Hey y’all. My life has been pretty uneventful so I haven’t had much to talk about on here. Hmm let’s see, what have I been up to since we last chatted…

Well. A whole lot of nothing. Working out. Going to class. Sleeping. Laying by the pool. Eating. Working out more. Yep. That sounds about right.

My class did have a fundraiser on Sunday at The Greene Turtle by our school. We haven’t figured out how much we made exactly but it was a great time! There was corn hole set up for everyone to play and eventually we started a water pong tournament inside. We had a great turnout and we are hoping for a big check in return.

College roomie was there with her flag football team for Sunday Funday 🙂

The fundraising that we are doing is for two trips that our class has during our time here. The first one is next January for the Combined Sections Meeting for the APTA in Las Vegas. It’s basically just a big conference and is great for getting information about job opportunities and see whats new in the PT world. And it’s in Vegas. How much more awesome can you get?! (Last year was in San Diego, which was also pretty awesome.)

The other trip that we are fundraising for is our mission-type trip to Costa Rica in our 3rd year. Every year a group of the third years goes to an area of the country – not the beaches – to work with under privileged patients who don’t have the money or insurance to get the care that they need. We have to bring our own supplies (hot packs, ultrasound, exercise equipment, etc) so that is what we raise the money for.

My class is almost over thank goodness. While I am glad I had this refresher of how to prescribe exercise to special populations and the sorr, at the same time I am feeling like it is a total waste of my time. For example: I get to class super early in order to miss traffic on the highway. Today was no different, I arrived around 7:20 for my 8:30 class. I normally would go to the gym on campus and just get some cardio in but I knew we were doing measurements and stuff so I opted not to so I wasn’t all sweaty. We proceeded to dos skin fold and circumference measurements on partners. And we finished in about 30 minutes. So really, I drove 40 minutes to class, waited for an hour for class to start, finished our worksheet in 30 minutes, then drove home 40 minutes. If that’s not a waste of my time, I don’t know what is. Luckily we have one practical and one final left: both of which will take probably a total of 30 minutes.

Time to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the nephew. He is home sick and I get to stay home and watch him.


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