Hello friends!

This weekend was a fun one. Friday not much happened so let’s just fast forward to Saturday’s festivities: WMZQ Fest!

After hanging out with my nephew for a few hours in the morning, I got ready, picked up some brews, then headed to Arlington to meet up with the girls. As soon as everyone arrived, we packed up the car and headed out just as it started to rain. The weather was pretty crappy, overcast all day with random showers here and there, but overall we lucked out and didn’t get too wet during the concert.

We sat in traffic pretty much the entire ride to the venue but that was to be expected. When we finally arrived at the parking, lot we didn’t hesitate to crack open some beers, get some food in our bellies and hang out before heading in.

Blue Moon Agave Nectar: So Good!
Erin, Me, Gina, & Rebecca

Soon enough it was time to head towards the lawn and find a spot! I was definitely loving the fact that I could bring in my own bottle of water (& not have to pay $8 for a bottle inside) as well as some snacks to hold me over during the concert. We found a pretty good spot on the lawn since it seemed not many people had made their way in from tailgaiting yet.

Florida Georgia Line performed first and they did amazing. I only had my phone with me so no pictures I took during the performances are really worth putting up. I got a little too excited when they started “Cruise” with the Nelly verse and I knew every word; shocker. I think they will blow up soon enough because all of their songs are great; I’ve made sure to download multiple songs that I remember from the performance.
After FGL performed, I was on a mission to find my friend who was there with her mom and aunt. However with the drunken crowds and the rain starting to fall a bit we gave up on the search. Thompson Square performed next. I love the chemistry that the two of them have when they are singing. Seriously, what would be better than doing what you love every day with the person you love the most? When they sang the song “If I Didn’t Have You”, they had the crowd swooning over their relationship they have together.
Last but completely not least: Luke Bryan.
Waiting for Luke

I didn’t think I could love this guy any more than I did but seeing him in concert and how he interacts with the fans just makes you love him even more. He was amazing live and was cracking up the crowd the whole night. A couple times he actually laid down on the stage and on top of the crowd that was right next to the stage, taking phones and snapping pictures of himself. I would have died. One fan decided to throw her phone on the stage and he had to get her security code to unlock it and take pictures (which he proceeded to say outloud to everyone haha).

He performed a lot of his older songs as well as some new ones that I didn’t know very well, but overall it was so much fun. I’m glad the weather held out for the most part and we could enjoy the night without the rain! Luke ended with one of my favorite songs of his: Shake it for me. My older nephew used to sing that song all the time when he was younger; hilarious.

The one thing that I did not miss about concerts like this are the people who are blacked out drunk throwing up in the lawn, falling all over people, and being obnoxiously loud and rude. Sure, I’ve been there before. That was probably me in high school. So I guess I can’t complain that much. But next time I will probably be purchasing pavilion tickets to try and avoid some of that mess. One of the highlights of our spot we chose was watching a 40+ year old woman pretend she was 21 again. I’m talking dancing, making out, etc. with boys my age or younger. It was definitely entertaining; and gross.
We sat in the same spot in the parking lot for about an hour until we finally started moving and made our way home. It was a great time and it made me look forward to Zac Brown Band that much more.
Sunday wasn’t too exciting. I headed to T’s to watch our alum’s lacrosse team play in the National Semis (they lost, boo), then Game of Thrones. We ended the night with Star Trek, in preparation for our date night Wednesday to see the new one. Surprisingly I’m pretty excited to see it. T has gotten me in to some shows and movies that I don’t think I would have ever watched but I don’t hate it.
Well it’s time for bed. Back to school tomorrow! Which I am pretty pumped about since it gives me something to do 🙂


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