Online Dating: The Actual Date.


Or maybe not…

The nerves. Oohhh, the nerves. Its excitement too, but the nerves are just overflowing! What do I wear? How do I do my hair? What is he going to be wearing? How much should I have to drink? Ahhhhhh!

So you text your friends your 5 different outfits because you can’t decide and your roommate is gone at a soccer game and can’t help you now. You finally decide on the outfit. You’re hair is already curly – because you may have asked him if he prefers hair curly or straight. You may or may not crack open a beer to ease the nerves a bit – but then remember you’re a lightweight and probably shouldn’t drink a beer before you go get beers… so you drink half. You half heartedly watch Jeopardy as you impatiently wait for the time to call the Uber.

In the Uber your heart is pretty much pounding out of your chest because you have no idea what to expect. Will this be awkward? Will he look totally different than pictures? What if I trip walking up to him? Did I brush my teeth? OMG shut up, you’re fine. (Self-talk.)

So you see him standing on the corner when the Uber pulls up and you observe from a far. You cross the street, say hello, give a hug and the awkwardness just fades away…

Conversation comes easy. You chat for hours about anything and everything under the sun. Family. Work. College. Awkward years in middle school. You finish up the third beer and decide to walk a bit down South Street and continue the conversation at a different place. You grab seats at the bar, he orders you both another beer and the conversation just continues to flow. Maybe you get a little flirty. You make sure your knees are touching, just enough so that he knows its there.

And before you know it, it’s almost midnight on a Tuesday. He walks with you down South Street, closer to your house and further away from his house, to Broad to pick up a cab easier. Maybe he reaches for your hand on the walk, maybe he keeps his distance. Maybe, you think, this couldn’t be going any more perfectly.

So he hails you a cab, says goodnight, and off you go towards home.

And there. You survived your first date. And you’ve already set a second one…

& Hello, Philadelphia.

Well, I’m all moved in and am ready to start this new chapter in my life! It feels really good to be settled in and hopefully be back on a schedule once I start working (hopefully next week).

Best sister in law ever… And brother.

On Friday, my mom and I drove up to Philly in a big old nor’easter. It rained the entire time that we loaded the car, the entire drive up, the entire time we unloaded the car, and all the while we were out running errands. It was absolutely miserable. All I wanted to do was to lay in bed, Netflix & chill, all day. But I only had my mom up there with me for the day, so I wanted to take advantage of her being there to help… And maybe pay for a few things ;-).

Out street was a hot mess because of the crazy wind and rain…


Here are a few progress pictures of my room! I am in the works of thinking of something for above my bed –  can’t decide on artwork with shelves around it, or making a headboard, or just shelves and pictures?! I’m so indecisive but it definitely needs some love cause it is so bare.


So funny story about this bed…


It took 2 attempts, three people, maybe some tears, definitely some anger, bending it about 45 degrees, and full squats with it on our shoulders to get it up the steps. Our steps are very narrow.


It’s a 100+ year old home.. what do you expect? I was NOT happy when we failed the first time. So we ate dinner, and I was determined to get it up, and here it is! Corrin being the model, obvs.


My vanity area is coming along. I found this lamp at Marshall’s when we were out and about in the rain and I loved how tall and skinny it was. The mirror will be going up on the wall, and I am currently on the look out for some sort of chair or stool for the vanity.


Not a lot of my artwork and pictures are up yet, so for now I just have them laying on my bookshelf and dresser. Here is my little Maryland corner, for now.

Saturday the weather was a bit nicer, so my mom and I went exploring. It was definitely cold and super windy, but she had never been to Philadelphia before and I wanted to show her around…

We hit the liberty bell…


She met the pope…


And of course, Love Park.


Which was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – it was awesome!

We also walked around Reading Terminal Market which was super packed, but I will definitely need to go back when I have more time to explore all of the food options!

We headed back down to Maryland to drop off the rental car off and prepare for B’s first birthday party on Sunday!

Sunday morning started bright dark and early for me, as I set off on my long run. The rain and cold really messed with my schedule but I knew I needed to get a decent amount of miles in. I didn’t make the 12 I was supposed to do, but I’m okay with it. I finished 10 at a 10:45 pace which felt pretty good. Then it was time to celebrate B!


Again, the rain altered plans a bit – his party was supposed to be on a farm with a hay ride and pumpkin picking – but with the rain and cold, my sister decided against it and made a last minute switch to have it at her house. She did a great job decorating with all things fall, had a little pumpkin decorating for the older kids to do, and we had lots of yummy fall treats! Sunday ended with a dinner with Freddy down in Arlington.

And now that brings me here, to my couch in my living room in Philadelphia.

Here’s to new adventures in a new city!

Bye, Maryland.

It’s my final Thursday living in the DMV. I’ve been doing some fun things, doing a lot of lazing around, and just embracing my last few weeks left here. Here’s what I’ve been up to, with a little Thinking Out Loud.

1. I went out to dinner with my sister and mom to celebrate getting  a job and the big move. We chose Cava Mezze which is one of my favorite places ever. We drank a bottle of wine, enjoyed each others company and just chatted about what’s to come.

Sister and I :-)
Riesling, mini gyros and all the pitas you can eat.

2. I briefly told you about my 11 miler last week, about how it felt great. Well, I think I have one reason why it felt so good…


I think that the Vega pre-workout definitely did it’s job! I felt like I could run forever. Again, I was going about a minute slower average mile pace than I would like to finish the race, but it just felt so good. Honestly, it tasted like vomit, but just plug your nose and chug – ready, set, GO!

3. Any advice on proteins?? I’ve been trying out the Vega – the sport I only use for after long runs, but have been using their other normal ones as breakfast meal replacements. I’m looking to slim down once I finish this half – I’m uncomfortable and would really like to get back to my comfortable weight. My roommate and I have been researching a lot but I will take any and all suggestions from you all!

4. My sister wanted to hit the outlets and who am I to say no to that?! We headed up to Hagerstown last weekend and I grabbed a few good deals! I ended up with a sweater and dressy shirt from NY&C, a shirt from Gap, and snagged a great deal on this Fossil watch!


It was originally $120 and I got it for $47! I love the turquoise face and rose gold color.

5. I took a walk up to the lake earlier this week and just sat by the docks taking it all in. It’s gonna be weird not having that in my back yard anymore. I’m sure I’ll find  a new go-to place to go in Philly, but I sure am going to miss this view…


6. I’ve hung out with this ONE year old a bunch the past few days and I just cannot get enough of him…



I just love him. Love, love, love, love him. And I cannot believe that he is one year old. Happy Belated Birthday B-Mack. You are the best little boy, ever.


7. A few days ago I went down in to DC to explore the National Arboretum. It totally would have been cooler if everything wasn’t dying, it wasn’t cold, and the rain wasn’t threatening to pour on us. But we did see the Capitol Columns which was pretty awesome…

IMG_7571 IMG_7568

These columns were persevered from the original Capitol building and brought here. It was a really cool thing to see, but the pictures online of it during the spring/summer looked even better. Still – it was a fun day!

8. And now, here I am. Tomorrow, I move to Philadelphia. And I am so ready for this. I cannot wait to live with one of my best friends and get started on this journey.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting in the next few days – but you know I’ll keep you posted about how the move goes. Happy Thursday, y’all. Enjoy the wet and rainy weekend!

Online Dating: What Now?

You can see my first post about online dating here. Now we continue on the thread today with the topic of: Okay, so you found a few guys that sound interesting, you’ve messaged back and forth and you aren’t totally creeped out by them. So now what?

  • They ask for your number, or offer there own number…
    • Of course you’re thinking, am I really about to give my phone number to someone that I’ve never met in person and I’ve had maybe 10-15 interactions with through messages over the course of 3 days?
      • You weigh the pros and cons:
        • Pros: You don’t have to keep pulling up this damn site in order to see what this guy just said, it’s way easier.
        • Cons: This guy could possibly be a serial killer.
      • You figure, hey, it’s just your number. You can block his number if he gets creepy, you can choose to not respond if things get weird, whatever.
      • And hey, you never know, this guy might actually turn out who he says he is and be pretty awesome.
    • So you give your number to them and/or text them. You see where things go.
      • Do you have to initiate every interaction? Is conversation flowing easy? Do you feel that your personalities clash or complement each other?
  • Okay, so, they’re creepier than the first impression implied…
    • Stop texting them. Simple as that.
  • So you keep looking. Keep ignoring those creepy messages (refer to the first post), saying no to the guys with shirtless mirror selfies, screenshotting and sending hilarious things to your roommate.
  • Then another one seems okay… Okay, this guy really isn’t so bad.
    • In fact, he seems fairly normal and you could totally picture yourself grabbing a drink with him and continuing this conversation face to face.
    • So he makes the move after about 3 days of texting… He asks if he can take you out.
      • Key pieces to remember:
        • Do not, in any circumstance, go to this man’s home. This is common sense, but some people are kind of idiots.
        • Meet at a public place, tell someone where you’re going to be and what time you’re going. Again, to me, common sense, but again, some people are dumb.
  • You continue to stalk these other profiles but begin to realize how silly all of this really is. What can really come out of this online thing? Like, really?
  • But then, the date is set. 
    • Hopefully he picks the place, because you’re brand new to the area and you have no idea where anything is in this town. Do you take a cab? Does he pick you up? (Second thought, no, not sure I want him to know where I live quite yet..) So you decide to definitely take a cab.

What happens once you meet?! What if he looks nothing like his picture? What if he’s incredibly awkward in person and only awesome through the phone?

But then again, what if he’s just as awesome as he’s seemed? Stay tuned to find out…

Running Confessions

Runners are an awkward breed. Everyone has their own things that they do that sets them apart from the pack, but for the most part – and we’ll admit it – we are a bit looney. On my 11-miler this weekend, I had a lot of time to think about a few things that make me just another one of those looney runners. And I don’t hate it. But here are my Running Confessions.


  1. I’m that runner that needs to set out everything the night before a long run or race. I’m talking clothes, I’m talking fuel packed in the SpiBelt, I’m talking breakfast laid out on the counter.
  2. I’m that runner that needs to know a few days in advance when I will be doing my long run. I can’t just decide the day before that my 11 miler is happening tomorrow. That just doesn’t work for me. I need to mentally prepare myself for the long run/race. I need to fuel the day before and make sure I’m hydrated – because I know that I won’t feel right if I don’t.
  3. That being said: I’m that runner that hates people who can up and run 10 miles on whim. I wish I could do that. I wish I could not be in training and just go and run 10 miles without dying. But I would be crawling by the end without fuel and training
  4. I’m that runner who changes my gait pattern throughout a run based on how my legs feel. This may be due to my PT background and because I have the knowledge to adjust my mechanics to decrease pains that I’m feeling. This is actually beneficial I guess, but
  5. I’m that runner that read articles about running. And I’ll read things, then Google the topic to find supporting evidence. I don’t always listen to what the article is saying, but it’s always good to know whats out there.
  6. I’m a slow runner. This one took me a long, very long, time, to accept. I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Sports have always been “my thing”. And it took me a long time to realize that running, while it is a part of all of my sports I played, is a totally different sport on its own. I found myself getting upset when I would see people who looked “unathletic” running faster than me. (I know, that’s extremely shallow of me, but this is a #nojudgementzone right?). Now I embrace my runs and work towards being better than the runner I was last week. That’s what it’s all about anyways, right? It just took me 4 rounds of training for half marathons to get there.
  7. Speaking of being slow, I’ve learned to listen to my body on long runs. When I push it up a hill and I’m breathing heavy, I slow it down for a few minutes until my breathing settles. I like to take the conversational pace with most long runs and really hone in on my breathing. I’ve stopped looking at my times and stopped paying attention to my pace.
    • My run Saturday was the best run I’ve had in awhile. I didn’t feel fatigued until Mile 8 of 11 and I took it nice and comfortable. I finished 11.03 miles at an average pace of 11:15. And that’s okay with me. Last year when I trained for the OC Half that I PR’ed – my training runs were never faster than 10:15 average pace. Know what I did on race day? 9:33 pace. Yep.
  8. I’m that runner that lives in compression socks/sleeves. I think it’s honestly a mental game at this point – but they sure do make my legs feel amazing! Not only do I wear them the day before a race, during the race, and after for recovery… I actually wear them to work sometimes when I’m in the hospital. I’m on my feet pretty much the entire work day minus lunch, and I have pretty poor venous return when I’m on my feet, so the compression socks help with that a ton.
    • Yes, I have worn them to the grocery store/out running errands.
  9. I’m that runner that would sleep with my foam roller if that wasn’t a weird thing to do. I lay on that thing to stretch out my back and chest, I roll out my ITBs and adductors and calves. It’s just an amazingly simple creation that can make you feel so much pain and feel so good at the same time.
  10. I’m that runner that talks about running a lot. I Instagram my runs. I let people know that I’m walking funny through these outlets because I ran 11 miles this morning (that happened Saturday). I tell my friends about my runs – my runner friends, because they get it.
  11. I’m that runner that gets serious runger and will eat all the things. Because it’s okay, I’ll run it off later. (This is the worst lie I tell myself and once this half marathon is over, Skinny Sam will be back!)
  12. I’m that runner that would rather spend $100 on new running shoes than on any other shoes. The same goes with running clothes. Running gear > all over clothing. Let’s be honest.

And there you have it. Twelve of my confessions of being a runner.

What are some of your running confessions?!

Online Dating: What Not To Do

Now that I don’t have school dragging me down and keeping me stressed, I actually have time to myself and time to get out in to the dating scene. Say what?! Yeah I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve brought that up on here, ha. I’ve had my random guys here and there (Not like that, you guys, come on now!); but nothing serious since my last relationship ended. I’ve been loving the single life and am truly not looking for anything super serious at the moment, but dating can be fun (maybe?) so I thought I’d get with the times and give the online dating scene a shot. Because, why not and what do I have to lose?!

Especially with moving to a new city, it’s hard to meet people unless its through work or through my roommate. My roommate decided to give it a shot too, so it’s been fun and hilarious trying it out together and sharing stories. Here are a few things that we have discovered are a definite turn off when looking through profiles and receiving messages:

  • People who abbreviate conversation starters. For example “GM..”. My response to that: Were you too lazy to type out Good Morning, or are you concerned about the well being of General Motors?”
  • People’s who username have “nice guy” in it.
    • Along with that: “(insert professional sports team name here) superbowl2016/worldseries2016”, particularly if your team is horrible.
    • Also: names that have “papi” in it.
  • Education level: High school. – Notice how mine says “Doctorate”, yes, keep moving.
  • People who’s only pictures are bathroom selfies, extreme close ups of their face, or half naked pictures.
  • Any references to 50 Shades – just, no.
  • People who have pictures of their cars in their profile. I don’t care that you drive a large truck… What are you compensating for?
  • I’m sorry, but messaging me “You’re sexy”, is not a compliment. And I will not respond.
  • Poor grammar in your headline. Your, you’re. Learn the difference. Also their, there, and they’re.
  • Asking me questions about things that are written – quite plainly – in my profile. You can just tell me that you like my face and that’s why you messaged me. I can tell you didn’t read the profile.
  • Why is every single one of your pictures with an attractive female? Because that doesn’t make me think you’re a man-wh*re at all…
  • Me not responding to your creepy message is not “playing hard to get”. You’re creepy. I don’t like you.
  • “Pet names” are not okay. I am not your baby, I am not your ‘mami’, I am not your love, and I am not your sweetie.
  • If you see the age difference is more than 15 years – do you REALLY think we will respond?!
    • I’m looking at you Mr. 50-year-old “Oh baby” messengers!

This is not even close to all of the things that I could have included here – but it’s a start. If you do any of these things, I guarantee it is not helping your chances.

I’m feeling like this should be a new series that I keep up. The Adventures of Online Dating. Yep, that’s gonna happen. So stay tuned for more laughs!

It’s Time

So a few days ago we chatted about how I anxious and nervous I am about this big change in my life happening. In less than two weeks I will be moving to a new city, in a new state, to live with one of my best friends…


Well I have some great news:

I got a job!

Last week, I was offered the position that I really wanted and I could not be more excited. I think that this definitely helped ease some of the stress that I was having and made me more excited about taking this big step. The more that I talk to others about it, the more anxious I get to actually move up there and begin this new stage in my life! I know it’s going to be so good for me and I know it’s something that I needed to do.

With that said… I have a little less than 2 weeks left in the DMV – the place I’ve called home for 26.5 years (and will always call home). I have literally nothing to do the next 2 weeks. All my friends are working, I have no one to hang out with, but I want to do things! So I’ve begun to look up some things that I can do in the DC area for free and/or cheap. Here are some things I’ve been looking at:

  • Checking out Gravelly Point Park – Because who doesn’t want to lay in a field and watch airplanes take off and land directly above you.
  • Smithsonian Museums – One of my favorite things about DC is that all of the incredible museums are free. I’ve been to all of them a few times each, probably. But it doesn’t hurt to check out history again.
  • Hiking! – There are SO many areas to hike in the area: Billy Goat Trail, Rock Creek Park, Sugarloaf Mountain, Mt. Vernon Trail, etc. Unfortunately, hiking is not the safest activity to do solo.
  • SUP or Kayaking under the Key Bridge – This has been on my bucket list for awhile now; but again, like the hiking, this one would be pretty boring to do alone. (And possibly dangerous?!)
  • Exploring Georgetown – Sure, I’ve been to Georgetown a few times, but mainly I had a purpose of going and I did what I needed to do then left. Plus, I could go to Georgetown Cupcake and Sprinkles. :)
  • National Harbor Ferris Wheel – I think the actual Ferris Wheel ride is pretty pricey, but it’s so pretty down on the Harbor. There is also kayaking and SUP down here too! Also, they have outlet shopping.
  • A “new-to-me” attraction that I honestly didn’t know existed: The National Arboretum – This is pretty much a huge garden/forest/nature walk in the middle of DC. It is 446 acres and has 9 miles of roadways that connect all of the gardens… I feel like a run through this may have to happen.
  • Being a tourist – It honestly never gets old to me to just walk around the monuments in DC. One thing on my bucket list that I do want to do is seeing the sunrise from the Lincoln Memorial.

So, who in the DC area wants to come with me to do all of these things?! I’m 100% serious here, people. Help me make the most out of my last few weeks here!