Peer Pressure

Happy Hump Day guys! This week has consisted of a whole lot of nothing. I’m sorry my life is boring.

One exciting – scary – thing did happen though. I got peer pressured in to signing up for Half Marathon number 3!

2014 Ocean_City_Half_Marathon_web_10th_Anniversary_md flag

I don’t think I had started this here blog when I did this Half for my first one ever about 2 years ago. Being so close to where I went to college, a few of my teammates/roommates decided to do this half in 2011. They all have kept it up since, but I chose not to do it last year because of school. I did end up doing the DC Rock and Roll which was great but awful at the same time. Last year, if you remember, I got so frustrated with not being able to dedicate myself to training because school was so crazy. I ended up doing well (and actually beating my time the year before by a solid 2 minutes – haha), but I definitely could have done better had I been training.

Because of this factor I told myself that I wouldn’t do another half during school again. Oops. I sat in class Monday staring at the registration page for a good hour before finally hitting submit. I decided that because I am used to the curriculum and work load more, I may be able to balance a training program better than I did last year. So, me and about 4 other friends are already signed up with a few more on the fence about it (aka we are peer pressuring them a lot). Also, Jordan, the girlfriend of Tyler’s old college roommate who I have become close with has decided she wants to run her first half – which is awesome because she lives right down the road and we can hold each other accountable for runs and work out together. My ultimate goal in life is to get Ty to run a half. He says “Ha, Good Luck!”, but it’s going to happen eventually. 

I am both excited and nervous for this half. I know the course and know it’s extremely flat (literally only the bridge is a hill), but I am definitely anxious about how my body will handle it since the last one destroyed my stomach. I’m going to have to play around with different foods more this time around on my long runs to figure out what is best.  Overall it will be a GREAT time and a perfect reunion with all my best friends from college.

The rest of this week isn’t too exciting either. I have an exam in research next Monday that I really need to study for because we all know that research is my nemesis. I just don’t get all the terms and nonsense. But, I gotta do what I gotta do and that is pass this class with an 83.5%. 😉

OH! Something exciting that might be happening in the next few weeks is a Halloween Bar Crawl! I rarely go out with my classmates because of the inconvenience most nights and I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since that time I was Female Waldo with my Male Waldo….

I think it would be such a good time! Plus it’s a day drinking bar crawl which are the best in my opinion. Hopefully that works out :). I’ve already been scouring through Wal-mart and Target websites for kids costumes I could fit in for under $10. (Hey, I’m a broke grad school student, don’t judge me.) Or I’ll steal C’s Thomas the train costume from a few years ago. 

Anyway… I should probably be preparing for class. Talk to you all soon!


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