Impromptu Beach Day

Hey there! I haven’t been up to too much the past week; the usual reading books, laying at the pool, sleeping and eating. Yep, boring. But yesterday T, his sister and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the beach for the day!

None of of us have had the chance to get down there this year so when I suggested it earlier in the week, they were more than game. I spent the night over there Friday night and we got up around 6am Saturday morning and hit the road.

Ocean City is about three hours from home, but the drive wasn’t bad at all. We decided to swing through Salisbury on our way down to pick up some breakfast and see all that has changed since me and T graduated. Wow. They have built it up so much just within the past 2-3 years; we were amazed at all the new restaurants, apartment complexes, and even a huge water tower by the athletic fields. Things always get better once you’re gone!
We hit a little traffic right after the bridge and of course some going in to downtown OC, but overall it was smooth sailing. We quickly found a parking spot along the road and headed to the beach! The weather was perfect and it ended up being such a great day. It was a little cloudy at first and cooler, but soon enough the sun was beating down on us. T’s sister was brave enough to get in the icy water but I was content with letting it just come up to my shins. 
We had stopped at Wawa in the Bury and grabbed some subs for lunch that we stored in the cooler while at the beach. That way we didn’t have to leave the beach to find food. We laid around in the sand for the majority of the day, but T and I did manage to play frisbee for awhile before the sun started to scorch the sand. He gets pretty restless laying at the beach all day, while me and his sister were enjoying every second. We also took a walk for a few streets along the water just to get up and moving. Oh, and he did bring some reading material to keep him occupied…
Yes. That is a defensive coaching book for football. Whatever keeps him happy, right? Haha. There is no off season to this kid and he is always preparing himself to help make his team better; I love it. I’m glad I got a chance to spend a solid day of bonding with him before football starts in two weeks – because from then to November, I sometimes forget I have a boyfriend because of how busy he is. Okay, not really forget, but it’s just harder to plan to see him. I am really excited though to go to his games since he is coaching Varsity this year. It should be a great season. 

Unfortunately, plans for the winery have been pushed back again due to the current rain happening outside. Well, it’s not raining now but it was all morning and yesterday, and they are calling for more in a few hours. Hopefully we can do it before football starts…

Alright I should get out of bed and do something useful with my day – we’ll see. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Impromptu Beach Day

  1. Have so much fun! We just went for the day but it was perfect out and we were happy to get there at least for a short time. I have my alumni game in August that I will be in OC again for a weekend thankfully 🙂

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