Just starting out…

Hello!  I’m Samantha. I am brand new to the blog world. Let’s see how this goes!

This is me….

I’m the one on the left, of course. That handsome man on the right would be the boyfriend, Tyler. We can save him for another day. 🙂

Mainly, I am going to use this blog to organize my thoughts, talk about my progress through physical therapy school and just chat about how I manage working out, school, and fun activities. Let’s start out with where I am in school…

I am in my first semester of my first year of physical therapy school. So far, it is everything that everyone has told me it will be, HARDWORK. The work is nonstop; homework never stops and there is always something that I could be doing. BUT… I am absolutely loving it so far. This first semester we are taking Pathophysiology (Diseases and pharmacology), Clinical Neuroscience, and Health Care Delivery. I would have to say my favorite class is Neuro; the brain and nervous system are an incredibly important part of the body (obviously) and it’s amazing to me how it all works. Patho has been a little bit harder for me; while the content seems more straight forward, the tests so far have proven to be more broad and I just can’t seem to catch on to how we will be tested on the subjects. Healthcare delivery on the other hand has been our “relaxing” class. While we have no tests in this class, we discuss all the ins and outs of, well, health care delivery. We have an 8-10 page paper due on Tuesday for this class (I think I am the only one finished with mine, haza!), and we have random group assignments that go along with what we are discussing in class. It’s a good break from the constant studying of Patho and Neuro.

I am actually in the middle of  “hell week” right now and today is my one day of a study break. We just had our second patho exam today, our third neuro exam is next week, and as I said earlier, our healthcare paper is due on Tuesday. According to the second years and teachers, this is the worst time of year when everyone gets stressed out, and we are seriously feeling the heat. After this coming week, we only have about three weeks left of classes until final exams. It’s going to be a tough few weeks, but I am hoping they go by fast!

I think this is enough for today… Until next time!


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