Plan: To Have No Plans

Helloooo! I am feeling quite cheerful today because as of approximately 12 o’clock, I am on SPRING BREAK!

Yes, I know; it is March 1st and it is not anywhere near “spring” weather outside, but we started classes early in January so our spring break comes pretty early. We actually get an Easter break as well which I am not used to, but pretty excited about. I have no plans for this break and I am totally okay with that. My goals for break are to get back up with my running since my race is in two week (yikes!), catch up on much needed sleep, and just relax as much as possible.

So since I wrote last, I have literally been studying my life away. The only exciting thing that has happened was going to the Capital’s game with Tyler on Tuesday! Right after my clinic I headed straight to Tyler’s, ate some dinner, changed in to some Caps gear and we headed in to DC. Since neither of us are fond of the Metro, we drove to Union Station, parked there and took the Metro two stops to the Verizon Center. We got down there about an hour early so we made a stop at the Greene Turtle for a beer.

Our seats were six rows behind the visitor’s bench. It was SO much fun. It was my first Caps game and the atmosphere is crazy. I’m usually not one for live games, it’s a hassle to get places, I’m not a huge fan of large crowds, and I would rather be at home watching with friends and some beers. However, the Caps game was totally different; everyone was “Rocking the Red” and just having a great time. There were no fights or ignorant fans around us, it was just an all around awesome atmosphere. Hopefully I can make it to some more games this season!

Half Marathon

So with my crazy studying the past week, I have gotten pretty much zero running done. I am not too worried about the race because I know I can run at least 7-8 miles no problem. I am not shooting for a PR or anything, my goal is just to finish the race. My reason for signing up in the first place was just to force myself to work out this semester and I feel like it helped me accomplish that. So while I would love to beat my time from my first race, I am just not setting my expectation too high knowing that I haven’t been training like I should be. With spring break next week, I hope to catch up on running and get 11 in next Saturday.

Time to catch up on missed shows from this week! Until next time..


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