The Time I Subluxed My Shoulder; Again…

Hey friends! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know what I’ve been up to the past week! Sorry I’m so MIA, my life just isn’t exciting in the summer and I am fully enjoying this time off.

Let’s start with the Fourth! Obviously, it wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without hot dogs, burgers, beers and crab chips…

So delicious. I have a slight obsession with Old Bay Seasoning; I literally put it on everything. (Eggs, seafood, salad, chicken, you name it.)
So, about the title of this post….
I was casually sitting at the dinner table on the 4th, eating my grilled foods, when my napkin decided to fall on the ground under T’s feet. He couldn’t reach it so I leaned over and stretched my arm out to grab it when: POP. Yep. Felt a little pop, freaked out, sat up and tried not to cry/pass out. I knew almost immediately that it had subluxed (meaning itbasically dislocated, but then went right back in to place.) My freshman year of college during lifting in the spring was the first time this happened. It had happened so quickly I didn’t really register what had happened and didn’t even go to the trainers til the next day when it was so stiff I couldn’t put a shirt on. This time though was so painful for about 3 minutes, then it started to fade and I could eventually move it more over my head. I still don’t have full range of motion so I might head in to my old work to get it looked at. It’s fine now though despite being a little sore; it was just the initial shock that freaked me out. Looks like I need to strengthen my shoulder capsule more to prevent that from happening again. 
Okay, so anyways. After dinner  a few friends came over and we sat out on the back porch playing card games, drinking beers, and just hanging out. It was low-key, but it was a great Fourth!
All last week I was dog sitting for a family friend. Lily is older and I’ve watched her numerous times in the past – she is a Jack Russel Terrier and is a little princess. But they have a new puppy that they got when Lily’s sister had to be put down: Meet Griffin.
He is a monster. The cutest little thing ever and he really was a good pup, he just got in to everything and anything – we had to de-Griffin the house. He is a Wheaten Terrier and is about 8 months old. I loved having a running partner though for the week. Even though he wasn’t used to jogging, he did great and his mommy and daddy are probably not happy that I spoiled him with 4 mile walk/jogs every day. 
Next: I know I mentioned this before but let’s talk about our cabinet transformations! I don’t have any before pictures but we took our cabinets from a dark brown to an antique white color. We used Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations. You can check out the site and see how easy it is to do. It does take time though. You have to wait at least an hour, up to 8-12 hours, after each step for everything to dry. It was definitely not a weekend project. But everything turned out so great and we are so happy with the results. Up next: new counter tops and new wall paint color. We are going to go with a black counter top, but we are still unsure what color would look best on the walls.

Other than that stuff, I haven’t been up to much. Lots of pool days trying to get tan and playing with this little dude.

The cutest. I actually am on my way to go help my sister with swim lessons for the munchkins now. Talk to y’all later!


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