Who’s Harper?

So yesterday me and C made our way to DC to see the Nationals play the Brewers! We were a little worried at first because they were calling for some pretty massive storms – but it’s summer, and they literally call for storms every day. We decided to just go for it since our tickets were $2 and if we ended up getting rained on, so be it.

After driving to Metro and riding two trains to the ball park, we finally arrived. As C had never been to the stadium before, I was excited to show her the Bullpen – an area right next to the stadium with music, beer, corn hole, and lots of people watching.

I had only ever been there on the weekends so being there on a weeknight was much less crowded which was nice. Even in the stadium it was not too packed which was great! After doing some people watching and drinking a beer, we headed in to the stadium to take advantage of the $5 beers before first pitch! And of course buy one two hot dogs since it was Dollar Dog Night.

We sat behind the scoreboard and enjoyed our food before finding our seats.

As you can see, the sky looked super threatening at some points to open up and rain down on us. But fortunately it cleared up and ended up being the perfect night for a game! The humidity from earlier in the day dropped slightly and there was a slight breeze coming at us – perfection. 

Our seats were great; and for only $2, I’ll take it! The threat of rain probably scared a few people off too but I was surprised at how empty it seemed. The only other game I went in to was on Memorial Day though and I’m pretty sure was a sell out crowd. These are a few perks of being one of few at the ball park….

An entire row to yourselves! Okay, a few people came down later in the game but for awhile it was nice.

Being able to do this:

Who doesn’t love the freedom to put your feet up and watch the ball game nice and relaxed?!

It ended up being a great night and I’m glad I could accompany C to her first experience at Nat’s Park! And of course the Nat’s won so made it better (even though I’m an Orioles fan at heart; I’m from Maryland, it’s only right). There was much more action in last night’s game – the final was 10-5- than in the previous game I went to so it was more exciting for me to watch! Also, Bryce Harper made his return with a bang as he homered on his first pitch back.

And yes, I did ask C “Who’s Harper?” My mom had texted me telling me that he was back and even though I’ve obviously heard of him, it just shows how much baseball I really watch, haha.

Well I’m going to go try and sneak a run in before it gets too humid out there; yeah, right.


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