Two Down

Happy Monday!

Generally, I would call that an oxymoron, because you never hear the word “happy” and “Monday” in the same sentence. But this particular Monday is happy because it means that I am one day closer to being finished with my first year of PT school.

Let’s do a quick weekend recap before discussing today’s finals.


After cadaver lab, a few classmates and I grabbed a quick lunch at Potbelly’s (love that place) then headed back to school to go over the content for our Foundations practical. It actually went pretty quickly and I felt good about it after the review. Once I got home, I decided to go for a run since it was such a beautiful day. I ended up covering somewhere between 4.5-5 miles. I haven’t run that far since my half so my hips and knees were feeling it when I got home, but it felt so good to just get out there and go. One thing I am looking forward to once these exams are over is having the time to leisurely run for that long without the stress of needing to come home to study. 

Once I was showered and ready, we headed over to my sister’s house to celebrate S’s 2nd birthday! On the menu was grilled veggies, steak and chicken; so good! Then it S’s favorite part of the day: Cake!

He was seriously loving all of the singing and all the attention he was getting. Isn’t he the cutest?

It was a great night with family celebrating such a sweet little boy. In a month, my other nephew will be turning 5! They seriously are growing up way too fast.


I had planned on getting up to run, but I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck! My whole body just ached, so I opted to sleep an extra hour and take my time heading out to school to study. It was a great decision and I felt refreshed once I made my way out of bed. Saturday was not too exciting, as I spent literally my entire day studying. Me and one of my classmates went through every lecture for Foundations as we baked in the sun outside of Starbucks. It was a great study session and I felt good about the content as I made my way home around 5:30. 

The rest of the night I just relaxed and continued to review notes. My Aunt and Uncle stayed the night Saturday as they made their way up to Maine from Georgia. My grandma is in and out of the hospital and a rehab facility, so they are going up for a month to help out my grandpa. It was good to see them, even though it was for a short amount of time.


I got up around 8 and decided to go for a little run. I only went about 2 miles but it felt good to start the day with some exercise. My plans for Sunday were to study, but I did a minimal amount of that. I looked over notes until about 12:30 when my mom got home and we decided to go shopping :). I had a few things I needed to pick up for a certain celebration coming up in a few weeks. 

When we got home, I headed right over to T’s to hang out. Eventually it was time to head to his flag football game. I love going to watch him play because I know that he likes having me there. (Even if he won’t admit it; I see him look over at me when he does something good to make sure I saw it haha). 

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging with T, making dinner, and watching Game of Thrones. After that we put on a movie that was on TV, but I didn’t last long and was out about twenty minutes in. 


This morning I got up, made some coffee and headed out to school. It’s so much easier getting to school from T’s house than from my house. It’s all back roads and I barely need to get on to the highway. I headed to get some breakfast and looked over some notes as soon as I got to campus. I did a quick review of all my previous test before sitting down to take my written final at 9:30. Overall I think it went really well! It was all the same concepts I had been assuming it was going to be and I felt confident in my answers. I finished in a little over an hour (I’m an extremely fast test taker, which can work against me), and then I had to wait until 1 for my practical. I went over the posture content a bit, grabbed some free food from downstairs and relaxed until my time. It went quick and overall went well. 

And so I am officially done with Foundations! My teacher grades these tests so fast so I’m sure I’ll have my grade by tonight or tomorrow morning.

The rest of the week will be dedicated to Anatomy. I haven’t looked over the content too much since Foundations was my focus but I am confident that with a little focus, I will crush these two Anatomy finals. Wednesday is our research final but since it is basically open note I am not as worried about it. Tonight I’ll be going over the articles to make sure I have everything down. Tomorrow will be a library day with Anatomy on my mind.

Have a good rest of your Monday y’all!

OH! P.S. Another thing to look forward to this summer: This weekend I decided to plan a visit to see my best friend, C, down in North Carolina! We settled on the weekend after my summer class ends and I am really looking forward to it. Especially because we are seeing the Zac Brown Band while I am there! Well, she already had tickets with her friends so I am excited to join them! Woo!


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