Cupcakes: The Answer To Everything

This sums up my feelings about life at the moment. It couldn’t be more accurate and as I’ve grown up I’ve truly realized it. In my hunt for this quote in picture form… I found this picture:
I’m not sure what they were trying to say, but I don’t think they said it correctly. Hahaha. I love when people take pictures of silly signs, it never ceases to amaze me how naive some people could be about the content of their product.
Anyways. I don’t feel like getting too deep in to detail about why I am feeling this way, it doesn’t matter really. It’s just funny. And I’ve learned to not waste time on people who can’t seem to find the time for you. My focus now-a-days is to do well in school, graduate, and become a successful physical therapist. So that’s what I am going to. Now, if only my best friend would move home from Raleigh, that would make these days until graduation go by faster. 🙂 


Saturday I successfully managed to run 10.5 miles. I cut out a little loop that would have made it 11 because my hip started to fight back a lot. I just wanted to get the miles in so I ran at a pretty slow pace. I was in no rush and was feeling pretty good; until about mile 7. That’s when I was supposed to turn and do a little loop to add more but my hip was not feeling it. I ended up walking for a few minutes, stretching out a bit and trying to shake out my hip. Once I was feeling close to normal and the shooting pains dissipated, I flipped on grind mode and made it home with only occasional sharp pains in my hip. Yes, I am a PT student, however I am the worst patient and will continue to run when I am injured, no matter how slow and ugly. I know my body pretty well and I know that I am probably just shifted in the pelvic area. I plan on going in to my old work this week and get fixed before the race so it doesn’t happen mid race Saturday. I’m pretty excited to run the race. I plan on taking my time and just going with the flow of the runners and seeing what happens. It’s kind of cool going in to a race with an open mind with no expectations set.
Saturday night I ended up heading out with Tyler to his friend’s house warming party and then walking over to the bar. It was a fun night of drinking, dancing, and darts! We ended up sleeping in way later than usual Sunday, no thanks to the time change. But being my last day of “freedom” before heading back to school I didn’t mind too much.
Sunday was beautiful outside. Spring is almost upon us! I spent the day playing with my nephews at the park and enjoying some vitamin D! 
Today, school started back up and now I am officially back on my school grind. I have a test in Foundations next Monday that will be my main focus for the next week. 


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