Life is Good Today.

Whoa. This post is way over due. I said I would come back later Monday or Tuesday and here it is Thursday! Well I haven’t been doing nothing, in case you were wondering. In fact, I have been doing a lot!

Yep, that is what the last three days have consisted of. And a lot of painting. And waiting. And more painting. And staining. And more waiting. Sigh. DIY renovations are hard work. But. Enough about that for now… Let’s finish my recap of my trip to NC!

So Saturday morning we woke up and had no immediate plans which was nice. We showered, talked about the concert and relaxed. Soon we started to get pretty hungry so C suggested my first trip to Bojangles! 
It did not disappoint and definitely hit the spot after all the drinks at the concert. It was the perfect lunch and allowed me to get my Southern fix in :). It started storming while we were eating so we kept a close eye on the radar. We had plans to head down to Chapel Hill for the night and didn’t want to get too wet.
Luckily it held off for the most part and so we made our way down to Chapel Hill. I had been to UNC once about 8+ years ago for a soccer camp but never really saw much of the campus – besides the dining halls and fields. So we took a little tour of the campus and C showed me around her old stomping grounds. Everything was so beautiful and I can see why she loves it so much down there. 
Obviously the tour started at the soccer fields. Where else would we go first?

Although I loved my undergrad experience so much, visiting places like UNC always makes me feel like I missed out on the Division 1 college experience and missed out on everything that goes with going to such a large university. Anyways… Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to our destination before it started raining but we didn’t mind too much. We finally made it to Franklin Street.
Sorry for the awful picture – you can’t really see the cute shops and such – but it was raining pretty hard at this point and didn’t want my phone to get soaked; priorities haha. Franklin Street is at the top of UNC’s campus. It has all kinds of restaurants, boutiques, bars, cupcake shops, anything you can think of. C was telling me that this is the infamous street that gets rushed with riots when UNC wins basketball championships – so cool! After hopping from awning to awning to avoid getting even more soaked, we made it to our destination: Top of the Hill!
As you can see from the menu above, this picture was taken after the UNC Men’s basketball team won the NCAA tournament. The rooftop-looking bar you can see in the middle is actually Top of the Hill. 
I didn’t snap pictures of my food – I was too hungry and haven’t gotten too in to snapping pictures in public of my food yet. But I of course got the beers in there. They actually brew their own beer so I was excited to try some new brews! I ended up getting the Plott Hound Pale Ale. It was good, but a bit too hoppy/rye tasting with the after taste. C got the Blueridge Blueberry Wheat, followed by the Old Well White – which was so good. It was the perfect little dinner spot to give me an all around taste of UNC.
After dinner, we made our way over to C’s friend’s house to hang out before heading out to the bars. Drinking games are probably my most favorite thing to do when with lots of friends – so games we played! We ended up playing civil war all night which I was more than okay with. That was probably my favorite game in college so it was fun to bring back some of those memories and make some new ones with new friends! When the cab arrived, we headed back to Franklin Street and made our way to Good Fellas.
Yay for new friends!
Love love love
It was a great night! C’s friends made me feel more than welcome with the plethora of shots that were coming my way; which I just can never say no to ;).
We eventually made our way back to the guys’ house and passed out.
Sunday morning consisted of a delicious breakfast at The Flying Biscuit Cafe. So good!!
They delivered some biscuits and this amazing apple-cinnamon-something-or-other jam stuff; omg so good. Then I dug right in to an egg and bacon sandwich with rosemary potatoes. Perfect southern food ending to my weekend.
After heading back to Raleigh, showering and napping, I hit the road. It was such a great weekend and I can’t wait to make another visit with C moves back down to Chapel Hill for grad school!
Ah. Okay. I think the cabinets are now ready for the next step – this is so exhausting…

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