Anatomy on the Brain

The difference between this semester’s finals and last semester’s finals are like polar opposites. Last semester I remember being so completely stressed out that I was literally the devil. While I am slightly stressed about my last two Thursday and Friday, I truly believe that I know this information and by using good test taking skills I will do fine.

Worrying about things is my specialty. It is something that I know I need to work on. Things will work out how they are supposed to. I don’t have to be the best at everything in grad school, I just need to pass.

While I’m a little less stressed this time around, I can still feel some of the anxiety surrounding these last two finals. My stomach isn’t wanting food, I am on a constant need for caffeine and my sleeping is minimal. But I am so close to be done my first year of PT school and that is keeping me going. I just have to keep remembering why I’m here; and that I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t do this.
This is something I tend to forget when the pressures of school are bearing down on me. I am truly blessed with a loving family who supports me (and lets me live at home rent free!), a few best friends who I wouldn’t be who I am today without, and an amazing boyfriend who puts up with my mood changes and stress levels by knowing just what to say/do to calm me down. 

Tomorrow is my cadaver practical at 10. After that I’ll probably stay on campus until right before rush hour to get some solid group studying in before heading home. Then Friday at 9 is my last exam; my anatomy written!

After that I plan on hanging around the city all day, celebrating with classmates with some beers and relaxing. Friday night I’m heading to the Nats game with some of my best friends from home. It should be a beautiful night if the rain holds out and a great way to start my summer break! Well, before summer class starts on the 21st.

Back to studying these muscles and nerves….


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