Relaxation Station

Happy Saturday!

So our Foundations teacher is no joke; she finished grading our tests in less than 24 hours! We were in cadaver lab when word spread that grades were up and you could feel tension start to rise a bit. The range that she gave us with the high-low scores was much wider than we as a class are used to. The average was also a bit lower than we were accomplishing in classes last semester. I, of course, had to immediately take a break and go check my scores. I got above average on the written and nearly perfect on the practical! I am extremely happy with these grades, as this was by far our hardest exam so far in PT school. The application process is just completely different than memorizing and spitting info back on to a paper. All in all, I am satisfied but definitely want to work harder to get a better grade on the next written exam.

After lab, we were starving and ready to find a place to grab lunch in the area. One of my classmates recently bought a Groupon for a burrito place called Boloco. It’s similar to Chipotle, but they make the burrito/burrito bowl in the back. There are multiple choices to pick from; from traditional Mexican to Buffalo to Thai style burritos. I ended up choosing “The Summer”, which consisted of rice, black beans, mango salsa, and my choice of protein (I chose pork). I was extremely pleased with my decision and I actually had enough to save and eat for dinner later! Also, it was so cheap! I don’t know if there was a special going on that I didn’t know about but my bowl and a drink was $5.00. There is one a little closer to home so I will definitely have to go there again and try different things!

It was such a beautiful day out in DC yesterday so we decided to walk around a bit before heading back to school on the Metro. We ended up walking down to Georgetown and making a pit stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes. There were so many options but I finally settled on the Salted Caramel cupcake. It was AMAZING.

It was a great choice. I also sampled some of my friends choices, Red Velvet and Chai Tea; delicious. While we were leaving, I spotted a Nike store down the street. I had to turn around and walk in the opposite direction because it would be extremely dangerous for me to go in there. I have a slight obsession with everything and anything Nike and Under Armour. I love work out clothes and if I had money to spend freely then my entire wardrobe would consist of all Nike and UA. 
We eventually made our way back to the Metro and back to school. I grabbed my car and headed over to a classmates house to hang out until it was time to go out with everyone! I am extremely lucky to have great people in my class that don’t mind me hanging around in times like that. I live 45 minutes away from school so it just doesn’t make sense for me to go home just to come back later. 
Last night was one of the funnest nights that I have had with my class. I don’t generally go out with them just because it is so inconvenient, but since we don’t have tests this coming week and Tyler is away for the weekend I figured it would be a perfect weekend to join in the festivities! It was one girl’s birthday so all of us headed to her house and played games before heading out to the bars and dancing the night away. Let’s just say we know how to study hard and play hard. It was a great night of laughs and dancing.
Yesterday after lunch and cupcakes, I ended up going on a light four mile run with one of the girls in my class who is running the half. The path we took was basically all hills and I was not prepared for that! I have hills around me but not as up and down like the Custis Trail. I was definitely struggling slightly, but it was good to get out and sweat a bit.
With the walk around Foggy Bottom and Georgetown, the run with Rebecca, and then my awesome dance moves all night, my Fitbit tracked a total of 21,000+ steps taken and 10.33 miles traveled yesterday. I love seeing the differences in my days with my Fitbit. It resets at midnight and when I woke up today I had already taken 7,000 steps (strictly dancing and walking to the Metro, haha). But that’s probably a good thing because today consisted of a lot of naps and being lazy.
Although my calves are feeling the heat of all those hills, I am going to attempt a 9 mile run tomorrow. I planned out a 4.5 mile loop around my house and I am going to run that twice. I like this idea because if for whatever reason my body decides to fight back and I can’t continue my run, I can come home faster. This past Tuesday with my 6-7 mile run, I was still 2 miles from home when my hip pain started pretty bad. So hopefully with this loop I mapped out, I can come home a bit easier

I am going to watch the end of this Maryland-Duke game (UMD is winning!) and work on making a study guide for research class. Until next time.


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