And we’re back.

Alright folks, school has officially started back up and man did they just throw us in there.

Being my second year of PT school I was fully anticipating a quick moving start to the semester – but that sickness last week totally wore me out and I already feel behind! I tried to keep up as well as I could and while I was present in class all last week, I’m not quite sure my head was all there every day.

Enough said, this long weekend was needed – not only to get better, but also to just catch up with reading and assignments and get my sh*t together.

So let’s chat about school and the classes I am taking this semester:

Research. If you have been around here for awhile, you probably gathered that research is totally not my forte. Last semester I really struggled with our research class and it stressed me out more than the classes I needed to really understand. In undergrad I never really did much research to be honest. I wrote one, maybe two, large papers in undergrad and they weren’t anything crazy. So this semester, we are actually writing a proposal for a research study on a topic that is sort of assigned to us. We basically sort 9 topics from 1-9, most to least interesting. I ended up with Cancer Rehabilitation. I’m excited about the topic and I know I can go in so many different directions, I’m just so lost on how to get there! I think everyone is about on the same page as me though, and it’s only week so we will see how things progress!

PT as a Manager. Another class that isn’t a priority in most of our minds but is still important as a whole to our profession. So far, so good in this class. We have a few busy work type assignments to turn in once a month but I already knocked out one this weekend and am working on the second – go me! I’m just trying to get some of that out of the way so I can focus on the core of this semester…

Orthopedics. The way our curriculum is set up, this is all the ortho that I will be getting. And seeing as how I see myself working in an orthopedic clinic in the future, it’s vital that I take in all that I can this semester. The class is split up in to two different “sections”: Peripheral and spinal. Peripheral (meaning extremeties) is on Mondays; Spinal (meaning anything having to do with the spine) is on Thursdays. Tuesdays we will be in an integrated clinical setting. We had this last semester as well but I’m excited that we will be learning manipulations and mobilizations in the classroom then we get to go apply it in the community when we are in clinic. We don’t start clinic until the end of this month to sort of let us get on our feet first.

So far Ortho seems to be going okay. We have a teacher we have never had before and it’s hard to get a feel for his teaching style. Lectures have been long but informative. I guess my main issue right now is that I’m not sure what to expect from the tests because the information seems more application based rather than “memorize this information”, which we had all first year. I was expecting that, and honestly it wouldn’t be PT school if it wasn’t application based… it’s just different and I’m going to have to adjust.

This weekend has been spent doing research off and on as well as completing some of those random assignments that aren’t due until later on to get them out of the way.

Saturday night me and T attended a wine tasting birthday party. It was a first for us and it was definitely a cool experience. We aren’t huge wine drinkers so we had a beer close by all night but it was great to meet some new friends and spend some time with old friends on their birthday!

Now I’m off to my sisters for a little Labor Day cookout. Tomorrow I have off as well and will probably be spending some time in the library.


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