I’m Trying

It is seriously hard to study for these upcoming exams when I think that: When in reality I probably do not. I’m really trying my hardest to focus.¬† Then I see something cool and get distracted for about 3 hours. And yes, I am wasting time searching for GIFs, instead of studying. I’m really¬†good at … More I’m Trying


One week left of classes before finals:We are learning massage techniques in Foundations which I am pretty pumped about, and my other classes will just be review for finals! Next week will consist of:– One Foundations cumulative final– One Foundations practical exam on posture– One Evidence Based Practice final, analyzing 3 articles– One cadaver practical … More Countdown

The End is Near

Today was the last two exams before finals- I am so close to the end I can TASTE it! First up we had our Foundations written test. As always, I was one of the first to finish and I walked out of there feeling pretty darn good. I realized later as some classmates were discussing … More The End is Near

Down to the Wire

Hey y’all, happy Saturday! My day started off with a chance to sleep in (!!), a short but solid gym session, and now I am working my way through some Foundations lectures in preparation for my exam on Thursday. This past week was a rough one. I was super stressed out about our Anatomy practical … More Down to the Wire


Today my post is going to revolve around an article (blog post??) that my friend sent me the other day. You can find it below, but I will be commenting on it in this color. Here is where I got it from. Thought Catalog is an awesome site to waste time on. There are tons … More Run

One Day…

“So when negativity surrounds, I know some day it’ll all turn around because all my life I’ve been waiting for, I’ve been praying for, for the people to say; That we don’t wanna fight no more, there’ll be no more wars, and our children will play, One Day… One Day… One Day….” This song was … More One Day…