Quality Time

Oh Monday, you are here again. I can’t complain because my Mondays are the same as any other day thanks to summer break. But other people have to go back to work and do real people things so it’s unfortunate for me.

This weekend was a great one! Probably the most jam packed in awhile and I have some great stuff to look forward to this coming week that is keeping my spirits high.


So Friday was pretty chill. I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night because I wasn’t feeling well so I relaxed mainly and hydrated a ton; I think I was a bit dehydrated – I’ve not been doing the best with drinking water lately and it’s definitely catching up to me. But when a friend from high school asked if I wanted to play some pick up soccer later in the evening I was more than game! I haven’t played in about a year, if not more, so it was great to get out there.
Unfortunately only 3 of us were able to get together but it was nice to get a sweat in and get some touches on the ball. Let me tell you, I thought I was in pretty decent shape – not soccer shape. I was struggling within minutes, using all these muscles I wasn’t used to using just running or swimming. I have my alumni game coming up in a few weeks and that is going to be rough. My plan is to bump up my agility and sprint work to prepare for that game and just to get myself in overall better shape. Hopefully I can get together with some people more and get touches on the ball. 


Saturday turned out to be a pretty crappy day out – super rainy all day. I headed over to T’s house but the rain altered our plans a bit. We decided to head out and get some lunch and then we went and stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods to browse. Of course T couldn’t resist dressing me up in football gear…

We walked out empty handed which is a serious win for both of us. I have a major obsession with all things Nike and Under Armour so walking through the racks took serious restraint. We headed back to T’s house and relaxed for bit before deciding to go see a movie. We settled on Pacific Rim. It was actually really good. Definitely action packed and I really liked the whole plot of the film. We ended the night at Moby’s for dinner.


The sun came back out Sunday and it was absolutely beautiful! I didn’t want to waste the day away inside so we talked about making the trip to the winery. We both decided we wanted to do something more active so we opted out of the winery and headed to the park near my house for some kayaking! It was a popular place and we were nervous we wouldn’t get a boat but it all worked out.
We looked in to kayaking on the Potomac but it was more than twice the price of these boats per hour and this was much closer to home. We hopped in to a double kayak and took off in to the water.
Obviously T was really working it. I worked hard too but I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere unless he was rowing too. It was a perfect day and I was so happy we got to spend so much quality time together this weekend.
Football starts up next week and once that starts, time with T is extremely limited. Especially now that he is calling both JV and Varsity games. It was great to spend this time together and we also have some pretty great plans coming up this week that I am so excited for. We are going to Downtown Annapolis for a night this week just to get away and spend more time together before I start school and he starts football. I know it’s going to be such a great night. 
Now is time for a nap – I have to pick up my sister and her family from the airport at midnight tonight and I really hope I can stay awake. I have missed my little nephews and can’t wait for them to be back in Maryland. I’ll be back next week with a review of our date day/night in Annapolis and a few other things planned for the weekend. 
See y’all!

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