Hello! So let’s rewind to Friday. I went to school and took my exam (let’s just say I was the first one done, not sure if that is a good or bad thing….). After my test I went straight home and to the gym; it had been a long week or two of studying and to say I was slacking in the workout department would be an understatement. I recently rejoined a gym in town to help encourage myself to go. With the weather becoming cold and a half marathon to train for in March, there was just no way I would train when it is 30 degrees outside! But I digress… after the gym, I headed home to get ready for the Timeflies concert I mentioned in my previous post. Me and Tyler headed down a little early to grab a bite to eat (and some drinks). We arrived at the concert before our friends so we just hung out and observed all of the high schoolers walking around in hardly any clothing. It was definitely amusing seeing these girls in such little clothing, but I think it was more shocking and disturbing. I couldn’t believe that parents let their children (we’re talking 13-16 year olds, if not younger) walk out of the house with such little on. But, not my children, not my problem. Anyways. The concert was so much fun! It was so good to see great friends again and listen to some great music. They were even better in concert than I expected.

 Sorry for the blurry pictures! To the left is me and Sarah and to the right is me and Tyler!
And below is Cal and Rez from Timeflies just doing their thing. So much love for these two guys. 
After the concert me and Tyler just headed back home and crashed, we were exhausted! Saturday consisted of a lot of lounging around watching college football. Today is going to be pretty much the same plan. I already hit the gym, got a haircut and got some shopping in! Now time for the SKINS game and football all day. Have a good Sunday!


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