Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. Let’s recap the weekend!


The heat got the best of us Thursday and altered plans a bit. Me and T headed up north a bit to meet up with his friend that he coaches with and a few other guys. We were going to go to an event downtown with live music and breweries and such, but it was scorching hot and we opted to head to the bars instead. Unfortunately, two of the three bars we were at had faulty A/C; aka we were sweating bullets standing there, ugh. It was a good time though and I was happy to get out of the house and do something different.


I don’t really remember what I did during the day Friday; probably laid by the pool trying to beat the heat. But soon enough I headed to T’s house and we headed to a little crab place about 30 minutes away with his family. It was our first crabs of the season and they did not disappoint.
We sat outside under a large porch-like area in the back of the restaurant with big picnic tables. It had sort of a beachy feel so we just all decided to pretend we were at the beach since that’s where we all wanted to be. We quickly dug in to a couple dozen crabs, some shrimp, hush puppies, and of course a few pitchers of beer.
When we were stuffed with delicious seafood, we headed back to T’s house for a few rounds of Rummy and a new-to-me card game, Buddy. It’s similar to Spades or Hearts, but you place bets on how many hands you will win and get points according to how accurate you were. It was a lot of fun and it was great to spend time with the family.


T made plans for us to grab lunch Saturday with his old college roommate and his girlfriend. We took them on a mini tour of T’s town and the high school where he coaches – it’s a very small town but I love the close knit community. After the five minute tour we headed to one of three restaurants in town for a bite to eat. I went with a club wrap, simple but delicious. After lunch we headed to the high school and walked around the fields a bit. T’s friend is helping out with the football teams this year so I’m excited to have his girlfriend to sit with at games!
Saturday night we grilled out with my sister, her husband and the boys. They are going on vacation for two weeks so my mom wanted to get her fill of the grand children. T came over as well and the boys loved playing ball with him in the back yard. He is a little kid at heart so he has always gotten along great with my nephews. It was a great family filled night!


Sunday was just what Sundays are made for – relaxation. I started the day off with a run and headed straight to the pool after that to cool off, get my tan on, and finish a book I’ve been struggling through. The rest of the day was filled with watching soccer on TV and relaxing. 
Overall I had a jam-packed weekend compared to what some of my other weekends this summer have looked like. Unfortunately Ty and I didn’t make it to the winery but maybe next weekend. The rain has been so off and on along with the humidity so it’s making it hard to figure out when we can go.
I’ll be back later with a track workout that I did today that kicked my butt!

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