So I didn’t post a review about the book, obviously. As I started writing it I realized I’m not really good at that kind of stuff and I felt like I was writing a book report. Cue middle school nightmares. So, I decided to stop writing and tell you all to read it for yourselves if you are intrigued by what the author has to say about it on the site here.

Now let’s talk about this weekends plans that I am OH so excited about! The day is finally almost here to see Luke Bryan, Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line in concert with some great friends!

Mmhmmm, who wouldn’t be excited to see that in concert. They are calling for a chance of showers but hopefully it holds off through the show. I haven’t been to this venue since high school when me and my friends used to go to country concerts all the time. They had taken away tailgating for a few years but it is back now. I remember going at 11am when the main show doesn’t start until 7pm. I am not that young any more though and don’t think I would be able to last that long tailgaiting. So we are planning to head out to the venue around 3, giving us just enough time to get some beers flowing, meet up with some of my friends from home who I know will be there, and just hang out before heading in to the lawn and preparing for the show! One thing that’s different that stood out to me the most when looking at the information is that they allow you to bring in food in a one gallon ziplock bag. I know that’s new because I remember having a pack of crackers in my purse before one show years ago and they threw it away! 

Some of the girls I am going with are from out of town so it’s going to be a great time! I’ll be sure to snap lots of pictures and give you all a recap on Monday.

Now that I think about it, the next few weekends are all booked up with exciting things!

Memorial Day weekend is next weekend and while I am not headed to the beach like most people my age, I still have some fun things planned out. My sister is having my nephews’ joint birthday celebrations at Pump It Up on Saturday which should be a blast – minus the fifteen 2-5 year olds running around like crazy.

One more thing that I am excited about that weekend is me and T’s 3 year anniversary! We usually don’t do much to celebrate, just dinner and a movie or something of the sort. But this year we decided to get National’s tickets since it falls on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend. I’m excited to do something different and obviously to celebrate together at the baseball game.

The following weekend is the USA vs Germany Men’s Soccer game that me, T and about 20 of our closest friends are going to. The only games that I have been to have just been me and T or a small group of people so I am super excited to be going with such a large group. We haven’t figured out details for tailgating yet but it is definitely in the works. Luckily, the game is at RFK stadium which is accessible by Metro, so that will limit the amount of driving that needs to be done!

The weekend after that, I think that a class trip to Ocean City is in the works but it is still up in the air. That would be both fun and extremely scary knowing the way my class can drink. What can I say, we know how to work hard and play harder.

So that’s my plans for the next few weeks. I didn’t realize how booked up I actually was, and it is making this boredom more bearable. It makes me look forward to summer time even more having plans already laid out! Fair warning, because my life will only be exciting on the weekends, I may only be popping in with recaps on the exciting things. Once a week is my goal for the summer since I plan on enjoying my last bit of freedom before I never have a summer break again.

Speaking of summer, I can smell the chlorine from the pool being filled down the path from my back yard. Summer is coming.

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