Busy Bee

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I’ve been so busy and have not been keeping up with posts. Second year is no joke with the work load and my exams are creeping up on me fast!I have so much to recap about my weekend in South Carolina visiting T’s younger sister with him and his family. But I … More Busy Bee

Never Forget

Today makes me forget about all of my stress, all of my worries, and every little thing that I’ve been complaining about recently. In the scheme of things, my stresses and worries are nothing compared to the sacrifices that some people have given for me to even be here today.     Today makes me … More Never Forget


Warning you now, this post is going to be a bit heavy; I just really need to get everything out of my head and on to something.       I’ve struggled with anxiety for the past few years now. It started I think when I started applying to PT school and began to realize … More WHY

And we’re back.

Alright folks, school has officially started back up and man did they just throw us in there. Being my second year of PT school I was fully anticipating a quick moving start to the semester – but that sickness last week totally wore me out and I already feel behind! I tried to keep up … More And we’re back.