One week left of classes before finals:
We are learning massage techniques in Foundations which I am pretty pumped about, and my other classes will just be review for finals!

Next week will consist of:
– One Foundations cumulative final
– One Foundations practical exam on posture
– One Evidence Based Practice final, analyzing 3 articles
– One cadaver practical in Anatomy
– One cumulative Anatomy final
** And a lot of stress and anxiety during all of my studying….

May 10th at approximately 12:30 pm after my Anatomy final:
I will officially be done with my first year of PT school! And a lot of this will be going on…

Then I will have a ten day break before starting our 5 week summer Exercise Phys class; which I have taken before on multiple occasions so it shouldn’t be too awful. And it’s only three days a week!

I apologize in advance for any moody posts in the next 2 weeks, or a lack of posts. Here’s to making it to May 10th!

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