Thinking Out Loud

What’s better on a gloomy Wednesday night than to curl up and write up a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post?! Well, probably a lot of things, but right now this hot cup of tea, Chicago Med re-runs, and catching up with you all will have to do ;-). 1. This week at work has been… More Thinking Out Loud

Fitness Lately

I’m not sure if I told you all, but I’m signed up for my next race! I had been debating between a few – and still am thinking about one more – and finally bit the bullet and applied for the lottery for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. In December,  I found out that I… More Fitness Lately

Winter is Here…

Not sure where you all are, but I’m huddled on my couch with my coffee and a view of Jonas, the blizzard, out my front window. They’ve been talking up this storm for about a week now and I guess it’s no joke! I don’t plan on leaving my couch all day today and I… More Winter is Here…

Holiday Housewarming

This past weekend, Corrin and I had our housewarming party! While Corrin has been in the house since August and I moved in the beginning of October, the house has been sort of under construction the whole time (and continues to be “under construction” with a few projects left to be completed). So we waited… More Holiday Housewarming

Photo Dump

Whoa. It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted. Life has been busy. But it’s also been lazy, and it’s been fun, and it’s been exciting, and it’s been crazy. And honestly, I don’t even know where to start so I think a photo dump is the best option at this point. There are definitely things… More Photo Dump