Calm Before The Storm

This weekend, I decided to take a longer break than I had anticipated from school work. Originally I planned on relaxing most of Friday and some of Saturday, then doing some work Saturday and Sunday. Though it didn’t take much debate, I decided that my brain needed a little longer to relax before kicking it in to high gear these next weeks. It was a great decision.

Friday in cadaver lab we broke out the bone saw and cracked open the chest! At first I wanted nothing to do with it, but once I was in there I was ready to go at it. I got to cut through one clavicle, (collar bone, for all you non-anatomist folk ūüôā ), and then through the ribs on one side. It was so creepy and so awesome at the same time. This was probably my favorite dissection of the semester since we got to take out some pretty vital organs and dissect those further. Our cadaver had died of pneumonia and the lungs were huge. I would probably compare them as slightly smaller than a football. We ended up doing a really great job of our dissection around the heart and arteries that our teacher told us to leave it alone and go look at another group’s heart; in our teacher’s words, that means “I will be tagging this portion of your body for the practical exam so don’t touch it.” Next week is our last week with the cadavers. I feel pretty honored that we were given the¬†opportunity¬†to do this since not all schools have this¬†privilege. It really was a great learning experience and I’m sure one day I will be wishing I could go back in to try and figure out what is bothering one of my patients.

After lab Friday, I headed home and spent the rest of the day with family. I feel like I’ve been neglecting family since I hole myself in my room and study when I am stressed about exams. It was good to finally get some family time in.¬†

Saturday consisted of a bit of studying and bit of T time. It was a beautiful day and I headed over to T’s to wash our cars, but we ended up just eating lunch outside, chatting and relaxing before he headed in to work. Today was a shopping day, one of my favorites (especially when I’m not paying! Thanks mom!). Me, my mom and sister headed to the mall and did some damage a few stores that were having great sales. I think I also might splurge and treat myself to a new pair of shoes, just for fun. After that I headed to T’s flag football game. I always seem to get there right after he scores – oops. Overall it was a relaxing, stress-free weekend!


I’ve been getting more workouts in lately and I am loving it. With bathing suit season creeping up on me I have been trying to watch what I eat, but it isn’t always easy when I am stressed and on campus studying for days on end. I have been trying to sneak in at least a 1-2 mile run whenever I can, just to get moving. I think I worked out 4 or 5 times this week which is the most in a really long time. Go me!

My goal for the summer is to keep up at least 4-5x a week since I will have a lighter work load. I really just want to make working out a natural part of my day and not something that I skip when I am unmotivated. 

With only a few weeks left of spring semester, I am in the hunt for a summer job. As much as I don’t want to go back to being a waitress, it is the easiest thing to go back to for a short amount of time where I can still get a good amount of money. I have been applying to a few places online but might have to go in to some places next weekend to apply as well.

I should probably do tutorial for tomorrow morning now; or I’ll just watch Game of Thrones instead…

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