Impromptu Beach Day

Hey there! I haven’t been up to too much the past week; the usual reading books, laying at the pool, sleeping and eating. Yep, boring. But yesterday T, his sister and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the beach for the day! None of of us have had the chance to get down … More Impromptu Beach Day

Track Workout

So since my workouts have been slacking lately, naturally I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration. I decided to look at some different track workouts and get some ideas of what to do today when I headed to my old stomping grounds. I miss being in soccer shape – heck, I miss soccer a … More Track Workout


Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. Let’s recap the weekend! Thursday The heat got the best of us Thursday and altered plans a bit. Me and T headed up north a bit to meet up with his friend that he coaches with and a few other guys. We were going to … More Crabs!

Feeling Hot

Hot Hot Hot Whew. I don’t know how the weather is by you all but here on the East Coast it is smoldering.┬áThe last few days have had heat index temperatures over 100 degrees and poor air quality warnings. Ugh, that’s summers in DC for ya.┬áThankfully, I don’t really have anything to do so I … More Feeling Hot

Aca-scuse Me

I decided to give the blog a little face lift because I was bored today. The usual day in the life. Normally I would love all this free time but sometimes I just really want to jump out of my window. In other news: I am addicted to the movie Pitch Perfect. I watched it … More Aca-scuse Me