Obviously since I have the chance to sleep in until forever, I was up at 7:30 this morning. But guess what?


Yesterday at approximately 10 o’clock, I completed my first year of PT school. I finished my exam of 100 questions in 40 minutes; so I had to hang around for about an hour until the rest of my class finished and then the celebrations could begin! 

We headed right next door to Buffalo Wild Wings and grabbed some lunch and beers. It was a beautiful day out. It was so fun to be able to sit around chatting with classmates about things other than school and without the stress of having something to do later.

Just a few of us at BWW

 In my excitement of being done, I decided to let loose a little and treat myself one, or two, shots. I was staying in DC all day so I knew I didn’t have to really drive anywhere so letting loose felt like the perfect decision.

After lunch, we all headed over to a few of our classmate’s house for a BBQ, some yard games, and obviously, more drinks. We played some Kan-Jam, ate some burgers and just enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather without a care in the world.

I love my class (This is only about half of the class). We have a group of such different people, different personalities, varied ages and backgrounds, but we all get along great and always have a great time together. I am so happy that I made the decision to join this class and I am looking forward to the next few years with them.

I had stopped drinking for awhile so that I could drive over to my friend Chelsea’s house when she got off work. Once I got there we headed right out to the metro to meet some friends for the Nat’s game! Funny story about that…. We got lost. In our city. Where we take the metro everyday. We just hadn’t seen each other in awhile so we were chatting and catching up and not really paying attention to where we were on the train. So we ended up two stops past the transfer point we needed; then we accidentally got on the wrong line and ended up at the Pentagon.

By this time we were so embarrassed at ourselves that we decided to just get out of the Metro and grab a cab. That was another adventure in itself but we finally hailed one and took the 5 minute ride to the stadium. Our friends were waiting for us at the bar area right outside the stadium.

This was my first time at the Nat’s stadium and I really liked the Bullpen area. It has a live band playing, beer stands, food stands, cornhole, and plenty of tables set up for people to sit at. We found our friends after quickly grabbing a much needed drink. Unfortunately, we didn’t make in to the actual game. My friend had some trouble trying to purchase tickets and by the time me and Chelsea got there it was already the 5th or 6th inning. We decided to just hang out and catch up at the Bullpen and not waste the money on the ticket to go in for a few innings. Next time I want to plan a little better and actually get tickets to the game, haha. When the game was over, my friends wanted to head to a bar to watch the end of the Caps game but I was exhausted at this point. I opted to head towards the metro and pack in like sardines with all the Nats fans leaving the game. I finally made it back to my car at Chelsea’s and headed home through a crazy thunderstorm.

It was a great day yesterday! Celebrating with friends in my class and having the chance to see my best friends from home: perfection. 

These next 10 days of break that I have until my summer class starts is going to be spent being lazy, kicking my butt back in to shape, and reading some books not related to Anatomy.

Today’s plans are: gym, library, then the rest of the day will be spend with T. Talk to yall later 🙂

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