I have been seriously slacking on updating this blog. However, seeing as how the purpose is to discuss my balance between school and having a life, it seems okay to slack off during winter break.

So since Christmas, I have really just been enjoying spending as much time as possible with family, friends, and the boyfriend before I head back to school next week.
Since high school, me and some of my best friends have started a little bit of a tradition…
Gingerbread houses! I forget exactly when we started it, but over the years it’s just been tradition to get together sometime around Christmas and make gingerbread houses, drink some wine and catch up. It was so much fun, especially since one of my best friends, Hana, now lives in New York and we don’t see her often.
Here is us with our finished products! We missed Chelsea this year, but next year all four of us will hopefully be able to get together and do it! I’m really glad that even though we don’t see each other often with our hectic schedules, these girls are always there for me and we pick up right where we left off every time we get together. We did get a chance to go out together after New Years and hit up some bars. Love these girls!
Now for New Years. Personally, I think New Years is the most overrated holiday ever. It’s another reason to spend a lot of money and drink a lot. And plans are never made until basically the day of (which is one of my biggest pet peeves). I am the type of person that enjoys when things are planned in advance, and when things are changed last minute, especially if they inconvenience me, I get so annoyed. So all in all, New Years is my least favorite “holiday”. This year, Tyler had to work on the morning of New Years Day, so we actually spent a nice quiet night in with some board games and champagne. It was perfect. My ideal New Year’s Eve night would be having a group of very close friends over for dinner/appetizers and some drinks. Good people, good conversations, good fun. I don’t need to spend $150 on a ticket to a party to have a good time.
This past weekend was Tyler’s birthday weekend! The big 2-5. We spent Saturday night at dinner with his family at Uncle Julios. (Their veggie fajitas… oh em gee.) Sunday was spent watching football with a lot of friends and snacks! We had sliders, meatballs, wings, and amazing buffalo chicken dip made by Tyler’s sister. A bunch of his friends made their way over to his house to watch the Redskins vs Seahawks game. While the Redskins didn’t do as well as some of us had hoped, I think he had a pretty good birthday weekend. I loved being able to spend a lot time with him before I have to get back in to the swing of school work.
I’ll finish out with how my half marathon training is going. Thankfully, my cold I think has finally been kicked to the curb and my cough is nearly gone! It has been pretty chilly outside so I am continuing to run a few times a week at the gym, but when the weather permits I try and get outside (while bundled up of course) and get my miles in. I am about 9.5 weeks away from the half and I think I am doing pretty well with training. I don’t think I am at the level I was at for my last half, but hopefully my body holds up and I will get there. I am comfortably running 4-5 miles so I think that is a good place to be.
I head back to school next Monday unfortunately. I need to be productive and get ready for classes to start back up. I’ll post again soon about the upcoming semester!

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