In Need of Some Inspiration…

It’s just been one of those days. Nothing that a little inspirational quote searching on Pinterest won’t help. 
PT school is hard. This semester has been hard for me. I would seriously take Neuro over these classes any day. I know I didn’t do well on my gait practical yesterday and I left feeling pretty down on myself. I know I knew the stuff walking in, it’s like a blacked out and knew nothing as my teacher walked with a gait deviation. Sure, I BS’ed my way through it and “passed”, but I still just don’t do well with failure. I am the type of person that needs to be the best. It’s my personality. I am extremely competitive and feel the need always be one step ahead of everyone else. This is the real world however, not Samantha’s LaLa Land, and reality check, you do not have to be the best and get perfect scores on everything. You will fail at things through life. You will get bad grades every now and then. It’s not the end of the world. (That was my self pep talk…)
People ask me all the time if I made the right decision. If I believe that this career path is right for me. And honestly, sometimes I don’t really know the answer. I wish I could be excited and respond with a “Oh absolutely!” And I know most of my classmates probably would answer with that enthusiasm. In my opinion, I just didn’t see myself in any other profession. I’m sure I could have chosen another path. Something easier. Something less time consuming. Something a lot less expensive. But since I can remember, health care and athletics were two of my biggest interests. Obviously being an athlete from the age of 4, I can’t imagine not being around sports in some way. I guess I just chose to take the road less traveled. I chose to challenge myself in this career path. It may not be what I was “destined” for, but you better believe that I’m working my  butt off to do the best that I can in order to succeed. Because success is something that is important to me. And I won’t be making any excuses as I work toward this career path.

Motivation this semester was something that I feel was seriously lacking inside of me. I didn’t have my priorities straight from the beginning of the semester. I would always find other things to do rather than focus on the school work that needed to be done. School right now is my priority. It is what I chose to do. It will pay off in the end, which is something that I continually have to remind myself in times like these. I need to stay motivated toward my success in school, have some self discipline to get my work done, and study when it needs to get done rather than decide to do other things. 

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