Thinking Out Loud: One Month Update

Hi friends! (I just started typing “Friday” instead of friends…wishful thinking over here?) I haven’t talked much about my job lately and I feel like I have a lot of random things to chat about in regards to it, so I thought I would make this Thinking Out Loud about work and how things are going! So let’s jump right in! Warning, there are zero pictures. Deal with it.


  1. This week I officially hit a month of working in the real world, as a real physical therapist, with an actual license, making my own decisions without someone over my shoulder making sure I didn’t mess up. Whoa! Well the good news is that I haven’t messed up yet and things seem to be going great! Every time I go in to headquarters for meetings, my manager tells me that she continues to hear how great I am doing, which is really awesome to hear and such a confidence booster.
  2. I’m getting the hang of just about every aspect of the hospital I’m currently at. I am getting to know the nurses on most of the floors, I understand the protocols for the surgeons and can spit it out to a patient without stuttering or checking my cheat sheet, I know the numbers to get in to the equipment rooms (but sometimes have to ask if I accidentally lock it out by putting in the wrong number too many times :) ), my documentation is getting quicker, and I feel comfortable and confident answering patient’s questions.
  3. The down side of number three: now that I’m getting used to this hospital, now I’ll have to go orient elsewhere. That’s just part of the position that I’m in. I have to orient at each of the hospitals individually for a few weeks before they can “clear” me to be independent at them.
  4. I’m pretty much hitting my numbers every day. Typically, we are expected to see 10 in a day; that would be considered a “productive” day. Monday I saw 10 before lunch. But then I’ll have days where I just am striking out every room I go to – patient’s are off the floor at testing, patient’s troponin levels are high (active heart injury, we can’t see them), patient refuses to get out of bed, the list goes on and on. On days like those, I may only see 4-5 before lunch and finish the day with 6-8. It happens.
  5. I’ve determined that I can pretty much type my notes solely in abbreviations and it makes complete sense to me and my coworkers. It’s pretty cool when you really think about. Some examples:
    • “Pt req VCs for incr safety c RW” = Patient requires verbal cues for increased safety with rolling walker.
    • “Adm c AMS, RLE weakness; PMHx: CAD, DM, HTN, Afib, CABG” = Admitted with altered mental state, right lower extremity weakness; past medical history: coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery bypass graft.” I’m a nerd, I know, I get excited about these things. 
  6. My next stop for orientation is the transitional subacute area of the same hospital I am in. I’m not too concerned about transferring to a different area because the documentation will be similar and I’m still going to be doing basically the same things, just spending more time with the patients.
  7. I’m really loving all of the people at this hospital I’m at and I’m a little sad that I’m going to be leaving. I keep hearing distant comments about the other hospitals and the PTs there, and it’s not making me excited about going elsewhere – but it’s a part of the job. I’m really appreciative of all the help I’ve gotten from my mentor and everyone else who helped me to get comfortable in my current position.
  8. I think I’ve finally finished with all of the orientation meetings that are mandatory for new employees. Only a month later. Yesterday I took a class about how to converse with someone who you may have a work related issue with, or how to address an authority figure when you believe something is not right. There were a lot of useful tips, but sitting for 4 hours is just not my forte. I could not sit still and I’m pretty sure my desk mates hated me. Sorry not sorry, I chose to not have a desk job for a reason.
  9. I really, really want to start documenting crazy things my patients do/say. It’s just so amusing sometimes the things that I get asked or the way patients respond to things/act. In example, this week I walked in to a patient’s room who had just gotten to the floor from surgery – he was seated on the edge of the bed eating, with his gown wrapped around his male parts only – nothing else on. He seemed surprised to see me, screamed a bit, his wife was cracking up behind him, and he says to me “Wait, go back behind the curtain, go away, I need to get dressed.” Uummmm why were you undressed to begin with, sir? Oh, if only I could tell all of my stories right now.

And that’s all I have for y’all today! I just wanted to catch up on how work has been going and didn’t want to leave you all out of the loop. This weekend isn’t going to be as fun as last weekend, but I’m more than ready for a few days of relaxation – then a 4 day work week next week, followed by a weekend at home!

Happy Thursday y’all!

A Bury Reunion

As I may have mentioned last week, this weekend was a planned reunion weekend with most of my closest girl friends from college! We always try to plan a weekend to get together at least 1-2 times a month with all of us there and since Corrin’s new house needed to be shown off and we are in the middle of everyone, Philly was the meeting place! We had so many fun activities planned and I was practically skipping out of work with excitement.


Friday night the girls started to arrive around 6:30. Corrin and I had made up some chicken in the crockpot for tacos and had a bunch of snacks laid out when they arrived. Three of the Bury girls were there for Friday night, one came down Saturday morning and the other who lives in Philly but had some family things, met up with us Saturday too. The night consisted of sitting around the table chatting, catching up, eating lots of snacks, drinking lots of wine, and playing a little Heads Up. Corrin’s cousin came over too, with her roommate and two other friends. It was such a great night – I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Sometimes a chill girls night is just what you need when you haven’t seen people in awhile!


Saturday started bright and early, because none of us know how to sleep in. We headed out to grab coffee and ended up walking over to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We had some time to kill before brunch and a long walk was exactly what we needed. Soon enough, our two other friends arrived and we headed out to brunch!

We went to a small place that is walking distance from our house – we weren’t looking to do bottomless drinks or anything crazy because we had plans for later in the afternoon, but brunch is always a good idea in my book. I didn’t really take any pictures, I was just enjoying the company and the food!

After brunch, we had a few hours to kill before our plans for the day, so naturally we decided that going to the bar was a great idea. Our plans were a little out of the box, and we didn’t know what to expect, so getting some drinks flowing didn’t seem like a bad a idea. In hindsight… Thank goodness I was drunk, because otherwise it would have been a terrifying experience.

So what exactly did we have planned, you ask?? Before I tell you, there’s one thing you should probably know about my roommate: She is slightly obsessed with Beyonce. Also, we all really like to dance when we go out.. it’s always the main thing we base our going out destination on – can we dance there? So naturally, when Corrin stumbled across this article and the date happened to be reunion weekend, it seemed like fate.

Yes. We attended a Beyonce Twerkshop. And yes, all the twerking, booty popping, body rolling you are imagining – that happened. However… this article says you don’t need dance experience (I don’t think our alcohol fueled dancing counts as experience, unfortunately).. We were wrongly led. This class was hard. If I wasn’t drunk during the class, I would have hated every second. We couldn’t keep up with the teacher, they didn’t really explain the steps, they just did it and expected us to follow. So our corner of 9 girls were basically just making up our own things for an hour and a half. So there’s that.


Saturday night was fun, as always. We headed out to the bars after getting home and getting ready after the Twerkshop. We mainly stayed at one bar in Center City, but went across the street at the end of the night to see one of my friend’s friends who bartends at the bar.


It’s always a fun time being with these girls. It makes me wish we all lived closer together, but I wouldn’t trade these reunion weekends for anything. There is just something different about your college friends that is hard to describe, and I am so thankful for each of these girl’s friendship.


Sunday started out on the rough side for a few of us. I was up and cleaning the kitchen by 8am – going down to tortillas stuck to my counter wasn’t pleasant. Eventually we got our lives together and made it over to the stadiums to tailgate the Eagle’s game. Corrin had tickets to the game with her sister, so I just went to tailgate then took a Lyft back home. We only live about 2.5 miles from the stadiums and it’s a straight shot down one road – it’s pretty convenient.

I ran errands after tailgating, then parked myself on the couch and didn’t move until I moved up to my bed, at 8pm, where I am now typing this up.

Being a big introvert at heart, weekends like this really take a lot out of me. I get so physically and mentally drained after so much social interaction. My legs were swollen all day today, my face is all puffy, I’m physically so exhausted and I cannot wait to sleep. Laying on the couch all day was exactly what I needed. And now, I’m off to bed. Sorry for the lack of pictures – I was just enjoying being with my best friends and wasn’t too concerned about picture taking.

Happy Monday, everyone!


I’ve started to learn in my growing age (hahaha) that things can really get done when you’re motivated, have the time, and not hungover. I love a great a night out just as much as the rest of them, but this past weekend was damn near perfect and it didn’t include a night out at the bars. Corrin and I are preparing for a big weekend coming up, so we were in agreement that a chill weekend was definitely in the books. However, we did so much more than just “chill.”

Enter productivity.

Friday after work we made a trip to Trader Joe’s, which is always an adventure since the closest one to us is in Center City Philadelphia and always insane. Our plan was to take our time, pick out some good produce and food for this week, and maybe gather some new fun TJ finds. Plans changed when the line was wrapped around the store – literally. So, one person got in line and the other would gather the goods, then we would switch. The rest of the night was spent on the couch watching Amy Shumer stand up and a movie.

Saturday began our day of real productivity. It started with a run for me, then a walk with Corrin to a local dog shelter that she started volunteering for. We picked up a pup and took him to a park to run around for about an hour.



Next up: IKEA, Home Depot, and a few other errands before coming back home to meet with her friend who is an electrician – he came by to install our lights!

While back at home, we managed to install a rod in one of my closets and I hung a few shelves – finally my room is starting to come together.

IMG_7952 IMG_7957

My closet(s) have a long way to go, but it’s a start until her dad can come out and fix up the wall in one of the corners. For now, my clothes will still be staying in the guest room. Once the room is more complete, I will definitely share full pictures – for now, just pieces.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning, painting the basement steps, and then relaxing on the couch with another movie – I fell asleep at approximately 9pm on the couch.

Sunday started with a walk to get coffee with a few of Corrin’s friends from Crossfit. I was excited to meet some new people and get a little exercise in at the same time (and get coffee). By the time we got back, Corrin’s friend was at the house ready to finish up the electric work! Now we have living room lights and a front porch light.. it’s the little things.


While he worked and Corrin cleaned, I food prepped! On the menu: hardboiled eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, zoodles, and turkey meatballs.


Oh, and pre-portioned almonds for snacks. The turkey meatballs were delicious. I roughly followed this recipe I found on Pinterest, but threw in some spinach and some of my own spices.

Once all the hard work was done, we owed Brian dinner and some beers after all he did for us, so we walked over to a bar nearby to watch the football games. I thoroughly enjoyed a burger and fries – my biggest meal in 2 weeks since starting the 21 Day Fix, and didn’t regret one single bite.

The night ended with some candles in the fireplace, “watching” the Eagles game (aka sitting there on our phones and chatting), and then we headed to sleep early.


This going weekend is going to be so much fun – our college friends are coming to visit and we have a lot of fun activities planned. I can’t wait to see everyone all together again – it’s going to be one for the books!

Happy Monday, friends!

Thinking Out Loud

Hi friends! It’s Thursday which only means one thing around here – it’s time to link up with Amanda and other bloggers with a little Thinking Out Loud! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check it out here.


1. I should probably start a book of ridiculous things that happen in the hospital at work. Because I see some pretty ridiculous things. Point in case: Yesterday I walk in to a patient’s room and there is a dog next to her bed. Service dog – but a dog. No big deal, service dogs are intelligent, well-behaved, and know what they’re doing. Ahem… Most are intelligent, well-behaved, and know what they’re doing. This dog jumped on the patient; who was one day post back surgery and hadn’t been out of bed yet. Are you kidding me. It was a disaster and that dog was terrible. The end. (The patient was fine, btw)

2. Speaking of work, things are going well! I’m seeing nearly a full case load and have been on my own all week. It’s nice because I’m given the freedom of being solo, but my mentor is only a quick page away if I really need her for clarification on a protocol or if I’m not comfortable seeing a patient on my own (due to lines and tubes, mostly).

3. This weekend I have zero plans and I’m pretty excited about it. I feel like things have been go-go-go lately and I’m ready for a weekend to just relax and do whatever. I’m pretty over the bar scene and waking up feeling terrible, so a completely alcohol-less weekend would be amazing in my book.

4. I haven’t posted much about it (or at all really) on here, but my roommate and I are about a week and a half in to the 21 Day Fix. We both haven’t been feeling like our best selves lately and we wanted to do something about it. Our old roommate does it and sells the packages and convinced us to do it and so far we are both loving it. While we have had our little slip-ups and of course Halloween drinking cheat night – we each have lost a few pounds and overall feel less bloated and more comfortable. We don’t actually have the CDs of the workouts, but the diet was our biggest concern. Corrin has a back injury that’s limiting her from most physical activity and my neck issue was flaring up last week so workouts were slim – but it just goes to show how much diet > exercise effects weight loss. I’ve never been one to limit what I eat – but I’m getting to that age where my metabolism isn’t as quick as it used to be I guess, so I’m trying to be smarter and I needed a kickstart.

5. The other night I literally chased down the sunset in order to get these shots… It was absolutely incredible and no, there is no filter on any of these pictures.



I love it. I found a route that basically just takes me to this pier. It ends up being just under or just over 3.5 miles which is the perfect afternoon run.

6. Also, can we just talk about how amazing this weather is?! It’s November, right?! I ran after work yesterday and it was 71 degrees. I’ll take it!

7. I laced up the boots Tuesday night to play soccer with Corrin’s team and it felt so good. I played for them the week of my half marathon but didn’t do great cause I was mentally preserving my legs. This time it just felt so good to get back out there and I loved it. Once a new season starts up I’m definitely going to to join the team officially. I don’t really head the ball because of my neck issues so I like taking the free kicks; I had an assist and hit the post off of a few free kicks.. I’ve still got it, kind of.

8. I’m going to NYC to see all of my best friend in December and I can’t wait! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been to NYC, despite the fact that my best friend has lived there for over 3 years now. I’m so excited to see everyone together and in a new-to-me city!

9. Heading in to the holiday season, obviously working in a hospital made me nervous about my chances about going home. Fortunately, being a new employee and in my 90-day probation period I don’t have to work on the holidays. But, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are not considered holidays – and sick people can’t decide when they are and are not sick. So I will be at work those days. Meaning that I’ll be staying in Philly for Thanksgiving and driving home Christmas Eve night. not optimal – but that’s the real world.

Andddddd I think that’s all I’ve got for ya! Happy Thursday, y’all… It’s almost Fri-YAY!

2015 Hallo-Weekend

How was everyone’s Halloween weekend?! Mine was pretty fabulous so let’s jump right in to it!


My creepy weekend festivities started Thursday night with a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary. Unfamiliar? Check this out. According to Wikipedia, the jail was open from 1829-1971. It’s also known for holding Al Capone at one point in time.


It’s a pretty ridiculously awesome place architecturally. The haunted house was set up so that there were about 5 different rooms, or areas of the penitentiary, with different themes. My favorite was definitely the 3D area, where we were given 3D glasses and walked through a neon-covered, clown filled, Medusa haunting area. By far the best part of the night was how petrified my roommate was the entire time. I almost peed my pants laughing at how scared she was getting on multiple occasions. Below is an actual picture of the cell blocks that we walked through where actors were scaring us all night..


It was a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend!


Friday was a work day, obviously, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a little fun! My mentor brought in a good amount of Halloween gear for the PT crew to wear. She got a few of us shirts that were battery powered and lit up to the beat of music/noise whenever it was turned on. We couldn’t turn those on in the patient’s rooms – I’d rather not give anyone a seizure from my flashing t-shirt, thanks. Here is some of the rehab group that I’ve been with the past few weeks.


Friday evening was relaxed and consisted of a little pasta party at my roommate’s cousin’s place, as a few friends prepared for the Philly Rock’n’Roll Half on Saturday.


Halloween morning was going to start with a run, but my neck has been bothering me and I don’t want to flare it up like it’s been in the past so I skipped the run and walked about 3 miles with Corrin. College GameDay was happening in Independence Mall because of the Temple/ND game so we figured we would go check that out.

IMG_7908 IMG_7905

It was about 8am when we got down there and it was already pretty crowded with people continuing to pour in as we were leaving. We were in need of coffee so we didn’t stay long but it was cool to be able to check it out. T

The rest of the day was actually incredibly productive. We ran errands all morning which included a trip to Home Depot for more house things for Corrin. I painted and cleaned one of my closets (all my clothes are still in the guest room because my closets/the wall my closets are on aren’t finished yet.) The plan is to rip out and replace the door frame of one closet and put up sheet rock over the entire wall – we think there is a fireplace behind the wall and it was really poorly covered up, so it just needs some fixing up.

Eventually it was time to get ready to head to the party! Corrin’s friend had a big Halloween bash and it was so much fun. We spent the evening chatting and drinking and eventually ended up at the bar to dance the rest of the night away.


I ended up throwing together an outfit as a jazzercizer. I think it came together really well and loved the outcome! Corrin was Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and a few friends were Santa and a Christmas tree to match, ha!


I was happy to wake up Sunday morning not hungover, but through the day, the headache slowly started to come on. I was still pretty productive – I got some grocery shopping done, some food prepping and as I type this up on Sunday afternoon I am catching up on some TV. The rest of the night will consist of football watching and more food prepping.

I hope everyone had a fun-filled Halloween weekend! Happy Monday… I shall leave you with a a baby tiger in a swing… because, cuteness overload.


Tuesday Tunes

This past weekend was a good one, but I didn’t take many pictures so here’s the run down:

Halloween Costume Sneak Peak
  • Friday night, happy hour turned in to a happy night and some poor alcohol-fueled decisions which led to a lazy and hungover Saturday morning.
  • Saturday evening I headed to Corrin’s hometown for her family Halloween party. That was filled with lots of delicious food, pumpkin carving and kids running around like crazy. We were more than happy to be in bed by 11pm on Saturday night after Friday’s shenanigans.
  • Sunday started with a solid Nike Training Club workout – followed by some laziness, football watching and more pumpkin carving!
Lone pic taken Friday night – HAHA


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted some Tuesday Tunes. And since my life is pretty boring right now – consisting of mainly work, eating, working out and sleeping – I figure I would just throw some tunes at ya! For those who are new around here, Tuesday Tunes is just when I give you a few songs that I’ve been loving and running to recently.

First up… the Biebs. Yup. Who woulda thought I would blast Justin Bieber every time it comes on? I certainly didn’t. But his new song “Sorry” is a good one. Check it out! Don’t mind all the twerking and such in the dance video – haha!

And the next song I’m seriously loving right now is Avicii – Broken Arrows. Seriously, how can you get any more perfect than by mixing Avicii with Zac Brown!? Obsessed.

Last up: Olly Murs! Love me some Olly and this song just makes me want to dance.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!

Friday Favorite

I’ve been a bit MIA this week – things have been a little hectic, as I’ve just completed my first week as a DPT! I’ve had a lot of meetings, a lot of paperwork, a lot of training and a lot of generalized stress this week, but I’m happy to say that my first week went great!

Commute :)

Needless to say, that’s my favorite thing to share with you this Friday, so let’s chat about it!

For my job, I am what they call a “traveler”. Meaning that (once I am 100% trained and competent) I travel between their four main hospitals, outpatient facilities, and do home health visits. Until I am considered competent with everything, I am spending my time mentoring with a PT at one facility. Then eventually I will start going to other facilities to train and get to know the in’s and out’s. They do this so that they aren’t throwing us in blind – I’ll have a better idea of where to get supplies/where to go/how things work at every facility through this training process.

The fact that I have such a supportive mentor program is one thing that I love about this position so far. On Monday, it was obviously just an orientation type day. I observed a lot, got to play around with the computer systems, and just got a feel for how things are done at this facility. By Wednesday I was given my own patients to treat and document – with my mentor either in the room or close by if needed. I sort of feel like an advanced student, if that makes sense. I still have someone over my shoulder if I need, but overall, I’m on my own, which is comforting and nerve racking at the same time.

Sorry, took out last name and work place.

The people that I’m currently working with are great. They’ve been welcoming, helpful, and have pretty hilarious lunch time conversations. One issue that I have: I need to learn how to use a pager. Haha.

So far I’ve gotten up to treating about 5-6 patients of my own. My mentor is typically still right there with the more complicated patients, because again, I still don’t know all of the protocols and I’m still learning my way around the hospital. I also still have a lot of nerves built up! I haven’t touched a patient since August 7th – and that was in outpatient. I haven’t been in a hospital setting since before Costa Rica!

Overall though, I really think I’m going to like this job and I am so happy to working again. I am no doubt exhausted and stressed and so ready for the weekend, but I can’t wait to see where this new position takes me!