First Practical

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So Tyler is now in California visiting a friend, but he still found a way to show me a little love today.

After such a long day, as well as my first Foundations written exam and practical, this was a pretty great surprise to come home to. We already celebrated on Sunday with dinner at Bonefish Grill and a movie. It was simple and perfect. He loved his cards that I put together for him and I am so happy that I took the time to put it together. I also got him a cardigan (his new found clothing obsession), as well as a few ties. Nothing too big but just a little something to keep him looking fresh ;). He absolutely spoiled me. Along with these beautiful roses, Tyler surprised me with this…
Yep, he got me amazing seats at a Washington Capital’s game! I have never been to a game but have heard they are so much fun. Our seats are directly behind the bench and I am so excited to go. It should be a great night 🙂
About my exams. The written test was basically what I was expecting, just a little tougher. The short answer questions were tough and really made you think. Half the test I just wanted to stand up and move just to make sure I was understanding the concepts all the way. As a fast test taker, this test definitely slowed me down a bit but I was still the first one finished. With our practical, it was pretty laid back but I forgot a few minor things that I kicked myself for once my professor started talking to me when I was done. I also didn’t read the scenario thoroughly enough and had her get in to the wrong position at first. I think overall though the two tests went fairly well. I did my best and that is all that I can do. 
Because we have no tests next week and some time to relax (relax? In grad school? Yeah, sometimes you get that chance…), I am planning on staying around tomorrow and going out with my class! I am pretty excited because I have only been out with them a few times. Living 45 minutes away just doesn’t make things easy for me. But since I have time tonight, I will be packing things and planning to stay the night tomorrow and let loose a bit.
Quick update on my training! The half is now nearly four weeks away, so scary. I am definitely not where I was at this point last year but I am okay with it. Tuesday we had beautiful weather; okay, it was like 50 but for February in DC, that is beautiful. The weather encouraged me to just go on a run and calm my mind before buckling down and studying more. I ended up doing seven miles. I felt great; up until about mile 5.5-6 when I started getting similar hip pains that I used to get in high school. I knew this was because of all the pushing and pulling we have been doing on each other in class. So I’m letting my body settle back down and limiting the time I spend being demonstrated on in class. 
That’s that. The rest of tonight is consisting of dinner with the family, catching up on TV shows and getting to bed early!


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