Down to the Wire

Hey y’all, happy Saturday!

My day started off with a chance to sleep in (!!), a short but solid gym session, and now I am working my way through some Foundations lectures in preparation for my exam on Thursday.

This past week was a rough one. I was super stressed out about our Anatomy practical and I feel like I have just reached my peak for the semester.

Yep, kind of like that.
I just am tired of being under constant stress and my view point right now is to just keep trucking along and get to finals. I hate when I am under this much stress because I literally become the devil. I am rude to people for no reason, I pick fights/create arguments for the dumbest reasons, and I just hate being around people. I guess it’s just how I unconsciously handle anxiety and stress.
Luckily I have been creating more time to work out lately and that has seriously been helping me keep my stress levels below what they could be. Even if it’s only a quick 1-2 mile run, I try and find that time to just lace up and get out there. My mindset and attitude are two complete opposites when I have been working out versus when I have been sitting around studying for days not seeing any day light. I figure a short work out is better than no work out at all and I am just making the best of what time I have available. 
My practical on Friday in anatomy went well. I walked out feeling pretty unsure since I felt I guessed on multiple ones (I even drew a picture on one answer because I couldn’t think of the name of what she was asking, hahaha.) But in the end, I came out with a good grade and now I move forward thinking about the final in three weeks.
As for Foundations, we have a written exam and practical on Thursday; our last exams until finals week. Thankfully, a majority of the information on this exam is similar, if not the same, as was on our Anatomy exam last week. That’s definitely one thing I love about taking these two classes together is that the information always matches up and we can study for them both together sometimes. Obviously there are concepts in Foundations that we don’t need to know for Anatomy and vice-versa, but as whole the brunt of the information is the same. 
Once these exams on Thursday are over, I am going in to serious grind mode until May 10th. I really want to do well on these finals and finish the semester strong. I have done well up to the this point and don’t want to slack in the end. I am going to be stressed, that’s a given, but my goal is to balance my study time with a little relaxation so that I don’t overload myself. I feel like that’s the key at this point; study the most that I can, while keeping my sanity, and hope for the best.
Back to Foundations lectures now, and probably another cup of coffee (oops).


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