Fall Break

Hi friends! So last time we chatted I was pretty stressed out and was going a little crazy.

Fortunately, my exams went really well. I already found out my practical grades (very satisfied), but am impatiently waiting for my two written exam grades. I think I did well overall, there were some things I definitely was second guessing myself on but I don’t expect my grades to be bad at all. Hopefully my professor puts those up by tomorrow!

After our practicals on Thursday, a group of us hit the road to Richmond. We attended the VIrginia Physical Therapy student conclave/conference. We luckily hit no traffic and made it there in no time – then proceeded to the hotel bar to celebrate completion of mid-term Hell Week. The conference started bright and early Friday so we didn’t linger too long at the bar. While the conference overall was okay, it was not the way that we wanted to spend our first day of fall break. We sat in one room, listening to who knows how many speakers, for about 8 hours. It was awful. I didn’t find too many of the speakers helpful or interesting except for one or two. Once the exhibit hall opened in the afternoon, we were all so over being there that we didn’t roam around too long. Also, a majority of them were representative of Southern Virginia with no offices in NoVa, DC or MD – so most of us found that not helpful. But, we made our appearance and it was a good class bonding experience for those of us that went.

We got back to school around 7ish and I was exhausted. I really was hoping to make it to T’s game but there was a steady rain coming down and I could barely keep my eyes open on the drive home. I wish I had made it thought because they ended up winning on a 4th and goal stop with 7 seconds left in the game – so sad I missed it! Oh well, I will be making it to every game from now on. Also preventing me from heading to the game was the fact that I had to be at Noel’s around 10 the next morning to head to Baltimore!


Once we arrived at Brionna’s place in Baltimore, we walked to a nearby pub for some beers and lunch. Our friend Corrin ran the Baltimore Half so we were waiting for her to finish up and meet up with us.


We went to Looney’s, a local pub within walking distance of our friend’s place. I enjoyed a massive chicken club sandwich (I actually only ate half of that chicken, it was seriously huge!) adn a few Angry Orchards. One thing I am loving right now is all kinds of hard ciders – it’s the perfect time of the year for them! Shannon met up with us after about an hour there and we moved on to the next place – Mama’s on The Half Shell!

They are well known for their orange crushes (and oyster bar, ovbs) – but we were there for the drinks.

image (1)

I enjoyed this Grapefruit crush while the other girls sipped on the orange crushes. Seating was limited at this time of day so I opted for the window seat (Which I don’t think is technically a seat…

image (3)

Oh, and the best part about this day so far is that we were all in yoga pants and super casual clothes haha – the best! After the drinks at Mama’s, Corrin told us she was finished with the race/eating lunch/showering and was drinking at a bar down the street… so off we went!

We met up with her and 2 old friends from Salisbury who is was great to see. The drinking continued… I tried a pumpkin beer I had never had before (wasn’t a huge fan), then switched to a different, new to me cider which was fabulous. Soon enough we realized it was getting pretty late and should probably go get ready for the night. We ordered pizza and picked up a case of beers then headed back to Bri’s.

Check out these “can identifiers” that Bri had (I just totally made up that name but go with it…); basically they are like wrist band type material that have different words on them to help keep track of whose beer is whose. I thought mine was perfect, since I often refer to myself as similar names…

image (2)

Once we were ready, we snapped some pics then headed out the door – just as it started pouring, ugh. So instead of walking to the bar that was about 10 blocks away, we called a cab. The first place we went was a bust but we found a place where we could dance the night away and we didn’t leave the dance floor once we arrived.


Sorry for the blurry pic! But it turned out to be such a great night with great friends. It was just what I needed after the week that I had. Unfortunately the weekend was not long enough and I’m still so exhausted – haha it never ends!

Sunday was spent napping and relaxing, then I headed to Tyler’s friend’s house with him and a bunch of people to watch the Skins get killed :(. Maybe next week?

Alright I’m gonna get some work done while I have the time. Tomorrow I am heading in to clinic even though I don’t technically have to – but this way I will be done a week earlier than everyone else. So long.

PS. I got my grades as I was typing this up and I did very well on both written exams – GO ME!


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