Race Recap & More

Well it might not have been pretty, or fast, but I finished my second half this weekend! I ran in the Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon in DC on Saturday and it turned out to be a pretty nice day for a run. They were calling for rain all week and me and my friends were absolutely dreading the race! Luckily, it held out and with temperatures in the high 40s to 50s by the end, it was perfect running weather. 
As you can tell by that lower left picture, the Metro was CRAZY. Obviously, it’s pretty much the only form of transportation in DC as parking is extremely unreliable and for 30,000+ runners, what do you expect? The view from the start line at the bottom right was pretty awesome. We started on Constitution Avenue right next to the Washington Monument.

I did beat my pace from my last half by a whole 2 minutes. Haha. I’m not a fast runner. I never have been and honestly probably never will be; damn slow twitch fibers. But I am extremely satisfied with my time, especially knowing that my training seriously slacked the last month (and by that I mean I ran a total of maybe 25-30 miles).

I slept at a friends place in Arlington on Friday so that I didn’t have to worry about driving in to DC so early and figuring out parking/etc. We headed to the Metro around 6:00 and met up with our other classmates before heading to the gear check before the start at 7:30.

Classmates Ricardo, Christine, Me, Libby, Matthew and Rebecca
If I had one complaint about the marathon, it would definitely have to be the “organization” of the gear check.   There was none. It took at least 25 minutes just to drop off our gear bags before the race, causing us to not even find our corrals and miss the start almost. After the race, it took a solid half hour to forty five minutes to pick up our bags. I feel as if there could have been something done to make it a bit smoother.
Other than that, the race was great! It was so much fun to run around the city, passing monuments and museums, crossing bridges and just exploring parts of DC I have never really seen before. We ran through some neighborhoods which was awesome because people were just out on their porches blasting music, showing off funny signs, handing out candy, and of course, passing out free beer. The worst part of the race was no doubt the hill at Rock Creek Park around mile 5-6. You can tell by my Nike+ that I definitely slowed down at that point (I walked it and used it as my “break” so I could keep going til the end).
Unfortunately, my stomach did not think the run was all that great. I was pretty much immobile until 9pm Saturday night with severe stomach pains. After some Pepto and other meds, I finally started to feel well enough to at least read over notes for my exam I had today. I don’t know if I’ll run another race; I know that I won’t be running another half during school. The amount of stress that I felt with the training responsibility as well as trying to manage school was something I don’t want to experience again. But you never know what the future will bring…
While everyone wore their green and drank their green beer yesterday, I wore my green in the library, using green highlighters and pens. I feel as if my written exam went pretty well. I memorized the gait cycle and wrote it on the exam as soon as I got it. It helped a lot with a majority of the questions so I’m interested to see how it  turned out. The practical is a whole other story. I got pretty frustrated and even though I passed, I didn’t feel good about myself walking out of it. But it’s over and done with, and now I move on to the next one. 
Thankfully, I don’t have any other exam until April 11th in anatomy. We just started learning the shoulder and brachial plexus (oh man). With my teacher having no voice and a herniated disc, we are basically teaching ourselves and it’s extremely frustrating. The whole class is struggling with this new “flipped classroom” type thing we have developed. It’s not by choice and the faculty are trying their best to make our learning experience the best it can be with out teacher’s ailments. It’s just hard having to listen to last year’s podcasts and follow along on a powerpoint without the teacher in front of you and a lot of our class is struggling. Anatomy will definitely be my focus for the next few weeks…
Biggest Loser Finale and my bed are now calling my name…

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