Alumni Weekend

Phew- nothing like a summer time illness to knock you out for a week. Upon returning from my alumni weekend I was not feeling 100%. Monday I struggled through class and Tuesday I was down for the count. Sinus infection, 100+ temperature all day, and overall just plain miserable. Lucky for me, Tuesday is clinic … More Alumni Weekend

Cunningham Falls

Hi friends! Today my mom and I took my nephews over to Cunningham Falls, about 45 minutes away. It was a beautiful day out and the perfect day for a little picnic and hike. Our first stop was to the lake where there were picnic tables and a whole bunch of people taking advantage of … More Cunningham Falls


Happy Friday y’all! Let’s recap my fabulous day in Downtown Annapolis with the boyfriend yesterday. We decided to go on a little getaway before football starts up and I lose him until November. His friend that he coaches with appropriately referred to myself and his own wife as “football widows” – accurate. So yesterday afternoon … More DTA

Quality Time

Oh Monday, you are here again. I can’t complain because my Mondays are the same as any other day thanks to summer break. But other people have to go back to work and do real people things so it’s unfortunate for me. This weekend was a great one! Probably the most jam packed in awhile … More Quality Time