Favorite Things Friday #2

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. Things are really getting hectic around here.. Mid-terms are in two weeks and this research proposal is taking up entirely too much of my “free” time – aka time to be studying Ortho. Luckily our assignment for Research is due Sunday, so all next week will be focused on Ortho and practicing! Things are starting to get fun in lab – Grade 5 lumbar manipulation anyone??

Alright that’s enough chit-chat.. I gotta get some busy work done before diving in to more research. So without further ado…here are my favorite things from the week!

1. Favorite Activity


I started playing in a soccer league on Monday nights! My old cleats were pretty ratty and had zero support so I decided to go hunting for some new ones. I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on fancy new ones since I literally only play once a week for like 8 weeks, so I grabbed these for just $30! It’s so great to be getting out there and playing again – man do I miss it.

2. Favorite Snack / New place



So a brand new Wegman’s just opened up just a few miles down the road. I had never been but had been hearing wonderful things – and wow. That place is awesome. My favorite thing by far was the bulk section. Obviously the trail mix bar was a huge hit – I seriously have an addiction to trail mix. It’s probably unfortunate for my wallet – and belly – that its so close!

3. Favorite Study Break


My college soccer team played Stevenson last night in Baltimore – so me and one of my old teammates met up and went! We grabbed a bite to eat before and chatted about school (She is in OT school), family and life. It was so great to see her and catch up. The game turned out to be a close one – but luckily we came out on top! The team is super young this year – I’m talking one senior, 3-4 juniors, the rest sophomores and freshman; but they are looking really good so far this season.

4. Favorite Run

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I was getting frustrated with my research proposal topic, I feel like I have so much to look over for our mid-terms and in lab I just couldn’t get certain techniques down. I tend to just get down on myself if I don’t pick up on things right away – I’m stubborn. So when I got home I knew I wanted to just get out there and run. Now I’m not a very fast runner at all. You know that quote “I’m slower than a turtle stampeding through peanut butter”? Yeah, sometimes I think that applies to me. But then this happened…


Woo! For me, that’s a great pace and I was dang proud of that number. (Of course I immediately screen shot it and sent it to T) The run ended up being about 2.7 miles so it was a great run to clear my head and turn my day around.

5. Favorite Video

Oh em gee guys. So I’m a little bit in love with Justin Timberlake. And I really like hash tags. I tend to overuse them on Instgram and Twitter – #sorrynotsorry. So when I saw this video I was cracking up. Of course yesterday in lab me and my classmates were nonstop using the “Hashtag hand thing” and hashtag-ing everything. Check it out!

Alright folks – that’s it for today. Hopefully when thing start slowing down I’ll be able to post more about school and talk about whats been going on, but it probably won’t be until after midterms.

#THATSHOWWEDO #isitworthitletmeworkit


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