Happy Friday y’all!

Let’s recap my fabulous day in Downtown Annapolis with the boyfriend yesterday. We decided to go on a little getaway before football starts up and I lose him until November. His friend that he coaches with appropriately referred to myself and his own wife as “football widows” – accurate.

So yesterday afternoon T came by and scooped me up around 1 o’clock and we were on our way. It’s about an hour trip and the drive was easy. It was super overcast at home but thankfully it cleared up when we neared Annapolis.

So pretty

We passed our hotel since we weren’t supposed to be checking in until 3 and headed towards the docks to grab some lunch by the water. I had gotten recommendations by multiple people to try Pusser’s, a restaurant and bar right on the water.

Our view at lunch – lots of paddle boarders kept passing by
Pusser’s signature drink – The Painkiller

While we enjoyed the views of the water and the drinks, the food was nothing special. I ordered the crab cake sandwich and T ordered a jerk chicken wrap. We also got some crab dip to start out with. The crab dip was alright – very cream-cheesy and not a ton of crab. I ended up just eating the crab cake without the bun and it was fairly good. Lots of lump crab meat and not a ton of filler but I was expecting a bit better seeing as how we were in Annapolis. T’s wrap was super spicy and flavorful, but nothing to write home about. 

After lunch we walked around the dock a bit and I found a stranger to take our picture. 
I look awkward
Soon we were headed back up Main Street to our hotel. We got settled in to our room and decided to take a nap and watch some shark week. The hotel was nice, just like any normal hotel. Our view was of the parking garage – more precisely of just the stucco wall. But it had a bed and a TV and we were content. 
After a little nap we got dressed for dinner. 
We Yelped some places near by to figure out where we can get some beers and watch the Redskins preseason game and we found a place that looked good that was within walking distance. Unfortunately we did that before the nap and when we were out the door we determined that in reality that pub was a 2+ mile walk. The sky was looking mighty threatening so we opted to find a place closer.
These birds were all over DTA, all decorated in different designs
A family friend had recommended Rams Head Tavern and that was within walking distance so we decided to give it a shot.

While I wasn’t too hungry yet because of our late lunch, I was more than game for a few beers and appetizers. We found a table in the bar area right in front of a TV that was showing the Skins game – Perfect. We decided on just getting some chicken tenders and french fries to snack on while we watched the game and chatted. We had more than our fair share of beers and decided to head back at half time.
Our drunken walk back took us past 7-11 so naturally we had to stop in there. Thinking back now I should have gotten something to eat because my stomach was hating me this morning; but T got a hot dog and we got a big 1.5 liter of water. 
We obviously are getting old because we were both more than content with being in bed before 11. And we both passed out hard. My stomach, however, had me up at 5:30 and I could not fall back asleep. I eventually woke up T around 8 and begged him to get up so we could get some food. He was not happy about it but we made the trek to Dunkin Donuts. I felt a million times better with some food in me. We didn’t have to check out until noon so we went back and relaxed while watching some Sportscenter. 
It was a perfect day and night away. I’m so, so, so glad we got a chance to do that before football starts up and before I start school again. That kid sure does know how to make me smile and I’m happy we got to spend that time together alone. 
And, to get me excited about going to some Varsity games this year to watch him coach – he got me some gear! His high school he coaches at uses the same “P” as Purdue so he actually buys things from the Purdue store to wear for coaching. He surprised me with this shirt when he told me he was just ordering some socks and a shirt for himself.
Love it! Now I have some sweet gear to wear to the games. Go Falcons!
Well, that’s all I have for you today. I am in dire need of a nap – I can hear my pillows calling my name.

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