Rock Me Mama

My life is still boring; no surprises there. Yesterday I spent the day with the boyfriend since he is leaving me for Italy tomorrow with his family. Boo. Today I took my online final for my summer class and am now officially¬†done. Woo! OH!¬†Let me tell you guys. Never in my life – even with … More Rock Me Mama

Summer is Here.

Yes, technically its been summer for awhile, but my summer class is now over – with the exception of an online final on Thursday. I had my practical this morning and it went very well. So after Thursday I’ll officially be on summer vacation! I had talked about possibly getting a job to get some … More Summer is Here.


Hey y’all. My life has been pretty uneventful so I haven’t had much to talk about on here. Hmm let’s see, what have I been up to since we last chatted… Well. A whole lot of nothing. Working out. Going to class. Sleeping. Laying by the pool. Eating. Working out more. Yep. That sounds about … More Boring


So I don’t really have much to talk about so I saw this survey circulating around the blog world and thought I would join in the fun! Quickly I’ll throw in that I had my midterm today in my summer class and feel that it went very well. Considering how little I studied and really … More Currently


Hello! Let’s just go ahead and jump right in to my weekend – which was so much fun! After planning this so long ago, the time was finally here to go to the USA v Germany Men’s Soccer friendly in DC. I was up at 7AM unable to go back to sleep because of how … More ‘Merica