom.

W: .5 mile swim – big mistake. Shoulder has been feeling bad lately and now my grip strength is crap.

Day 28.

B: 2 Eggs mixed with the last bit of zoodles, and some of the taco ground turkey and peppers/onions from last night.



Unpictured banana eaten while this was cooking. I’ve been waking up with insane calf cramps so I’m trying to get some more potassium!

L: Delicious salad. Chicken sausage cooked up with onions and peppers, on top of romaine with some cherry tomatoes and guac! An apple on the side. Enjoyed outside in the steamy hot weather.


D: Those Turkey, Sweet Potato and Kale patties with some Whole30 approved tomato sauce on top of cauliflower rice.

S: Always snacking. Champagne mango after lunch time. Random little spoonfuls of almond butter because I have a nut butter problem. Before bed apple and almond butter. As if I hadn’t had enough.

W: 10 minute cardio warm up. Random free weight lifting session 30 minutes in the group exercise room. Followed by stretching.

Day 29.

B: Two eggs with the last taco leftovers.

L: Cauliflower rice with the last bit of chicken from earlier in the week topped off with some tomato sauce.

D: Romaine lettuce with chicken sausage, peppers, and onions. Baked sweet potato fries and parsnips on the side.

S: Banana and almonds at different points through the day.

W: Wasn’t feeling it today.

Day 30. I MADE IT!

B: Banana and a scoop of almond butter right after my run. And chugged a bottle of water.
After my shower: two eggs with a chicken sausage.

L: Leftover roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips with a few stray onions/peppers on top (there weren’t many left after I got to the potatoes and parsnips last night). Topped off with a random burger (aka ground beef frozen in patty form). Guac on the side for dipping, because, guac. And a few slices of pineapple.

D: THE LAST SUPPER. (Sorry, had to.) Pork chops. Steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Grilled pineapple.


S: Cherry Pie LaraBar (Not a fan, too tart). And an apple while finishing up documentation at work. And to celebrate 30 days – monkey salad while watching USWNT play Nigeria!

W: 2.3 miles. So humid.

Ending thoughts:

  • Okay, now what? I don’t feel any different. I didn’t get that dramatic life changing experience from this challenge. Was it because I ate fairly healthy before? Maybe because I’m lactose intolerant and dairy wasn’t a part of my diet to begin with? Was I doing something wrong? I don’t know.
  • So what do you feel? I feel less bloated. And my skin and hair apparently look flawless (from classmates I saw for the first time since graduation which was day negative one). That’s about it.
  • How do you really feel? My workouts suck and I can’t wait to fuel my body how I’m used to and get back into solid workouts. I can’t wait to eat a bagel and drink a latte. It was fun while it lasted but I’m ready for my normal diet. Also TMI warning: my, erhm, number 2 schedule has been way off and I’m ready for that to return to normal too. Overall, I feel fine. I feel normal, like my typical self.
  • Did you lose any weight? I honestly have no idea. I didn’t weigh myself beforehand, and I don’t plan on weighing myself now. I don’t like going by weight. I go by how I feel. My pants fit, my clothes fit, I feel less bloated – awesome. I did do measurements. And I didn’t think my waist could get any smaller without removing ribs so no change there. I did lose one inch in the muffin top region which is what my focus area to lose was – so Win on that! None lost in the bust – which I was actually hoping for, haha.
  • Are you glad you did it? Yes. It was a challenge that I set for myself. I practiced willpower and proved to myself that it could be done. I learned a lot about reading labels and got to cook some fun things (or cook, period, since I used to rely on my momma). Overall I thought it was interesting to learn about my body and the things I’m putting in to it.
  • Will you do it again? I won’t say no definitively. But at this moment I don’t see a point in doing it again soon since I didn’t feel a big difference. I would do a shorter time period if I was feeling bloated and gross, but 30 days it’s rough. So my answer is definitely maybe.
  • Will you change your diet at all starting with day 31? I won’t be diving back in to bagels and chocolate. (I have a bagel waiting for me when I wake up and I can’t wait to eat it.) BUT… I’ll ease things back in. And keep you all posted on how the switch goes. I’m curious about if my taste buds changed at all or if I will be more satisfied with just a bite of chocolate instead of the whole bag.
  • Will you still read labels? Yes. Now that I know and understand more about the things that I had been putting in to my body, I will be more likely to pick up the Whole30 approved chicken sausage versus another cheaper brand, or the Whole30 approved bacon versus the cheaper brand, or more likely to make my own marinades rather than pre-packaged ones.

Fun fact for my Whole 30 experience: I ate eggs every single day. And I never got sick of them. I always knew I loved eggs. But this just proved my point. I could eat eggs every day, no problem.

Now excuse me while I go eat a bagel and hit up S-Bucks for a soy latte. :)


Life Lately: Thinking Out Loud

I’m aware that I’ve been MIA lately. I honestly wake up, go to my clinical, go to the gym/run, and study until I go to bed. My life is pretty boring and nothing fun has been happening really so I haven’t had much to chat about. But let’s just catch you up on clinic and life and the future with another edition of Thinking Out Loud!


1. Clinic is still going well. I had a meeting with one of my CIs the other day and she had a lot of good feedback for me, as well as some praise. While I know I don’t feel 100% confident yet, given the vast difference of diagnoses that I’m working with, my CI was certain that she feels I’m doing well and have great ideas for treatments. There are just little things I need to improve on: the flow of a session if things go really well or really bad with my Plan A, my flow of question asking during an evaluation, and my interpretation of how patients are performing at tasks and how I can tell them to improve. My mind is constantly working during clinic, but sometimes I just keep it to myself. I just need to be able to verbalize things to my patients and to my CI’s in order to optimally help them improve.

2. The Women’s World Cup started! And you know I was decked out in my Red White and Blue on Monday for the game versus Australia.



Yes, I did wear that to clinic all day. And no, not a lot of people knew why I was decked out in my “Fourth of July” outfit. Come on people, you all were so hyped for the Men’s World Cup last year… at least the Women have a very good chance of winning! USA! USA! #SheBelieves

3. If you’ve been keeping up with my Whole 30, you’ll know that my workouts have been slacking some. I don’t have the energy that everyone tells me I should have at this point in the game and my body doesn’t respond to workouts the same way. It’s like I need bagels.. (hahaha).

4. Forgot to mention this tidbit related to my clinical: I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from patients, as well as my CI’s. Either the patient telling my CI without me around, or patient’s telling me face to face. One – erhm, unusual compliment – came in the form of a “Hi, I want you to meet my son, do you think I could give him your name and info?” It was extremely unexpected and apparently my CI said he asked her first if I was dating anyone and if that would be okay to ask me. I said “Why the hell not?!” I’m single. I’m not looking. He’s my age and in the area. Whatever happens, happens! Ha! I’ve been told that I have a “strong sense of self”, I protrude confidence, and that I overall address the patient very well. :)

5. I’m getting super stressed about the fact that I need to start applying to jobs while working full time for free and studying for boards the rest of the time. It’s giving me anxiety, that I thought had started to fade.

6. Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packets have been my best friend lately. I add them to any meal that is a just a tad bland because I can’t use a lot of my spices in my cabinet, and BAM – delicious.

7. I wish I had more exciting things to talk about….

8. I am taking my board exam on July 21st. Just a few short weeks away and I’m freaking out. I hate that I keep having to say no to weekend plans. But with the bachelorette party in a few weeks I have to pick and choose the weekend of fun and unfortunately I have a feeling 4th of July weekend will be much less fun than last year. :( I know that it will all pay off though when I see a big old PASS on the screen two weeks after I take the test.

And that’s all I have. I’m so boring. And I didn’t even have any pictures for you. So here’s B-man at the pool just loving life.