Back to School

Slacking again, sorry. I’m hoping once I get a good schedule going I can blog more about how school is progressing and how my workouts are going. I just finished my second week back at school; and let me tell you, it is HARD to get back in to the swing of things after having a month off. Summer break is going to be a killer.

Since I’ve written last, I have celebrated my birthday. 24! Unfortunately, it fell on the Wednesday of the first week of class, so not a lot of celebrations happened. I went over to my sisters and had cake with two of my favorite boys, my nephews. (And my sister and her husband and my mom)

Here is Carson helping me blow out my candles! My sister hates this picture because he looks so old and I agree, it seems he is 4 going on 10 sometimes.
I had big plans for birthday weekend celebrations, but apparently my body had other ideas. By Friday I was officially sick. This was unfortunate because I was planning on heading up to Baltimore to visit one of my roommates from college, Brionna, and meet up with our other roommates Noel and Shannon. I still made my way up to hang out with some of my best girls, but didn’t stay long because I felt awful. It was still so good to see them and even though we don’t see each other often, it always feels like we never left each other when we hang out! 
Saturday night I headed out to dinner with my whole family and Tyler. It was nothing fancy but it was good to spend time with my family on my birthday weekend. We came back to my house for cake and the Caps game after dinner :).

Sunday me and my friends from home planned a brunch in DC. I wasn’t feeling much better so I didn’t participate in the all you can drink mimosa deal, but it was a beautiful day and I had so much fun.

Me, Bianca, Hana and Chelsea!
Me and Tyler

Luckily, I had Monday and Tuesday off from school to help me recover from my cold and let the antibiotics do some work! Overall it was not the birthday weekend I planned, but I spent time with the people I love most and I would call that a successful weekend!

Second Semester Year One
This semester is actually pretty fun; so the second years have told us. We are taking Gross Anatomy, Foundations (basically Kinesiology) and a research class. Although I’ve taken both Anatomy and Kinesiology in undergraduate studies, these classes are on a whole new level. To start, we are doing a cadaver lab in Anatomy. Yes, you heard me right, cadaver. As in a human body that has been preserved for our learning pleasure. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it at first, seeing as how the thought of hospitals makes me light headed. But once we got started, it wasn’t as bad as expected. We go once a week for class, but as we get further into our semester we can go whenever we want to study our dissected work. Foundations lab so far has been so fun, mostly because we are actually doing hands-on PT things, not just sticking our nose in a book. We started off with practicing transfers, and this last lab we worked on prescribing assistive devices and showing “patients” how to correctly use the device. So far, I am loving it.

Another cool thing about this semester is that we start our clinic placements. We do a half day, four hour, schedule at a clinic in the area. Unfortunately, I was unable to be placed at a clinic close to where I live, however, the fact that the office is the official Orthopedic and Physical Therapy partner with the Washington Redskins quickly dispersed my frustration with having to drive 45 minutes to an hour to get there. While I don’t think I will see any players, it will still be a great experience and possibly a chance to meet professionals in the Sports Medicine world that could help me out in the future. The PT that I will be working with has a main interest in manual therapy and recently got certified to perform trigger point dry needling. I’m looking forward to getting started with her and further my clinic experience.

Half Marathon Training
So as I mentioned earlier, I was sick with a pretty bad cold last week which set me back in my training. With an upper respiratory infection and slight bronchitis, along with this ridiculously cold weather we’ve been having, running was just not an option. I knew that if I wanted to get better, I had to rest as much as possible. Thankfully, just a week later I am feeling 90% better and am hoping to jump right back in to my plan. I am hoping to get 6 miles in tomorrow and pick up right where I left off. I am only 7 weeks away from the race now and I am getting so nervous.

I have never been a good runner. I think once I stopped playing competitive soccer, running became new to me in a different way. It was less about training for soccer, speed and agility, and more about me trying to better myself, relieve stress, and just see how far I can go. Training for a half is amazing because in the beginning of training you think, “I can barely run 3 miles right now, how am I going to do 10.1 more on top of that?” then by the end you are running 9-10 miles without stopping. It truly does just make you feel so good about yourself.

I am proud to say that one of my best friends just signed up for her first half marathon. Running a half is a big choice to make and an even bigger accomplishment when you finish it; even if you feel like you never want to run again directly afterwards. She had wanted to do the Rock and Roll with me, but by the time she went to sign up, the price had gone up to a ridiculous price. I wish Chelsea the best of luck in her training and I hope she knows if she needs a partner for those last weeks of training with long runs, I am here to be a running partner!

Weekly updates are going to be my goal for now for the blog until I get a good schedule going now that school has started back up. We’ll see how that goes…


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