Cunningham Falls

Hi friends! Today my mom and I took my nephews over to Cunningham Falls, about 45 minutes away. It was a beautiful day out and the perfect day for a little picnic and hike.

Our first stop was to the lake where there were picnic tables and a whole bunch of people taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The boys were ready to eat and play in the sand.
After lunch and a quick foot dip in the lake, we headed over to where the trail was to the falls. My mom hadn’t been here in awhile and thought there was a parking lot right by the falls – well there was not. 
Yep. A half mile isn’t much – but when you’re with a two and a five year old, it turns in to about a five mile trek. It wasn’t too bad of a walk and the boys did great. Soon enough, we finally reached the falls! I guess there hasn’t been much rain lately because the falls were kind of just like a trickle of water down some rocks, haha. I was the only one who wore sneakers so I ventured over the rocks to the other side and starting climbing!
See that highlighter yellow shirt? All the way up there? That’s me!
Once I ventured all the way up to the top and made my way back down, C of course wanted to go over. So I went back and grabbed him and we made our way carefully to the other side. He did great in listening to me with which rocks to step on. I even got him up on to one of the lower cliffs.
And of course by the time we got back to the other side, S was ready to cross the rocks! That was a little more difficult because I had to carry him across the rocks carefully without slipping. He enjoyed going across the rocks too.
It was a great day and I definitely got my work out in for the day. The boys were pooped!

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