Feeling Hot

Hot Hot Hot

Whew. I don’t know how the weather is by you all but here on the East Coast it is smoldering. The last few days have had heat index temperatures over 100 degrees and poor air quality warnings. Ugh, that’s summers in DC for ya. Thankfully, I don’t really have anything to do so I can enjoy the luxury of my AC and my bed.

This article is accurate.

Book Update

So I finished the first book of the Uglies series that I told you I was starting last time. I enjoyed it a lot and have since finished the second one too! I happened to find the second and third on the shelves at the library even though I had put them on hold and was waiting for them. Obviously the library doesn’t understand how serious I am about my book reading. I got them yesterday, finished the second one a few hours ago and am getting ready to start the third.
While these are your typical post-apocalyptic books, I really like the plot so far. I’m excited to see how it all plays out. Hopefully I can get my hands on the fourth book soon!

Sweaty Workouts

Well with this heat, my workouts have been more than slacking. Swimming is something that I have been turning to but I haven’t been feeling motivated lately. Today I decided to switch things up a bit. I slept in later than I wanted unfortunately; the longer you wait to get out there, the hotter it gets. My original plan was just a walk to a local park then come home and swim, but that quickly changed when I decided to do a “Circuit-type walk”.
Along the path to the park there are about 5 benches or so spread out along the route. When I reached the first one I decided to do something a little different. I did 15 bench hops on the first one, 15 push ups on the second, and switched off every bench until I reached the park. My legs were really feeling those bench hops once I got up the massive hill but I headed straight for a playground that I previously have done a little work out on. I did some planks, squats and lunges there before heading toward the dock where I rested a bit and just enjoyed being near the lake. 
Planks for days. 

Soon a large group of campers invaded my rest spot ready to go fishing off the dock so I decided to head back home. I did the same thing on the benches coming home, but this time switching up tricep dips and step-ups. It was a great, sweaty workout! I opted out of my swim since my legs were seriously feeling everything I had just done.

Love the trails by my house.
I ended up walking about three and half miles by the time I got back to my house. It was a great workout. Running hasn’t been high on my options of workouts lately because I’ve been having knee pain after about a mile of running. I usually just ignore it because it would go away once I stopped running, but now after I run it continues to bother me all day especially going down steps. Annoying.
If this heat keeps up then my weekend plans might get moved again, but as of right now me and T are hoping to make it to a local winery for a tasting, live music and a picnic. This is part of our three year celebration but it kept getting pushed back – hopefully we can do it soon!
Stay cool out there!

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