Friday Favorites!

Hey look! You’ve almost made it to the weekend! Go you! For me, I’m basically living in a long-extended weekend with a few responsibilities thrown in there for good measure, until graduation. I don’t hate it, people. Becoming a doctor is hard work ;-).

Enough of the small talk, I don’t like introductions. Let’s chat about some of my favorite things lately! Today I’m linking up with Katie – go check out some other blogger’s favorites!

  • New workout gear! So my sister randomly decided to purchase this tank for me when she spotted it on Zulily and said – “Oh my goodness, Sam needs this.”



I needed it (debatable), and boy do I love it! It’s not cotton but it’s a lighter blend of material that feels awesome to work out in. I want more. Like this one and this one.

  • Nike Training Club app! My sweat in the above picture was well-earned using the NTC app that I have fallen in love with. I did a 30  minute workout called Body Remix, and I loved it! It had me using weights, using a medicine ball and jumping around all over the place.



I’m not sure how accurate all of those calorie counts are and such, but it probably varies depending on how hard you push yourself. I had done a 10 minute elliptical warm-up, then jumped right in to this workout and I love how it kept things moving and never got boring. Functional workouts are my favorite, by far. I cooled down afterwards with a stretch and an 8-minute walk on the treadmill. (I had to get to lacrosse practice.) If I learned one thing from this work out: I still suck at push-ups.

  • Spotting one of my best friends on TV! Hana lives up in New York City and gets to do some really awesome things sometimes… this was one of them. Her friend had tickets to the talk show “The Chew” and she was seated at the tasting table – how cool?! She got so much airtime since she was right behind Clinton. Hey Hana!


  • Wednesday night was my Research Day at school – where we presented our final case reports to faculty from all over the University, other graduate students, and anyone else who wanted to come by and check them out. It went great!



We stood by our posters and waited for people to come up and chat with us. I had the Dean of Students come up to ask questions about mine, as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs. As it turns out, the latter individual also happens to be the head of the Psych department at my University. She really enjoyed my case report and was fascinated by the outcomes. She ended up giving me her card and sincerely believes that my case report could be published in a Psychological Health journal!! I  wasn’t expecting this, but was incredibly proud to hear her say that. I immediately went to find my professor who has helped me along the way and she was all about it… “Let’s do it!” were her exact words. So, looks like I might be attempting to publish my case report in an actual journal that actual people in the medical field will read for actual learning. WHOA.

I thought I had more things to share with you, but my life has consisted of a lot of sleeping in, hitting the gym hard, going to lacrosse practice, and sleeping. I’m enjoying it now, but I’m also anxious to get back in to a routine once clinic starts up after graduation. Things are going be quite hectic over the next few weeks, try and keep up!

Another Check Off A Bucket List

As the time grows closer to graduation, I realize how soon some of my best friends will be leaving DC and moving back to their home city. This makes me sad. And I don’t like talking about it. I honestly can’t even explain the friendships and the bonds that I have created with these people. I’m mad that it took me over a year to get so close to them – because they are some the best humans I know and I wouldn’t have made it through this program without them…

IMG_6233 IMG_6358

Okay, okay, sorry. This wasn’t meant to be sappy! The point is.. we are trying to make the most of the rest of our time together here and a few girls who are moving have a bucket list that they made! I’m happy to join in on the bucket list activities, even though most I have done before since I’ve lived here my whole life. Last week we explored the Cherry Blossoms, and this week we headed to Great Falls, VA.



I’m sure I’ve been to the VA side before, but the Maryland side is (obviously) my choice and in my personal opinion has some better trails – aka the Billy Goat Trail. But it still was such a perfect day with some great people! The rapid were crazy strong thanks to some storms that rolled through the night before and it was mesmerizing just sitting there staring at the water.





The weather was a little chilly at first, but once the sun came up a bit more and we started hiking, the temperature was just about perfect!





We stopped at most of the lookouts and took the River Trail until we reached a good point to turn around.




I think we ended up hiking around 4 miles with some pretty crucial hills near the end so it was a great workout!



I’m glad I got to enjoy such a beautiful day helping some friends check things off their bucket list! Most of my classmates had never been to the National Park so it was great to see them enjoy it for the first time! It’s definitely something that I take advantage of being so close to where I live. There are such great trails for hiking all throughout the Park both on the Maryland and Virginia side.

I think next on their list is taking a bike ride to National Harbor and to the Ferris Wheel. I think that’s about a 12 mile bike ride so it should be a great work out and another great day!

This post took longer than usual to type up, as I’m tending to a very sick almost-4-year-old as he is miserable and throwing up. I’ve never wanted to take someone’s pain away more than right now. The poor kid hasn’t eaten since Sunday and keeps asking for milk and orange juice, but I can’t give him anything :-(. His responses are the best when I ask him how he’s feeling: “Not the best.” “It’s just, my tummy hurts a little.” My mom gets home around 11:30 which is when I will start to get ready for my Research Presentation tonight! Happy Wednesday, peeps.. Stay healthy!

Sunny Weekend

I don’t how the weather is where you are, but oh my goodness this weekend was perfection! It’s crazy how much my mood changes when the weather is so nice! (And I don’t have a million things to stress about that are school related…)


Thursday was spent at my first National’s game of the season! It was the perfect day for a day drinking and spending time with some of my best friends!



I love this group so much. This next month is going to be a lot of spending time with these people, since a lot of my class is leaving after graduation and moving home. :-(



Our seats were awesome, the beer was great (but expensive), and the company was even better. After the game we headed back to the bullpen to drink more beers and play corn hole. We ended the night at a bar in Arlington and I crashed on a classmate’s couch, per usual after a night of drinking with classmates. It was a great night!


I woke up at the crack of dawn thanks to my friends living on the 19th floor and the blinds being wide open – hello sunshine in my face. So I just hung out until they all woke up and we walked to get breakfast. We ended up just hanging out and watching Friends on Netflix for a few hours, until I realized I had to be at practice in about an hour. Whoops, my priorities are definitely on point. So my classmates took me to my car and off I went to lacrosse practice! The rest of Friday was pretty laid back and I just hung out around the house. I did make a pitstop at Old Navy with this little dude and we found him a fedora to match his big brothers!



Saturday’s weather was amazing! I was up at 6:30am and out the door by 7 to get to school and prepare for our first annual 5k promoting our trip to Costa Rica. It turned out to be such an incredible race and everything went great! Except for the course… hahaha. HOLY HILLS. I mean, they warned us it was hilly – but I wasn’t expecting this many hills. To put it in to perspective… My first mile was in 8:44, a little speedier than my normal but was half down hill, half flat. My second mile was in 10:20. Closer to my normal pace, but slower and holy hills. My third mile – LOL; was in 11:50. The final half mile was strictly up hill on a trail that took us back to campus. I was dying at this point anyways and the hills did not help. My final time was 31 minutes and some change. Not my worst 5k, but definitely could have done better without those hills, haha.


Pre-Race smiles…


Post-Race beer and less smiles.

But, it was all for a great cause, so I can’t complain too much. All money raised will go to benefit the people we just left in Costa Rica. That makes all of those hills worth it to me.



We had a stand set up for donations and for people to come up and ask us (the third years) more questions about what exactly we do down there. Many people assumed the money was to get us down there, but it’s not. We pay our own way and the other half is included in our tuition. The money raised goes directly to medical supplies and things that we bring down to care of the people we work with. They all loved that and were more than generous with donations. We printed out poster size pictures of our own pictures from the trip. Below is one of my favorites from the trip of me with the children in the Precarios.



After the race, I headed back home to shower quick and then head to our lacrosse game! It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but it was a gorgeous day to be outside.

A lot of my friends went out for a classmates birthday Saturday night, but I just was not feeling it. I have been drinking so much lately and just needed some me-time and some time to just detox and relax. I was in bed by 9 and woke up Sunday feeling refreshed!


Sunday was a lazy day. I didn’t leave my bed until about noon except to get breakfast. I typed up this post, watched soccer, drank my coffee, and thought about going to the gym a lot before opting to not go. I was still pretty sore from yesterday and I think I would benefit (and my calves would benefit) from a day of stretching. I went to the library and picked up three new books to read…



I am starting with Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little and so far, so good. I read an article that gave suggestions for books similar to Gone Girl and this was on it – it hooked me from the first page and I’m loving the suspense already! I’ll let you all know how the others go!

Then Sunday evening spent at my brother’s new place enjoying some beers and grilled burgers and brats! B enjoyed the beers too…





My brother’s place with his fiancé is about 15 minutes away and super cute! It’s the perfect size for the two of them and their pup. They moved there while I was in Costa Rica so this was my first chance being able to go check it out.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! This week is pretty slow. I really don’t have a lot left to do with school except for Wednesday’s research project presentations to the University during Research Day! Happy Monday people!

Thinking Out Loud

I gave you some random thoughts yesterday with my catching up with life, but since it’s Thursday and Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud with Amanda, let’s get random again!



1. Tonight I’m heading to my first Nationals game of the season!! I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I like beer and I love my friends, so it’s a win-win situation! I’m definitely more of an O’s gal, but the Nats games are easier to get to for us in DC (obviously). Flashback to last year at a chilly Nats game with some classmates…



2. Side note: I just found out my best friend Chelsea is heading to the game tonight too! Woo! I haven’t seen her in what seems like forever due to my crazy exam schedule lately, so hopefully we can meet up!!

3. I’m watching my 6-month-old nephew right now because his daycare provider called my sister and said she was in the ER! I don’t mind the extra time with the little man and I hope that his daycare provider is doing okay. I also learned that he won’t nap to Thomas the Tank Engine or Mickey Mouse… But will nap for Kygo and MisterWives. Good pick B.


4. They are tearing down my old school building and it’s so crazy to see the process!



(I was at a red light when this picture was snapped, safety first!) But this building was once named the eye sore of Arlington. We called it Big Blue or the Blue Goose. It wasn’t big enough to be imploded, so they are just tearing it apart with a crane, floor by floor. I spent my first 2 years of grad school in that building and it’s kind of sad to see it go! But our new building is fabulous, so no complaints!

5. I went to Cava Grille yesterday for lunch. I have an obsession. It’s a problem for my wallet. But it’s just so damn good!


6. Speaking of food. I’ve decided to challenge myself. After doing some research of my own and hearing my classmate’s opinions firsthand, I decided I want to do the Whole30 Challenge. It’s going to be hard for me, because I love bread. Like, a lot. But I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I think I could really do it when I have the time to cook and prep food when I’m in clinic with no class. I’m not doing it to lose weight; that’s not the point of it. I have the book on hold at the library “It Starts with Food”. They recommend you read it before starting to know why you’re doing what you’re doing, which I think is great. It’s more about resetting your system to what the human body is meant to be eating (I think that’s the gist). I’ll definitely be keeping track on here about how I’m feeling while on it, recipes I’m using and what I’m eating, and I’ll probably use the blog to complain about how bad I want a donut. But I want to do it. And now that it’s in writing, it’s happening. Once all my graduation festivities are done with, it’s happening. Hold me accountable people!

7. My calf has been acting up again with running. Which is weird, because I haven’t been running a whole lot. I’ve barely been running honestly, because I’ve been so busy with school. It’s making me mad and since I recently signed up for a Fall half marathon, I want to figure it out before training technically starts in July. Oh the irony, a PT getting injured and not knowing how to fix it.

8. In case you didn’t know, I’m going to be a doctor in approximately 4 weeks. I’m going to be hooded by my professors and I’m going to walk across that stage as a DPT. Yes, it’s not a real “doctor”, as in a PhD, but I will have a Dr. in front of my name. And I’m damn proud of those two little letters in front of my name and those three letters after it. I worked my ass off for those letters. I stressed more than I ever will in my life, I had anxiety attacks, I cried, I laughed, I met the most amazing people you will ever meet in your life; but PT school was the best decision of my life, and I’m damn proud that I made it.

9. I saw this earlier and I loved it: If you have a pulse, you have a purpose. Find it.

Nine is a good number to end on. I’m going to try and get ready for the day without waking B. I put him asleep in my bed since he doesn’t have a crib here and it’s darker in my room (black out curtains for the win). Happy Thursday :)


Friends! I did it!


Yesterday, I completed my final comprehensive practical. My last practical ever in PT school. Last week, I successfully passed my comprehensive 200 question written exam. My last written exam of PT school.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be finished. I felt like an elephant stepped off of my chest yesterday when I walked out of that practical knowing that I passed. It’s hard to explain how I was feeling the past 2 weeks. I felt inhuman. I felt like I was a puppet going through the motions of what my professors wanted from me. I knew I was competent in anything they would present me with, but it was nerve racking knowing that I could fail for not doing something that they wanted. I saw it happen to many of my classmates, as I was one of the last people to go. (Let’s not talk about that, the waiting game is the absolute WORST.) The two days leading up to my practical, I felt physically ill. I was nauseous, I was light-headed, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I went for my physical on Monday morning (because obviously we have a deadline of DURING FINALS to get our physicals done), and my heart rate was 98. NINETY EIGHT PEOPLE! That’s almost tachycardic. I’m a healthy person and my normal heart rate is generally in the 60’s, resting heart rate can get down to the 50’s. It just was not healthy how much stress my classmates and I were feeling. It’s incredible the world of difference waking up yesterday versus waking up today was. (Minus the slight headache this morning from the celebratory beers last night.)

As for the rest of time before graduation, here is what lies ahead: my research presentations to the university based on my case report, submitting my final case report paper (currently 17 pages), little assignments in this silly class we have right now, my grad party, and a lot of fun with my classmates in this last month we all have together – I don’t know wanna talk about how they’re all leaving…

So, since I’ve been MIA the past few weeks, here are some pics and my life through my iPhone while I’ve been studying my life away and dealing with my anxiety and trying to have a little fun..

I went to Baltimore to see all of my lady friends from the Bury…





I celebrated Easter with these nuggets…



I celebrated after our written comps, a little too hard that night..



I hung out with my three favorite boys…




I walked around the Tidal Basin on a study break on Monday and checked out the Cherry Blossoms…

IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6174


While there, my friends decided we wanted to start a hashtag: Strangers taking selfies…


There were so many selfie sticks, it was horrifying. Yes, we took some selfies too, but it’s just hilarious how much selfies have taken over the world, hahaha. The one above was my favorite.


DC is really pretty sometimes :)

And that’s all I’ve got for ya. Today I finally get to go to lacrosse practice, because I haven’t been in weeks. And I get to go to the gym, cause I haven’t been in a few days. And I get to spend a lot of time in my bed – aka it’s 10:30, I’ve been up since 8 and haven’t moved. Happy Hump Day peeps!

Happy Easter?

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you all have an amazing holiday spent with friends and family and loved ones. I hope you embrace whatever is good in your life right now and pray on the difficult things, knowing that you will get through it.


Today will be spent in our typical fashion: Brunch at a family friend’s place with about 15-20 other families and an incredible spread of food and sangria. Unfortunately, I won’t be taking part in the sangria today because the time between brunch and my family’s dinner will be spent studying. Most of my Easter will be spent studying. But it’s okay, because I’m almost there!



After brunch and studying, we will have our usual dinner of lamb and other Easter things with all of the family. And I’m sure the day will end with my studying again. It should be a great day of family time and study time. Right now, I’m off to say goodbye to my best friend since first grade – she is off to move to New Jersey!


Enjoy your day!

Wednesday Freak Out.

Here we are. One week before my comprehensive final for all of physical therapy school.

Next Tuesday at 8am I will sit down and take a four hour, 200+ question exam on everything that I have learned the past three years. I’ve been scarce around the blog world lately because of my preparation for this test. I’m not too sorry; this is my life, my future, and my career, and it’s my priority. My best friend is moving to New Jersey on Sunday and I haven’t seen her for weeks except for a brief gym session with her. I see my parents for about an hour a day, and I live with them; because I’m either studying, coaching or sleeping. I miss my nephews, I’m pretty sure B has gained about 10 pounds since I saw him last (I might be exaggerating, but he’s a chunk.) I’m sick and tired of studying and my brain hurts.


Since I’ve been back from Costa Rica:

  • I’ve been pulling 8-10 hour study days.
  • I’ve been trying to sleep whenever I can.
  • I’ve been attempting (and failing) to fit in exercise.
  • I’ve been a big ball of stress, trying to fight off panic attacks – the caffeine addiction isn’t helping.

On top of studying for comps, we have our case report that we have to be writing as well. This is our final research project for our program. I have been struggling with mine because it’s not your typical intervention type case report and my patient was very complex. But I’m getting through it, one day at a time. Of course, our full draft is due on Friday. A few days before comps. NBD.

After comps on Tuesday, my time will be spent prepping for comprehensive practicals which are the following Monday-Wednesday. Our practical basically involves being given a patient case and we evaluate them, treat them, educate in a home exercise program, and document everything that we did. This shouldn’t be an issue, right? Well, some of us have had different clinical experiences in different settings – so we are more nervous about pulling a certain type of patient that others. For me, I feel very comfortable with a hospitalized patient, pretty good about a neurological patient, and terrible about an orthopedic patient. So, after the written, I will be prepping for that.

Yay for Easter weekend…. to be spent studying!