Summer is Here.

Yes, technically its been summer for awhile, but my summer class is now over – with the exception of an online final on Thursday. I had my practical this morning and it went very well. So after Thursday I’ll officially be on summer vacation!

I had talked about possibly getting a job to get some extra money for the summer just to have a little income – and yes, I did search and apply places – but I just stopped trying so hard and I am okay with not having one. I applied to a few restaurants and a few PT offices to tech but no one was thrilled about hiring summer help. Unfortunately with the work load I have during the semester, a job is just not attainable if I wish to keep my sanity. So even though I’ll be watching my bank account closely over the next few months, I am super excited to have some free time to hang out by the pool, see friends, visit friends and relax with family.

This past weekend one of my closest friends, Hana, was home for the weekend for Father’s Day. We went on a long walk Friday night (about 5 miles) and just chatted the whole way catching up on lost time. She lives in NYC so it’s exciting when she comes home and we (us and two of our other close friends from home) get a chance to all hang out. Unfortunately, Chelsea had some plans with her family so she wasn’t able to join in on the pool day we planned Saturday.

After helping out at our yard sale fundraiser, I headed to Silver Spring to meet up with Hana at Bianca’s apartment for a pool and tanning sesh. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend it!

Saturday night was rather chill: it consisted of Moby’s and movies with Ty. Sunday was lazy and consisted of a lot of lounging by the pool. I used to hate going to the pool by myself when I was in high school and such – now it’s the best thing ever. OH! And I read the first two books in the Matched series by Allie Condie. So good. If you like the Hunger Games series, I would definitely recommend these books. I’m hoping my library gets the third one in soon! That took up all of Sunday and Monday.


I have been doing really well with keeping up with my workouts since the semester ended. I did cancel my gym membership recently so I have to be more creative with my workouts at home – but overall I am feeling good and enjoying all this free time I have to work out.
Monday morning I got up and headed straight to the pool. I’ve been wanting to start swimming laps but I was nervous because I haven’t swum since literally 5th grade. It was definitely rough water – haha, get it? – to start with. I got in a great workout though and I am hoping to make swimming a part of my normal schedule. It definitely got my heart rate up and my arms are J-E-L-L-O.  Today I worked out my legs and I was legit waddling through Target because I am feeling it
I wanted to go up to the track/bleachers tomorrow but I’m going to have to see how I am feeling. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and I felt okay until I got home after the gym and felt worse. I need to kick this thing fast because nothing is going to ruin my weekend down south coming up! 
Question of the Day:

Any good books or book series (I love series) recommendations? I’ve been going to the library and just grabbing random things but it’s always hit or miss. Give me some good ones!


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