Information Overload

DROWNING in anatomy as we speak. I seriously don’t know how my brain is supposed to hold all of this information. I keep going through phases of emotions. I started out in freak out mode, wanting to jump out of the window. Then today after cadaver lab I felt okay and was thinking pretty positively. Now as I sit among piles of books and lectures and notes, I am slowly returning to freak out mode.

It is just seriously so much information and I feel as if I am not retaining any of it. I need to do well on this test and I think that is what is making me more anxious. I know my previous grade wasn’t awful. But I just wish I did better and want to do better on all of the next exams.

I guess all I can do is power through, and in the wise words of Dori the fish: “Just keep swimming.”

I was at school from 7:15 AM until 8:45 PM yesterday. After lab today I stayed for about 4 hours and then came home and haven’t moved from my desk. And tomorrow I plan on running my 10 miles in the morning and then head to Big Blue until about 5. I just need to find a way to make everything stick. 
Here’s to positive thinking….

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