Photo Dump – Life Lately

Hi friends! Life around here has been the same old, same old so I’m just gonna empty my phone’s pictures and let you in on what has been going on in my life lately:

I had the pleasure of hanging out with these two munchkins while my sister had some meetings to go to before school starts up. Spencer think he is much bigger than he is 🙂

How freaking cute is this toaster from Target?! They have a toaster, crock pot, coffee machine and blender all in this print and I was in love.

My sister and her husband treated me and my parents to some good old Maryland crabs – yum!
Shopping at the outlets with this little man during tax free week! 
I’ve been enjoying this weather around here lately with multiple jogs and walks around the lakes! It’s been in the 70s lately and so beautiful out.
I attended my Uncle’s promotion ceremony this past week which was great to be apart of. He is now Sergeant of the Montgomery County Park Police. So proud of him!
And the best for last: remember in November when I went to see my favorite music group?! Well they just released their new tour and they are coming back to the DMV! In November again, and on a Sunday; and knowing me I’ll probably have a huge test on that next Monday…. But i bought tickets anyways!
So excited for that! I got me and T tickets, and our friends Sarah, Lacey, and Sean all got tickets as well! Unfortunately it’s still an all ages show – but it will be a great time!
Well I only have one more full week of vacation before school starts back up and I plan on taking full advantage of that relaxation time. Til next time y’all!

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