Dark Side

So there have been some exciting things happening around here since we last spoke, let’s jump right in to it!


Wednesday night, T came over after his passing league game and we headed to grab a bite to eat at Chipotle. That place never fails to satisfy. We then headed to the movie theater and saw Star Trek: Into Darkness. Usually those kind of movies aren’t my type of thing but I loved it. It was action packed but at the same time pulled at some emotion strings with the relationship between Uhura and Spock. Overall I really enjoyed the movie.
Thursday was pretty uneventful: went to class in the morning, went straight to the gym after that then just hung out around the house.


Friday started out with a walk with my mom and her friend around the lake. S was with us for the day because his daycare provider took off. After running a few errands when we were done with the walk, I headed to Uncle Julio’s to meet C for lunch!
Nothing better then a mid afternoon margarita! She was in town all week dog sitting so I was happy to be able to get together and catch up over Mexican and  Margs. The next time I see her I will be in Raleigh visiting her and going to see Zac Brown Band!
The rest of Friday was pretty uneventful, but prepare yourself Saturday’s festivities. 


Saturday we celebrated C’s 5th and S’s 2nd birthdays at Pump it Up! For those who are unfamiliar, Pump it Up is basically a bunch of bounce houses and blow up obstacle courses in one big room. Talk about crazy fun. I decided it would be awesome to pregame a trip to this place with a little booze and bring all my friends along with me. It would be a tad dangerous, but so much fun.
S, our cousin A, and C

This thing was my fave; it was pretty hard to get up to the top haha

We got to play in each of two rooms for about a half hour each which was plenty of time for me to work up a sweat chasing all of the 2-5 year olds. After that it was time to head in to the party room for pizza and cupcakes!

My sister is pretty creative; Mickey Mouse cupcakes!

Overall it was a great party and the kids had a blast. S wasn’t a huge fan at first and just cried whenever you asked if he wanted to get in, but eventually warmed up to the idea and was loving the bouncing. Both the boys cleaned up pretty well with all the presents they received. My sister had told everyone presents weren’t necessary but who shows up to a birthday party without a present? Haha. 

S & C in the throne with their birthday crowns and playing together in a bounce house

After the party we headed back to my sister’s to open presents. The rest of Saturday was nothing special but I did enter the Dark Side.

Yep, I finally entered the iPhone world. I have always been against Apple but my Droid was just not cutting it anymore. It was slow and the battery barely lasted a few hours. So I finally took the plunge and got myself a new phone. So far I am absolutely loving it, but I don’t think you will see me with a Mac anytime soon.
I’m not real sure what is on the agenda for today but I know that my sister wants to go for a run (Weird, I know.) The run will probably consist of me running to her house – about 2 miles,- both of us running to a local school and back to her house- about a mile and a half,- then me running home two miles.At least she is motivated to start running and get back in shape! I am happy to be her motivator, and it helps me get up off my butt and do something.

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