Hey all! I’ve been pretty MIA, but my life hasn’t been too exciting so I don’t have much to share. But let’s recap the rest of my Memorial Day Weekend and class this week.


After I last posted I ended up going for a little run over to my sister’s and then walk/jogging to a local school with her. We chatted the whole time and it ended up being almost an hour long work out. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately- I didn’t end up running home like I originally had planned to lengthen the work out. I broke out in to hives on the walk and ended up calling my mom to come pick me up. The last few times I have worked out or been outside for longer than an hour or so, I have broken out in to hive-like rashes on my arms. This time it was all over my stomach, back and some on my legs too. It goes away once I shower and am inside for a period of time but it sure it annoying. I’m not sure what exactly is in the air lately that is making my skin react this way but hopefully is goes away soon.


Monday morning I got up, ran some errands, then headed to T’s to get ready for the Nationals vs Orioles game. We got tickets and decided to do that to celebrate our anniversary instead of the usual dinner and a movie. Our seats were great and we had an awesome time.

We knew T’s old roommate from college was going to be there with his girlfriend and other friends so we made sure to meet up with them at the Bullpen area right next to the stadium before the game started. It was great to see them. I’m sure I will be seeing much more of them since Q will now be working with T at the high school this fall.

There was surprisingly a lot of orange at National’s Park. I know MD isn’t that far from DC, but I wasn’t expecting so much O’s support; I loved it! I’m not really a big baseball fan to be completely honest. I find it pretty boring to watch but the games are always a blast to go to – give me beers and good friends and I’ll make a good time no matter where I am. I don’t follow any team closely but being from Maryland, naturally the Orioles are “my team”.

Three years with this guy 🙂

Me and T were starving by the time we got in to the stadium so we grabbed some 10 dollar hot dogs and found our seats. We only stayed until the start of the 8th inning and I honestly couldn’t tell you the final score of the game. I was just having a great time people watching, chatting with T and appreciating the Memorial Day festivities. 

Fun fact for the day: Did you know it’s a law that you stop what you are doing at 3:00 PM on Memorial Day Monday and participate in a moment of silence? I’m not sure of the validity of this fun fact but I heard it on the Today Show last week; and what do you know – at 3:00 PM at the game, the announcer asked every one to stand as they played “God Bless America”. Everyone was singing and it was beautiful. Nothing better than being at a baseball game on such a special day for our country.


So my class is starting to get more frustrating. My teacher is not in the PT faculty so she is new to “us”. I say it like that because I feel like our class is a different kind of breed. We understand each other and the teachers have come to understand us. Now we have this new teacher and we all feel like we have to be on our best behavior. I don’t know if we just have gotten comfortable with our PT faculty (which I love), or if we are just being too tough on this new girl. She is confident in what she is lecturing to us, but some of it just isn’t right. I have had this stuff pounded in to my head for my entire 4 years of undergrad so I knew a few things were wrong even though she was swearing by it. So that’s frustrating me a lot. We have our first test next Wednesday so I’ll be interested to see how that goes.

The best thing about this class is that I can work out during it! Today we had class in the fitness center so that we could perform some 1-rep max testing on each other. Since I was there about an hour early (the norm so I can miss traffic), I got in about an hour long cardio session before my class got in. It felt awesome to get that over with before 8 AM. The 1 rep max tests were fun to do but definitely exhausting. I will be feeling it tomorrow and might have to limit my leg work out since they are already sore. It’s pretty sad how poor my upper body strength is; I think that is going to be a new goal for the summer. I was in the 25-30th percentile for my bench max rep, but in the 100th percentile for leg press, as well as for the push up test and curl up test. 


I can’t wait for this Sunday: USAvGermany in DC with 25 friends. It is bound to be wreckless and I am so excited. I made an American flag shirt, purchased $3 America glasses, and made a red, white and blue head band. I’m a little excited for this game and have a lot of pride in this country! Look for a recap on Monday of that 🙂

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