So I don’t really have much to talk about so I saw this survey circulating around the blog world and thought I would join in the fun! Quickly I’ll throw in that I had my midterm today in my summer class and feel that it went very well. Considering how little I studied and really haven’t paid attention in class, I’m happy with how it went even without knowing my grade, ha! 

So here we go….

Current Book(s):
Well at the moment the only book that I have my hands on is my ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. Totally not exciting. I think I started reading too many books when my semester ended because I haven’t read one since those first 4 haha. I think I mentioned in my last post that I want to try and get back in to Game of Thrones.

Current Music:

I’m not currently listening to any – I’m watching Friends – but lately I have been loving all kinds of country. Ever since WMZQ Fest, Luke Bryan has obviously been on the top of my list. But I am loving the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song – Can’t Hold Us. 

Also loving Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”. It’s just so funky! “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, TI, and Pharrell is also a good one that I like to jam to. Just don’t look at the unrated video if you aren’t prepared for naked girls. Fair warning.

Oh and I can’t forget about my main men Timeflies. Always top on my playlists.

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Hmmmm. This is a tough one. I think I’m gonna have to say having all this free time! While I feel like I need to be trying harder to find a job- let’s be honest, I’m not even trying-, I am just truly enjoying this free time. I can work out whenever I want, even twice in one day if I feel like it. I can lay by the pool. I can go on long walks to the lake and park. 

I can send my friends pictures like this one with captions such as “I hope your cubicle is as lovely as my life right now.” Then they reply with things like “Rude.” and pictures of middle fingers. Love my friends 🙂

Current Nail Color:
I think that this is the one I have on…

It’s called Breeze Blue by Sally Hansen. I have so many of this brand because they are super cheap but still good quality! I have this color on my toes and my fingers at the moment, but my fingers need to be re-done hence the picture of a bottle and not my hands.

Current Drink:
I have been trying to increase the amount of water I drink daily so that’s been my main source of fluid intake. Right now I’m drinking a Powerade Zero to add a bit of flavor in to my life.

The blue is my favorite. Since I’ve been working out more the last few weeks than I had all semester, my muscles have been twitching and are in dire need of some extra electrolytes. Since I don’t like bananas all that much (literally my soccer coach in high school would have to force me to eat them at tournaments for potassium), these drinks help not only to rehydrate me but also to maintain my electrolyte balance – plus they are zero calories!b

Current Food:
I am so excited for dinner tonight. We have some chicken left over and I decided Avocado Chicken Salad sounded perfect and refreshing for dinner! While I was out I grabbed some cilantro and avocados. I haven’t made it yet but this is what it should look like…


Its super easy to make too! You take chicken and shred it up then add in avocado and mash it all together. Once that is all mixed add in the juice from one lime (to taste), cilantro and some green onion. If you want some more flavor you can add some salt and pepper to taste. Woo!

Current Favorite Show:
Well. As you saw from my last post, Game of Thrones has my full attention right now.

So intense. All the time. I can’t take it. BUT the season finale is next week. Just in time for the summer premier of Pretty Little Liars!

Don’t hate. I know people think this show is crazy but I guess it is my guilty pleasure. It is so intense and I really just want to know who the heck A is!

I can’t forget about my two shows that just ended their spring seasons: Chicago Fire and Grimm. Chicago Fire is by far the best show on TV. If you don’t watch it, start from the beginning and go!

Current Wish List:
Well. I just found out literally five minutes that the honey mustard of a restaurant I used to work at is now in stores! This may sound weird, especially coming from me because I literally can’t stand condiments, but this stuff is the tits. It says that it is available at Giant so you better believe I’m going to be hitting up every Giant I know in search of this stuff.

Speaking of Seacrets, I would love to be at the beach right now. I want to make a few trips before school starts back up so hopefully things work out and I can do that.

Love/Hate relationship with this place.

Current Needs:
Well before today I would have said a bathing suit top that fits me properly, but I finally found one! It was a bit expensive but I guess that’s the price you pay for support and the right fit.

Current Indulgence:
My mom surprised me with some frozen greek yogurt ice cream the other day. It was blueberry pomegranate flavored and was SO good. It was gone in just a few days, I am not ashamed to say!

Currently Blessing:
This is going to be pretty similar to my good friend’s blessing but unfortunately we both has grandparents fall ill at the same time. My grandmother is finally back at home and gaining strength every day! After being back in the hospital two times after her first discharge, then bounced back and forth between rehab centers, she finally got to return home with a new fancy walker. Her spirits are high and we are all happy to hear the doctor’s progress reports every week. 

I have so many other blessings in this life that I could drag on and on about but I’ll just say that I have zero complaints with life right now and have been blessed with so much in this world.

Current Outfit:
I don’t feel like snapping a picture because it’s literally my usual every day outfit: workout gear. Pink Under Armour shirt and blue Nike shorts.

Current Excitement:
In just two short weeks I will be headed to Raleigh to visit my best friend and see Zac Brown Band in concert! I am so excited to head down south for a bit and just get out of town!

And that’s it. Whew, that took much longer than anticipated. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I second this current excitement. I am currently excited about this, too!


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