Track Workout

So since my workouts have been slacking lately, naturally I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration. I decided to look at some different track workouts and get some ideas of what to do today when I headed to my old stomping grounds. I miss being in soccer shape – heck, I miss soccer a ton – but there’s just something about being on the track that gets me motivated to really push myself.

I got some inspiration from a few posts and made up my own work out I went along. Here’s what I did today:

Two lap warm up with dynamic stretching 

Two sets of bleachers – These things are massive. I think its 38 steps x 6 for the upper level, then 24-ish steps x 6 for the lower level. I took my heart rate with an app I got on my phone after the second set and it was 186, phew great workout!
Why yes, that is sweat dripping down my legs.
Back to the track to stretch it out a bit then got started on an alteration of what my SUWS ladies refer to as “Heart Attacks”:
  • Sprint the curve, jog the straight-a-way, sprint the curve, jog the straight-a-way
    • After each lap I did a 30 second plank, 15 side planks with clams, and 15 squats
  • Repeat for a mile
Old stomping grounds
I ended the work out with 2 laps of a cool-down jog and one lap walking and shaking out my legs.

It ended up being 41 minutes long and man was I sweating like crazy! It was a great workout and it felt so good to switch things up a bit.
I think tomorrow I’ll swim then maybe head back to the track on Wednesday. I need to take advantage of this free time for the next month while I have it. I’ve been told that this coming semester is going to be super time consuming with practicing techniques and researching things, ugh can’t wait…


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