Alumni Weekend

Phew- nothing like a summer time illness to knock you out for a week.

Upon returning from my alumni weekend I was not feeling 100%. Monday I struggled through class and Tuesday I was down for the count. Sinus infection, 100+ temperature all day, and overall just plain miserable. Lucky for me, Tuesday is clinic day (and we don’t start for a few weeks) so I was in bed all day. Unlucky for me, I have been out of it all week because of that and already feel behind in the first week back – ugh! But I’ll talk about that later… Let’s go back to last weekend and talk about my favorite weekend of the year!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early ready to go. Two old teammates who live nearby came over and we hit the road to our alma mater. In case you missed it, I played soccer in college and every year they have an alumni game – the current team vs the old players. It is by far my favorite time of the year – more reason to reunite with my best friends and get a little crazy?! Yes please.

We were smooth sailing over the Bay Bridge and made it to the Bury in no time. We had a few hours to spare so we made a pit stop at the school store to browse and pick up some gear. I was slightly obsessed with this shirt and would have bought it if it wasn’t $30!

We then headed to the field and hung out for a bit while waiting for the team and coaches to arrive to open the gate. The weather was perfect and we had a pretty solid turn out for the alumni team. The team got a new coach this year so we actually had our coach there sort of “coaching” us and assisting with subs. It was hot and we are no longer in soccer shape (which is so different than just being in shape), so it was nice to be able to bust our butts for a few minutes then get a sub and switch off. We ended up tying the team but it was a great game!
After the game we headed straight to Ocean City and checked in to our hotel. We wasted no time at all before we changed and headed to Seacrets for dinner and drinks.

Having worked here for two summers, I have a love hate relationship with this place – but I must say, the sunsets are the absolute best.

We made our way to the live music after dinner and polished off a few more drinks before heading back to the hotel and showering up for the night – and doing a little more pregaming.
After a few too many more beers, we walked the few streets to Fager’s Island, a group favorite for the dance floor. It was a great night. Some of the younger girls met us out as well which was so much fun.
We ended the night around 2 am. But not before making a stop at a pizza place to buy $40 worth of pizza and breadsticks. In hind site, it was probably not the best idea – but at the time, it was a fabulous idea. 
The next morning I was up at 7, per usual. I just don’t know how to sleep in when I’m severely hung over. So I put on my bathing suit, grabbed my shades and a towel and hit the beach!
It was perfect weather – a nice breeze but the sun was still pretty strong. I walked a bit and just relaxed by myself enjoying my last bit of freedom before school started and I had to head back to reality. Everyone else woke up around ten and met me out on the beach. We laid around for a few hours before me and the two other girls headed back home.
I seriously wait for this weekend all year. I don’t get to see these girls very often so it is always a great – and often wreckless – time! Unfortunately, school started on Monday so I had to leave Sunday afternoon before everyone else began Sunday Funday – so jealous. But it was an amazing way to spend my last weekend of freedom.
I’ll be back later this weekend to talk about the start of school and how I’m feeling so far with my classes this semester. Hint: I already feel behind and lost – gah!


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