Valentine’s Day

Hey y’all! Just a quick little post before I begin my all day study sesh.

So we had our first practical in cadaver lab yesterday. It was only a quiz with 10 questions just to get us familiar with what to expect in the future on our bigger practicals. The problem is, this quiz was still worth the same percentage as our other exams (10% of our grade). I did fairly well, but it is definitely scary knowing that if you get two wrong, you are already at a B. This coming week we have our first Foundations written exam and practical exam and that is what I will be studying all weekend and in to next week. Luckily, our teacher kind of gave us a heads up on what to expect in both the practical and written so I sort of know how I want to study. We well see how it goes!

Valentine’s Day
So, I’ve never really been a big V-Day type of girl. Obviously when I wasn’t in a relationship it meant even less to me (Happy Single Awareness Day!); but even with this being me and Tyler’s third Valentine’s Day together, I still don’t see a reason why I need a specific day to tell him how much he means to me. It doesn’t help that Christmas and both of our birthdays hit right before V-Day so we are spending money pretty much three months straight. Despite our mutual feeling for the “holiday”, we always like to celebrate a little. Our first Valentine’s together, I was still in school and he had already graduated. For at least a month he had been telling me that he wished he could come down but couldn’t due to family events occurring the same weekend. To my amazing surprise (and my roommate was in on it), as I was out to lunch I get a picture from him of a rose on my bed. It was definitely a huge surprise and it was the sweetest thing ever. This year, he is actually flying out to California to visit a friend on Valentine’s Day. He made sure to check with me that this was okay, and of course I don’t mind at all. So we are celebrating tomorrow with dinner and a movie.

I’m hoping he doesn’t read this (which I don’t think he does) but I’m going to show you what I made him. Again, we don’t make a big deal out of this holiday, so I decided to make his gift. I’m sure you all have seen this a million times on Pinterest and other blogger sites…

I know, it’s not original, but I had so much fun making it and I can’t wait to give it to him. At first I was thinking, “52 things?! How am I going to think of 52 things.” But it really came easy once I got in to it and I definitely could have added more than 52 if I had another deck of cards. Here are a few samples of what the cards say on them….
Those who don’t know Tyler, probably would never guess that if he could choose his perfect day, it would consist of playing computer games and video games. I’m talking World of Warcraft computer games. But that is one of the things that I would never change about him because it makes him who he is; a nerd at heart, but a jock in the flesh. 
When school starts to stress me out (which is often), I get incredibly moody. I get annoyed easily and will get mad for no reason. Luckily, Tyler keeps my head level in times like those and calms me down.
Seriously, I could be in the worst mood ever and this kid could put a smile on my face.

So there you have it! My Valentine’s gift this year. I put pictures on probably about half of the cards and the others just have the reason on them. I am really hoping that he loves this as much as I do!
Off to start studying. Happy Valentine’s (or Anti-Valentine’s) Week!


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