Dropping Knowledge Bombs

I have recently come to the realization that I have learned so much information in just my first year of physical therapy school than I have probably learned in all of my previous years of schooling combined.

I have taken some of the same classes but what we do now is just so much more in depth; not only that, but at this point in my life, I need to learn AND retain this information. In previous years, I pretty much studied to pass a test/class then just let the information find its way out of my brain. Doing that now would be like suicide to my future career. This stuff I’m learning now (for the most part) is what I need to know for life; but I love it.

I seriously love having so much knowledge about the human body and being able to answer friend’s and family’s questions. While it can get annoying having every body asking you questions (I knew what I was getting myself in to from the beginning), it really is exciting to be confident in what I am saying and know that it is factual.

One thing that I may enjoy a little too much is proving people wrong. It may just be my competitive side in me, but when people are speaking about injuries in general, rehab or anything of the sort, I just can’t help but sit back and giggle to myself as I hear them spit out false information. I’m not that girl that always has to put in her two cents, but I just enjoy when people act like they know everything about something they clearly know nothing about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the general person who genuinely doesn’t know anything and is just expressing what they have heard in passing; I’m talking about that one guy who feels he knows everything about anything and is so confident in his false information that he refuses to believe anything else. Those are the types of people that I will speak up against and prove them wrong. And it gives me a sense of satisfaction, as bad as that sounds.

this is how i feel…

It just feels good having obtained so much general knowledge, and that this is just the beginning. It’s also pretty scary knowing that my brain is going to have to absorb so much information over the next two years.

I think this feeling is a good one; it is showing me that I enjoy learning about this stuff and I thoroughly enjoy discussing it with people outside of the classroom as well. Maybe I am where I am supposed to be after all…


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