So it seems that my running this week keeps getting worse; which is never a good thing when your half marathon is 9 days away!

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been training like I should be (probably), or just my extreme lack of motivation to actually get up a run. I just don’t care about the race anymore and even offered to walk/jog it with an injured classmate who still wants to complete the race. I know that I won’t be getting a PR since I haven’t been training so mentally I am just not where I need to be. But I am okay with that.

Like I said before, the only reason I signed up was to stay in shape this semester, which I definitely have. I’m not ashamed that I did a lot of sitting around and reading books and watching TV this past week on spring break. Yes, I could have worked out more and gotten myself ready for this race next week but honestly, my mental state for school is little more important. I needed the brain break from school work, I needed to just do nothing for a few days. Yes, I completed the work that I needed to, and am currently taking a break from studying for my Foundations test, but it has been at my own leisure which is nice for a change.

I will be attempting an 11 mile run Saturday. It will be in the 50s finally! (Yay Spring is here!) Pending the results of that run; by results I mean my body’s reaction, my stomach’s reaction, and my mental state after the run, I will decide whether I want to attempt to do the best of my ability, or just run with my friend and give her some company to walk/jog the race.

Hopefully the spring weather will hold up for race day. We were preparing for a massive snow storm yesterday… and we got about 2 inches of thick, wet snow that was melted by the time I woke up today. Sometimes I feel like I could be a meteorologist and do a better job. (Yes, I know weather is very unpredictable, just sayin’.) I am so over this crap weather and am ready to break out my shorts and tank tops!

This summer I already have a few plans that I am really looking forward to. To start off summer, I will be going to WMZQfest, a big country concert. This year the headliners are Luke Bryan (AH!), Florida Georgia Line, and Thompson Square. I’m going with a few friends from school and I know that I’ll see so many other people I know. Besides that, I’m hoping to make it to the beach as much as possible!
So is it summer yet….

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